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2016 Program Committee Candidates

Please note that our nominations process requires you to register with a username and password the first time you access it. 

Program Committee nominations are now closed.

2016 Program Committee Candidates

Kevin Blumberg, The Wire Inc.

Anna Claiborne, PacketFabric

Nick Harland, Microsoft

Tom Kacprzynski, Rackspace

Jonny Martin, Limelight Networks

Fearghas McKay, Flexoptix GmbH

Matt Peterson, Cumulus Networks

Steve Plote, BTI Systems

Michael Rascoe, Juniper Networks

Matt Ringel, Akamai Technologies

Jeff Ringwelski, Microsoft

Justin Ryburn, Juniper Networks

Steven Schechter, Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Benson Schliesser, Brocade Communications

Jesse Sowell

Chris Spears, OARnet

Michael Voity, University of Vermont

Chris Woodfield, Twitter, Inc.


  Terms Expiring:   Terms Not Expiring:
Greg Hankins, Alcatel-Lucent* Jeff Bartig, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Manish Karir, Merit*   Christina Chu, NTT America, Inc.
Jesse Sowell Phillippe Couture, Videotron
Keven Blumberg, The Wire Paul Ebersman, Comcast
Steven Schechter, Akamai Technologies, Inc. Allison Feese-Stickland, CyrusOne
Michael Sinatra, ESnet* Brad Raymo, Microsoft
Tony Tauber, Comcast* Dani Roisman, Softlayer Technologies
  L Sean Kennedy, XO Communications
  Krassimir Tzvetanov, A10 Networks, Inc.
  John van Oppen, Spectrum Networks
  Ryan Woolley, Netflix

* Is term-limited and cannot be considered for re-election until February 2017. 

NANOG Program Committee

The Program Committee is a group of eighteen individuals from the NANOG community who together are responsible for the solicitation and selection of material for NANOG meeting programs. The Board of Directors will select new Program Committee members after NANOG 66 in February 2016. Seven (7) positions are to be filled.

Per the NANOG bylaws, eligible candidates each will serve a two-year term, with eight terms ending each year. No Program Committee member will serve more than two consecutive full terms, although additional terms may be served after a one-year interval. To be eligible to be appointed as a member of the Program Committee, an individual must have attended one NANOG conference within the prior calendar year (12 months) and be a NANOG member in good standing.

One member of the Board of Directors will serve ex officio (without a vote) on the Program Committee, in order to facilitate communication between the two groups. Broad technical knowledge of Internet operations and familiarity with NANOG meetings are useful attributes. Having constructive opinions and ideas about how NANOG meetings might be improved is of high value. A willingness to recruit presentations for each meeting is required.

All candidates will be notified of their nomination and will be asked to accept or decline the nomination. If accepted, they will be asked to complete an online questionnaire and their Declaration of Candidacy. The 2015 Board will appoint Program Committee Members the evening of Tuesday, February 9, 2016.

Program Committee Responsibilities: