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SC Minutes 2009

January 13, 2009, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Chris Morrow
  • Robert Seastrom
  • Steve Feldman
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • Joe Provo (SC Chair)
  • Betty Burke (Merit)
  • Kris Foster (MLC Chair)
  • Todd Underwood (PC Chair)


  • Jared, but he joined half way through

Minutes - All times EST:

  • 20:04 Quorum Called
  • 20:05 Previous minutes
    Any comments on previous minutes? Send to Steve
  • 20:05 On-site schedule

    Schedule concerns regarding on-site meetings
    - Carol will be published tomorrow likely
    - SC meeting to be held on-site
    - May have VoIP for off-site people, but will not have phone

  • 20:07 MLC update

    Bunch of warnings & reminders
    - Mostly the Haiku
    - One abusive response, got a harsher warning
    First time MLC turned on thread moderation
    - On for 12-16 hours, off now
    Stats still not updated, soon
    Want 5-10 min during community meeting
    Tim Yokum may not be in the DR, so just Randy & Kris
    Question regarding face-to-face
    - Do we need it?
    - Is everything functioning?
    - Might not need it

  • 20:13 Scholarships
    No movement
  • 20:13 Connectivity
    Major change last week, for the better
    Looks like 100 Mbps of bandwidth (GigE handoff) going back to MIA
  • 20:18 Meeting update

    8 B-n-G sponsors
    3 break sponsors
    - More than expected!
    Cases are in DR customs
    PC, router, switch should be in MIA tomorrow
    Scheduled week for these, took 2 days, looks good
    Registration inching up
    - Only need 250-300 to make it a successful meeting
    - Getting close to that now
    Website updated with info

  • 20:21 (approx) dropped off, called back
  • 20:23 Meeting update

    TU asking presenters to submit preso's early
    Nothing else substantial
    "We're having a meeting"

  • 20:26 GPF + NANOG comments

    BB: GPF + NANOG is a good thing, just like ARIN & NANOG
    This will grow stronger over time
    Worries about people leaving NANOG early
    TU says it is _much_ easier than ARIN

  • 20:28 Back to meeting discussion

    Lightning Talk submissions are open
    3 slots, 3 decent talks submitted so far
    - But think we should wait another week
    Kudos to the rest of the PC

  • 20:30 Community Meeting

    Seems to be getting boring
    - Which is a Good Thing
    Anyone have anything to talk about to make it more interesting?
    - BB suggested discussing the suggestion to repeat popular cities
    - Question about paying for meeting
    + Apparently $450 -> $500 is very large to a small number of people
    + Others (most?) do not care about $400 or $800
    + But what % is in each bucket
    + Increasing fees did not seem to affect attendance

  • 20:36 Any other issues

    TP: No problems, no activity
    CM: Nothing to report
    SF: Nothing to report
    KF: Nothing to report

  • 20:38 Future meeting info
    Anyone like the idea of Betty asking SC members to help with future
    JM: We should focus on next meeting now, and worry about future
    - Since next meeting is so close
    BB: Keep future meetings on the schedule
    - Hard to get ahead, need to keep ahead
  • 20:45 Network Broadcast

    The broadcast is the most expensive part of the meeting
    ARIN is currently covering the cost, but it is not guaranteed to continue
    Members said the broadcast was important, so we think it is important
    Real issue is setup logistics, not network bandwidth
    JM suggested looking at stats for this meeting since fewer people
    attending in person

  • 20:52 Additional Merit resources

    BB made a comment about hardware that I missed (sorry, got distracted)
    KF just wants some imput, doesn't want to force his will on all of

  • 20:55 VERP adoption

    KF needs to bring it up with Sue
    Still no objections, so we will assume everyone likes idea

  • 20:55 NANOG tool updates

    SF did his part
    RS & TU have not yet
    BB reminded Brian to update agenda, who will do it soon
    Financial info will go out at community meeting & on web as usual
    BB says we will automate sponsor requests20:
    - Sponsors will have to register, should offload Merit staff

  • 20:57 Reminder, Don is not coming

    Don can't make DR
    Don + Merit board member will be at June meeting
    - "Will be interesting to see what she takes back"
    Good thing Merit is engaged
    Don is doing well, still on crutches, but should not have to have
    any more surgery

  • 20:59 Trinkets
    [No idea what this topic is]
    "We did something in Toronto & other other meeting where Bill Norton did something"
    Will have ~100 surveys at the doc desk, but mostly online
    Should we have a trinket to give out if you complete the survey?
    - JP thinks it is a good idea, but worried about anonymous part of
    - JM thinks anonymous is less important than getting more people to fill out survey, perhaps have sponsor pay?
    - JP says that's what we did in Toronto
    SF: Missed his comment :(
    JM: Make it a survey item for what you want to get
    BB: Seems like a good idea, but if we do DR it will be last minute, Perhaps wait until June?
    [Some more, but too fast to catch - discuss on list?]
  • 21:06 Sponsorship models
    Medial sales will have to wait until face-to-face
    Ran out of brain power before talking about other items
  • 21:07 AOB - Joe

  • 21:07 Meeting adjourned


January 26, 2009, Steering Committee and Program Committee Joint Lunch Meeting Minutes


  • Nina Bargisen
  • Betty Burke
  • Larry Blunk
  • Tom Daly
  • Steve Feldman
  • Igor Gashinsky
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • Joel Jaeggli
  • Sylvie LaPerriere
  • Jared Mauch
  • David Meyer
  • Kevin Oberman
  • Lane Patterson
  • Joe Provo
  • Ren Provo
  • Tom Scholl
  • Josh Snowhorn
  • Richard Steenbergen
  • Todd Underwood


  1. The meeting began at 1:18pm in Champions Bar and Grill at the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel in Santo Domingo.
  2. Review of NANOG 45:

    NANOG 45 included high level of schedule shuffling, although we seem to have successfully made all of it work without disruption to all too many speakers or attendees. General consensus is that the quality of the program at NANOG 45 was higher than previous meetings.

  3. Discussion of Sponsorship of NANOG:

    There are members of the PC who would like to participate at a level beyond just recruiting and picking talks. Specifically, there are members who would like to help contribute to developing ideas and concepts to bring more sponsorship dollars to the meeting, thereby increasing Merit's ability to engage hotel contracts earlier on, through a greater amount of margin generated at each meeting. The overall idea is to raise the caliber of the conference, by booking meetings further out, and providing more opportunities for the community. There are many PC members with industry contacts who may be able to leverage further sponsorship opportunities. There concepts are all being considered with the quality of the program and impact to attendees.

    One concept presented was a means by which NANOG and equipment vendors could facilitate one on one equipment demo meetings during the general session. The current thought is that this would permit a greater opportunity for vendors and attendees to interact during the meeting - and to really test equipment out during the meeting. We heard some concerns about this type of event detracting from attendance during the general session.

    We discussed concerns about break sponsorships and how some sponsors have been unable to derive the value they desire from the breaks, because people are on social time / bathroom breaks / food and drink. Could we find another sponsorship model? We discussed other concepts, including separation the roles of host and connectivity sponsor, adding multi-tier sponsorship levels, having separate sponsors for printing, t-shirts, and other items.

    In summary, the PC would like to work with the SC to develop a subcommittee to work on sponsorship of NANOG, similar to the exploratory committee used to survey the feasibility of NANOG 45 in Santo Domingo.

  4. Discussion of a Regular Meeting Location:

    The group next moved to discussion about the establishment of a regular meeting location for at least one NANOG per year, to help defray ongoing costs of bringing bandwidth and other services to the meeting venue. In the past, financial constraints have limited booking hotels this far out, but NANOG's meeting balance helps with this. Generally speaking, hotel contracts, reservation of room blocks, and food and beverage commitments are the fiscally limiting factors. More balance in the NANOG meeting account would help make these commitments earlier on.

    The group discussed why this is desired amongst attendees and the general gist is that the community wants predictability. The PC/SC is going to reconfirm this through mailings to nanog-futures. The group also discussed the concept of buying a year's worth of meeting attendance "slots" at once, at the beginning of the year, as a way to increase the funds in the NANOG account up front, permitting more commitments earlier on. Some limitations on this plan include how NANOG fees are charged at the time of sign up, not at the time of meeting and how it impacts travel budgets, or what to do if people back out.

  5. Program Content for NANOG 45 in Philadelphia:

    We discussed the current Call for Presentations (CFP) to decide if it is being effective. Generally consensus is no, because we never alter it. The PC is thinking about what more we can do with it. Generally speaking, we need to work harder to cross promote the conference in and amongst other technical groups.

    We discussed the idea of moving to a more BOF oriented approach for future meetings, whereby attendees develop and select BOF topics right at the meeting ahead of time. We discussed the logistics of this, including Merit's role, and the PC will continue to explore the concept. Concerns revolved around "vetting" of content and speakers. A standard AUP for BOFs was suggested.

  6. After a long and productive meeting, we adjourned at 2:25pm.


January 27, 2009, Steering Committee and Mail List Committee Joint Breakfast Meeting Minutes


  • Kris Foster (MLC Chair)
  • Randy Epstein (MLC)
  • Betty Burke (SC, Merit)
  • Todd Underwood (PC Chair)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Joe Provo (SC Chair)

Apologies Received:

  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Tim Yocum (MLC)
  • Simon Lyall (MLC)
  • Sue Joiner (MLC, Merit)


  1. The meeting began at 8:17am local time in the Executive Board Room at the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel in Santo Domingo.
  2. Mailing List Summary/Status

    Betty asked if the list has any major problems. Consensus by the group was no. A discussion was started regarding the number of active posters vs. lurkers and if we measure the vocal populations. Although no hard statistics were available with regards to this, it was estimated that there are a couple of hundred active posters to the list.

  3. Integration with NANOG meetings

    The discussion then want on to whether or not we need better integration of the mailing list with the NANOG meeting participants themselves (both local and remote) and if it is relevant to times like this where we have a lot of remote participants. The consensus was that the list content and the program content are different and rarely are in sync. The suggestion was to promote the NANOG-attendees list as more focused on the conference and allow remote (and local) attendees to collaborate and discuss the topics related to the conference.

  4. MLC Workload

    A short discussion started regarding the MLC workload and a more coordinated effort between MLC members. The discussion was brief due to the lack of MLC members at the meeting. This will be discussed during future MLC meetings.

  5. Feedback?

    Kris was worried about the lack of feedback. It seems that positive feedback often gets lost on the list. Should we take a poll on futures?

  6. Bulletin board/forums for folks on-site

    Betty asked if a bulletin board concept would work for folks on-site. Do we need a high tech solution and how much administrative overhead would there be? Randy mentioned MajorBBS/Worldgroup or MajorBBS type interface might work.

  7. Integration of website with mailing list/website updates

    There seemed to be great interest by the group in finding a way to integrate the NANOG website more with the mailing list. Slashcode idea was mentioned by Betty and Randy suggested pushing a dynamic tip of the day and/or recent news from the mailing list. Other considerations were a Digg- type button in the archives, Jared suggested private label Digg and Todd mentioned Reddit code is open source.

  8. Re-tasking of MLC/name change

    There was a brief discussion on slight re-tasking of the MLC to a communications committee and the SC suggested a possible name change if the MLC will be taking on tasks beyond the mailing list itself.

  9. Meeting adjourned at 8:59am local time.


January 28, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Betty Burke (SC, Merit)
  • Kris Foster (MLC)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Joe Provo (SC Chair)
  • Todd Underwood (PC Chair)

Apologies Received:

  • Christopher Morrow (SC)
  • Robert Seastrom (SC)


  1. Meeting quorum called 07:16 EST
  2. NANOG45 Meeting updates

    Betty reported that the survey was at 40 respondents (14% of attendees) so far. Several folks relayed that the HD stream has been quite popular. There were some complaints regarding the peering BoF not being webcasted, but it was noted that it is normally not. Net flix has offered additional video equipment assistance.

    Overall, while off to a slow start the community meeting was deemed to have stimulated some useful conversations. We discussed what was useful and what was not. We brainstormed ideas to reduce the reporting-time without losing transparency. It was suggested that the time constraint (hard-stop due to the welcome party) may have influenced some of the participants. We discussed the possibility of advanced solicitation of topics for the open discussion, and other ways to drag items of interest out of people.

    There were some not unexpected complaints about the hotel. While the theatre layout for plenary was liked by most all, the lack of a foyer for those who have to jump out to take a call was deemed a weakness. The experiment with having break food in the room rather than outside, while a decent followup to past suggestions, was deemed a lose. It was more difficult to get people back to the proceedings after break and more disruptive to speakers. The small bar was cited as an issue for evening gatherings. A lot of folks went to the pool bar, despite lack of connectivity.

    The opening party was *very* well received. The food was weak, but attendees reported a significant feeling of being welcomed as VIPs. More than one attendee commented that it was similar to a RIPE event, and some NANOGers who don't travel to other fora reported that they "never felt like this" at previous welcome receptions.

    Since we have a large number of remote participants, highlighting the survey on more than just nanog-attendee was deemed desirable.

  3. Future meeting ideas and lessons learned

    We revisited the discussion about survey-incentive giveaways. This could be used as an additional vector for sponsors to get exposure. Some discussion regarding "popular" elements of other conferences (first registration acknowledgment/trinket, the RIPE Secret WG, RIPE dinner and other optional buy-in socials, et al).

    It was observed that programming specific content on Wednesday to promote or ignore certain topics seemed to make no difference in attendance. Discussion of various timelines for changing perception and behavior took place.

    Some sponsorship discussions following on previous meetings took place. The roles of MoUs versus contracts were examined.

  4. Administrivia

    A discussion of SC meeting sanity over regularity took place. It was agreed that we'd sort out some method for status reporting such that our calls are only for discussion. Administrative calendaring was discussed.

    Next meeting will be the normal bridge call, 10 February 2009 at 20:00 Eastern.

  5. Meeting adjourned 08:30 EST


February 10, 2009, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Chris Morrow
  • Robert Seastrom
  • Steve Feldman
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • Joe Provo (SC Chair)
  • Betty Burke (Merit)
  • Kris Foster (MLC Chair)
  • Todd Underwood (PC Chair)

Minutes - All times EST (GMT-0500):

  • 20:07: Quorum called
  • 20:09 Notes from Jan 13
    PG is tardy sending those out, will send after this meeting
  • 20:10 Notes from MLC meeting
    KF: Will be sent soon
  • 20:10 Meeting schedule during conference
    Approved by unanimous silence of those present that the SC will not have a call if the regular meeting schedule falls during NANOG, only face-to-face meeting at the conference
  • 20:11 Meeting Feb 24
    JP can't make it. Anyone else have a conflict? If so, should we move the meeting?
    Meeting is planned, and will happen unless otherwise announced on the mailing list
  • 20:12 Status updates in e-mail
    Everyone said good idea or no objection
    Setting a time? In general a good idea. Plus if there is nothing else to discuss. But not necessarily a hard deadline, everyone just try to get it in the day before.
  • 20:16: MLC update
    Nothing from KF.
    Nothing from SC.
    TU mentions that Dean Anderson is still reading the list, and Leo
    Bicknell replied to a private Dean e-mail and CC'ed the list. The MLC stayed out of it.
  • 20:18: PC update
    TU: Smoothest it's run in a long time, 5 or 6 plausible keynotes, lots of other excellent comments. Change of leadership "looks to be both democratic and smooth". Question of the new Chair & VC being re- affirmed from the SC after the SC changes.
    JP: Just making sure the PC's internal process takes into account the fact churn _will_ happen by design. But continuity is also desirable.
    TU: PC wants to have Todd & Ren around after new Chair & VC are elected to help smooth the transition.
  • 20:23 Questions about Betty's report
    [Todd took notes 'cause I was talking]
    there was a quesiton about the hotels, that we can only have one registration open at once. how stringent is that and what does that do to the idea of buying a pack of registrations that you can use over time for different people
    some of the ideas that we have require the ability to register for multiple meetings at a time. betty: need to talk in marketing group. right now can't make tool & financial adjustment to easily keep the money and the registration database straight
    the tools we have and the financial info we have take one meeting at a time and track money to that meeting so that we can deal with whether we have a surplus or not. all all based on per-meeting once we have a plan we'll have to build to it.
    rs: how to implement it: find out if it would be used. we'll tackle that if it comes out of marketing group
    pg: i have no idea if it's wide enough interest. i have anecdotal interest
    if it doesn't we won't worry about it
  • 20:28: Was it a good or bad thing we went to the DR?
    PG: great thing
    SF: It was great, glad we did it, don't want to do it again soon
    JP: Ditto Steve modulo finances
    BB: Break even
  • 20:32 Previous meetings / Marketing elements?
    No other comments
  • 20:33 Next meeting?
    Betty & company sent some statuses, no comments
  • 20:34 BB: Philly registration open on Monday
    Todd is updating the CFP
  • 20:35 Network Experiments
    No progress, expect draft out this week
  • 20:36 Marketing WG update
    The mailing list is functional! Ideas have started (slowly) flowing. PG asked if any SC members (besides Steve & patrick) want on the list. Robert asked to join.
  • 20:38 Postel Scholarship updates
    RS: Mailing list is spun up!
    Website text is being updated. Joe commented that sooner is better than later.
    ARIN representative is there
  • 20:40 Server / Infrastructure
    Mailing list VERP, good idea?
    No problem on the server side.
    Consensus that we should inform everyone. Question is how to communicate it to everyone.
    RS: Put a sample e-mail on a web page so people can see how the headers will change.
    BB: Be sure to set a date
  • 20:44 Committee self-publication
    Nothing to discuss
  • Next Meeting: Feb 24
    [See item @ 20:11]
    JP & RS send regrets for 24th
  • 20:47 Adjourned


February 24, 2009, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Due to several scheduling conflicts, the meeting was cancelled. SC members are requested to send email updates.
  • Next meeting will be 10 March 2009


March 10, 2009, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Joe Provo (SC chair)
  • Betty Burke (SC)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Kris Foster (ex-officio, MLC chair)
  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Christopher Morrow (SC)
  • Robert Seastrom (SC)

Unable to attend:

  • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, PC chair)


  1. Quorum was called at 20:10 EDT


  2. Previous meeting minutes

    Minutes for the meetings of Jan. 13 and Feb. 10 have been published. A draft cancellation notice for the Feb. 24 meeting is circulating.

  3. Meeting schedule

    The next meeting will be on Tuesday March 24, at 20:00 EDT, as normally scheduled.

  4. Other administrivia, if any


    Discussion topics

  5. Committee feedback loop
    • MLC/SC issues and concerns

      Kris would like a timeline to implement VERP.

      The MLC received a request to remove some posts from the Merit archive, and redirected it to Merit staff. Standing policy is to deny such requests unless there is overriding advice by Merit's legal counsel.

      A few threads have been moderated as they drift off-topic.

      The MLC allowed a call for nominations by ICANN to be posted.

    • PC/SC issues and concerns

      In Todd's absence, Betty reports that today's PC conference call went well.

      There is some concern that corporate travel restrictions may limit the ability to recruit speakers, as well as affecting overall attendance.

      An initial list of topics for NANOG 46 should be posted within a few weeks.

      The PC and some vendors are interested in holding a demo/bakeoff session at NANOG 46. Discussions are ongoing with Merit and the SC to work out details.

  6. Status followups (each only as needed or desired to be in minutes)
    • Previous conference wrap concerns

      Financial data for NANOG 45 is not ready yet, though some rough numbers may be available by next week. Shipping costs were higher than expected.

    • PC/SC pending conference concerns


    • Merit/SC future conference concerns

      Hosts and hotel contracts are set for NANOGs 46 through 48.

      Merit is working with potential hosts and venues for NANOGs 49-51.

    • Marketing WG concerns

      Patrick reports that the Marketing working group is still trying to get itself organized. There have been some good discussions so far, and another conference call is scheduled for this Friday.

      Betty commented that the demo room experiment at NANOG 46 will have to be an independent effort, since decisions have to be made soon. The current sponsorship model still works to a point, but we can and must do better. The lengthened planning window requires a more predictable revenue stream.

    • SC Policy: network experiments

      Joe is working with Larry Blunk, and will soon bring a proposal to the SC.

  7. Scholarships (no status updates received)
    • Postel Scholarship

      Rob will soon send the call for nominations, and would like suggestions for where to send it (besides the usual NANOG and ARIN lists.)

      Betty reports that the NANOG web site has been updated with current information on the scholarship.

    • Operator of Tomorrow Partnership

      Betty has written a framework document. Some highlights include:

      • Awards will be funded by one corporate sponsor per meeting.
      • Applicants will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.
      • A subcommittee of the SC will make the awards.
      • The award will include travel, registration fees, and meals.
      • Merit will book the travel.
      • Awards will be limited to once per person.
  8. AOB

    Betty wants to start working on 2009 election web sites. Steve will be charter wrangler for the SC again, but we will also need an outside person as we have in previous years.

  9. The meeting was adjourned at 20:52 EDT.


March 24, 2009, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Joe Provo (SC chair)
  • Betty Burke (SC)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Kris Foster (ex-officio, MLC chair)
  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Robert Seastrom (SC)

Unable to attend:

  • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, PC chair)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Christopher Morrow (SC)


  1. General Administration:
    • Minutes from previous meetings posted at NANOG.org
    • Betty Accepted Role of Scribe for this meeting.
    • Meeting Agenda approved
    • Future SC meeting Schedule discussed. Notes that 21st of April may be a problem for some, Joe to ask about possible date changes in the SC Lists.
    • Noted that Todd has been away for a bit, Joe to Follow-up.
    • RS Noted that he is getting some residual system mail from SR1 and Betty to follow-up with Merit systems team.
  2. Committee Feedback:
    • MLC - Kris reported the various lists and members are all working properly, no problems to report

      Steve expressed concern regarding the lack of announcement regarding the VERP implementation. Kris reported the change seems to be working as expected and acknowledges the lack of communication as to implementation date and notification to the community. However, it appears only one report of individual dissatisfaction with the change due to individual filters. Kris agreed an announcement of the change will be sent to [email protected] very soon.

    • PC - Betty provided update. PC is working to secure Keynote Speaker, the program is coming together, and while still not complete all feel confident in progress. Betty will follow-up with Todd, Ren and/or Dave regarding the posting of a Topics Page of those presentations already accepted.
    • Status - NANOG45 Budget Report - Betty reported it is a work in progress and hopes to have the report to the SC by end of week.
  3. Future Meetings:
    • Marketing - Patrick provided an update (in addition to previous email and minutes circulated to the SC) of the working groups discussions. The working group has support from the SC to change name from committee to working group and to circulate an update to the community via NANOG-Future. The Marketing Working Group will also be seeking additional volunteers. The group will work internally to determine the right size and who to accept as volunteers. They have detailed several ideas and simply not enough support yet to move from idea to formal proposal. Once the group has additional members they expect to share with the SC, NANOG-Futures, and open for discussion at the Community Meeting in Philly.
    • A bit more discussion regarding Demo Room proposal for NANOG46 with Comcast. All agreed this will be a one-time experiment and Betty with work with our host and other possible interested parties. She will provide a report to the Marketing Working-Group, the SC and PC as part of the general meeting update process.
    • Network Experiment Proposal - Joe submitted an early version via Email to the SC. The SC discussed the importance of being a bit flexible yet understands the nature of the IP network into each venue will change meeting to meeting. All the more reason to implement and adopt a time line to submit ideas, time for SC review, and SC decision to recommend or not. Joe will submit draft and background to NANOG-Futures the week of March 30.
    • Scholarship - RS reported by working with Merit the web site information is now correct. RS also reported that he now is subscribed to a number of the international lists that he will use to bring awareness regarding the Postel Scholarship. The SC discussed at length the need to provide translated announcements to the lists (or not). It was decided that if the list did not have a language restriction, that posting in English was fine. If there were lists with restrictions, RS would work with Todd to provide translation if viewed as an important audience for the information. The issue needs to be clear; the NANOG meeting is presented in English. Betty also highlighted the need to confirm engagement from John Curran at ARIN. Need to make sure this is a joint effort. RS to contact and provide an update via email when further information available.
    • Jared proposal (submitted earlier via email) discussion was postponed for next meeting
    • 2009 Elections - Process as outlined by Betty and endorsed by the SC needs to share via the web. Acknowledgement that we have some time, however it is important to begin the internal discussion to determine future/continued participation by all. The PC takes a bit more time to get it all right.
    • Further Discussion regarding BOF’s and Tracks for NANOG46. Betty reported the Waiver Fee and the CFP all agree. The SC agreed this is a test and will evaluate the position with the PC after the meeting.
    • Betty provided general update regarding update with ARIN marketing all are in agreement with current strategy. No changes required by either group.


April 7, 2009, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Betty Burke (SC)
  • Kris Foster (ex-officio, MLC chair)
  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Joe Provo (SC chair)
  • Robert Seastrom (SC)
  • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, PC chair)

Unable to attend:

  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Christopher Morrow (SC)


  1. Quorum called 20:06 EDT
  2. Agenda bashing

    No changes. Joe will be taking minutes for the meeting.

  3. Previous meeting minutes

    Minutes for the 24 March 2009 meeting are pending.

  4. Meeting schedule

    SC members agreed on-list to move the next meeting by one day, to 22 April 2009. No other future meeting variances were noted.

  5. Other administrivia, if any


  6. Committee feedback loop
    • MLC/SC issues and concerns
      Kris led a discussion of the thread moderation topic. The history was reviewed, including mentions in previous SC minutes. There had been some initial experimentation with moderation in February for trivially-demonstrable off-topic threads. Subsequently, it had been invoked on a few other threads, with notification to posters within the thread. A recent discussion involving phishing and translation services was deemed off-topic and when moderated, the procedural stitch was dropped regarding notification. After inquiry by Gadi Evron regarding a post which had not propagated, he was notified the thread was beng moderated and yesterday a thread started on nanog-futures.

      It was agreed that there was nothing inherently wrong with thread moderation as long as it was consistent with existing policies. The SC consensus was that in this case, the notification was all that was lacking. Kris agreed to engage the community via nanog-futures on the topic.

      The lack of statistics were also discussed; since that mailman transition the previous automated stats had been on hiatus. The missing stats will be caught up manually tonight, and the automated stats will get back in the loop. Kris will also bring this up on nanog-futures.

    • PC/SC issues and concerns
      There were no PC functional issues reported, and Todd indicated there has been good interaction with almost everyone contributing. A couple folks who are not term limited have been helping more on the administrative front.
  7. Status followups
    • Previous conference wrap concerns
      Betty reported the NANOG 45 data should be compiled before the next SC meeting.
    • PC/SC pending conference concerns
      Betty reported a logistics change, looking to carry it forward to future meetings. There will no longer be paper agenda handouts, rather we will be using the pocket-agenda style and larger badges similar to many other conference.

      The second and largest call for NANOG 46 content was last week, and a good draft agenda should be postable shortly. There is another call next week; the agenda is looking pretty strong and the PC has already had to turn down a few presentations already.

      A question was raised about a meeting "theme" and Todd pointed out that any time a theme has attempted to be orchestrated, it hasn't worked out. Thematic groupings develop within the agenda based on what gets contributed, but that's as far as we've seen success.

      Betty asked about the comfort level regarding the terminology clarification for BoFs and tracks. Todd indicated there were no objections, just some clarification that tracks are ~90minutes of "mostly" vetted content and BoFs are actual ad-hoc gatherings. Todd reiterated that the point of the changes were to help enable attendees to create BoFs.

      There was some discussion of the vendor collaboration space (aka 'demo room') and the conversations Betty had on behalf of Merit withe the vendors interested in participating in Philadelphia.

    • Merit/SC future conference concerns
      There is a likely local host for fall 2010, and a location likely for the June date. Feb 2011 is in-progress and likely expected to be agreed soon.

      The downside of expanding our scheduling horizon is that some of our reliable host contacts are reluctant to commit too far into the future.

    • Marketing WG concerns
      The call for volunteers went out and some personal responses were forwarded to the group. Due to timing, the vendor collaboration space for NANOG46 will be handled directly between Merit & the involved parties, though the Marketing WG will look to learn from it.
    • SC Policy: network experiments
      The SC concerns were addressed and Joe suggested he send it out for nanog-futures comment after the current thread tapered, but it was decided to go forward with it straightaway.
  8. Scholarships
    • Operator of Tomorrow Partnership
      Some feedback was provided in email, and we discussed the limit of location and how it relates to the siting of the meeting. There was further discussion of the funding sources.
    • Postel Scholarship
      Some mail reception issues were sorted out; the selection group already received under a dozen responses. Betty has been handling the application acknowledgment.
  9. 2009 Elections

    No discussion took place on this topic.

  10. AOB

    No new business.

  11. Meeting was adjourned 21:01 EDT


April 22, 2009, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Christopher Morrow (SC)
  • Kris Foster (ex-officio, MLC chair)
  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Joe Provo (SC chair)
  • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, PC chair)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)

Unable to attend:

  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Betty Burke (SC)
  • Robert Seastrom (SC)


  • 20:14: Chris joins, quorum called
  • 20:15: Patrick volunteers to take notes

    Since Chris sucks at taking notes

  • 20:16: Agenda Bashing?


  • 20:16: Previous meeting minutes

    No comments

  • 20:17: Future meetings

    2009-05-05 is during RIPE, most will not be at RIPE

    • Joe will be attending RIPE

    2009-05019, patrick will be at LINX, probably can make meeting

  • 20:19: MLC update
    • Issues with VERP & perf of mailman

      Working with Merit on it

    • Discussion around moderation proceeding
    • Steve encourages that to finish soon and be posted to -futures
  • 20:21: PC update
    • "Things are going fine"

      Draft agenda posted, but "real" draft agenda about to be posted (or already posted)

      Registrations are a little low, but not catastrophically low

    • Tom Daly is trying to figure out how to take CCs & charge later
    • Discussion about "authorization can last 6 weeks" so Merit could authorize and charge 6 weeks apart without being PCI compliant
    • Everything else coming together nicely
  • 20:25: NANOG 45 Financials

    Tabled for next meeting due to Betty Vacation

  • 20:26: Future Conferences
    • Sponsor for SF might have fallen through
    • Steve: NetFlix might pick it up (unconfirmed)
    • Worried about hotel not getting enough room/nights because people will take BART to conference
  • 20:29: Marketing update

    No update

  • 20:30: Network Experiment

    Joe: Will send out updated draft tonight or tomorrow morning

  • 20:31: Scholarships

    No update due missing people

  • 20:32: Elections
    • Joe: No wranglers responded to feelers sent out
    • Steve: Send out some signals at the community meeting
    • AOB: None

    Next meeting confirmed May 5, 2009, 20:00 EDT

  • 20:35: Adjourned


May 5, 2009, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Robert Seastrom (SC)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Kris Foster (ex-officio, MLC chair)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, PC chair)
  • Betty Burke (SC)
  • Patrick Gilmore (SC - late)
  • Christopher Morrow (SC - late)

Unable to attend:

  • Joe Provo (SC)


    • 20:05 - quorum called
    • Agenda Bashing?
    • none

    • Previous meeting minutes
    • OK

    • Meeting schedule - Future Meetings

      20090519 - LINX and AFNOG conflicts?

      • feldman can't make it, a day earlier or later will work
      • jared says hash it out in email due to missing people

      20090602 - no known conflicts?

      • jared may be in asia, depending on swine flu travel ban
    • 20:08 - Other administrivia?
      • Committee feedback loop:
      • MLC/SC issues and concerns:

        Kris says one MLC member has gone a little rogue on him, a little more militant, maybe frustration with the status quo? Threat of moderation without any consultation with the list. Discussion on Futures is good.

        20:10 Patrick Gilmore join

        Betty says it would be good if the SC and MLC were on the same page wrt MLC thread moderation procedure before Philly.

        Steve points out that thread moderation definitely can't happen without notice because of the confusion it engenders

      • PC/SC concerns:

        Todd - Nothing substantive unless the SC has questions. Details for N46 and early planning for N47 afoot. No policy-related stuff going on.

        In response to a complaint about PC process from someone who didn't get their talk accepted, there will be outreach about how it works at the community meeting in the interests of not wasting time on a lot of speculation about how it might work.

        Todd - Beer & Gear sponsorship vendor collaboration thingie confusion?

        Betty - the information is up. Nothing has taken hold for Philadelphia (someone said it was too expensive?)

        Todd - So we didn't quite have our act together and they didn't like the pricing we thoguht they liked?

        Betty - yes.

  • 20:20 - Chris Morrow finally prevails in his struggle with Google Voice

    Missing two potential B&G sponsors and a couple of break sponsors so beat the bushes...

  • 20:25 Status followups:
    • Previous conference financial wrap:

      Betty - Salary expenses higher than anticipated in earlier reports to the SC and left the N45 budget in a deficit.

    • Pending for Philadelphia:

      Need to hammer out committee meeting schedules. Changes to SSIDs - eliminate NAT-PT

    • 20:32 Pending for Dearborn:

      Want to make sure there's enough going on at the hotel to keep people entertained

    • NANOG48 - Austin
    • NANOG49 - Hyatt in SF will be the venue. Walkthrough scheduled, probably no signed contract before Philly.
    • NANOG50 - in atlanta, with Internap or TelX?
    • NANOG51 - Miami, Terremark
  • 20:38 Marketing WG

    Patrick - everything covered when talking about sponsorship

  • SC policy - network experiments proposal
  • Scholarships - PostelNOS:

    RS: we need to get the cutoff date onto our web page, I nominate 23:59:59 UTC on June 1.

    Betty: OK, send to postelnos@

    Operator of Tomorrow:

  • 2009 Elections:

    placeholder on who's term-limiting out, not running again, etc.

  • 20:46 Ad-Hoc BOFs structure - ?

    Todd: we're going to try try to do it. Not high-tech, more ad-hoc, very experimental, we'll see if it's worth the effort to do it better.

  • Other biz:

    Betty - MERIT has changed the badge for N46 slightly - the badge is larger, lanyard is adjustable, badge has more room.

  • Next meeting in 2 weeks, TBD over email due to potential conflicts.
  • 20:50: Adjourned


May 19, 2009, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Kris Foster
  • Joe Provo
  • Betty Burke
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • Todd Underwood
  • Rob Seastrom

Unable to attend:

  • Chris Morrow
  • Steve Feldman


  1. Quorum Called - 20:07 Eastern
  2. Previous meeting minutes approved & to be posted
  3. Next meeting 2009.06.02
  4. Mailing List Committee
    • MLC had a call after the last SC call
    • discussion on challenges in list moderation
    • SC will send a query to the MLC to investigate alternate communication mediums
    • MLC is investigating the delays with lists
    • Many thanks given to MLC for the tough job balancing the community feedback and interests
  5. Program Committee
    • Last call prior to Nanog 46 (PHL) just happened
    • Some discussion about the on-site BOFs & Survey
    • Many thanks to Todd and PC for putting the program together
  6. Sponsorship/Donations
    • Discussion about wrangling support for other meetings
  7. Registration Data Analysis
    • Some interesting graphs of registration patterns were shared with
    • the SC

  8. Meeting Ended 21:09


June 2, 2009, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Joe Provo (SC chair)
  • Betty Burke (SC)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Kris Foster (ex-officio, MLC chair)
  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Christopher Morrow (SC)
  • Robert Seastrom (SC)
  • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, PC chair)


  1. Quorum was called at 20:05 EDT.
  2. Administrivia
  3. Agenda bashing

    Steve volunteered to take minutes. No changes were made to the agenda.

  4. Previous meeting minutes

    Jared has circulated the minutes for the May 19 meeting for review, and will publish them soon.

  5. Meeting schedule

    The regular meeting scheduled for June 16 will be supplanted by the face-to-face at NANOG46.

    Some members have vacation and other travel scheduled during July; discussion of possible meeting schedule changes will take place on the mailing list.

  6. Other administrivia, if any

    There was no other administrivia presented.

    Discussion topics

  7. Committee feedback loop (organization issues, what is/isn't working)
    • MLC/SC issues and concerns (Kris, Steve)

      Joe sent a message to the MLC asking them to think about additional communication channels beyond the nanog mailing list.

    • PC/SC issues and concerns (Todd, Chris)

      Todd reports that the agenda is for NANOG 46 is mostly complete, other than some last minute shuffling.

  8. Status followups (each only as needed or desired to be in minutes)
    • PC/SC pending conference

      Betty reports that There are 302 registrations for NANOG 46 as of June 2. Todd mentions that historical data shows spikes in registration at three weeks and two weeks prior to the conference. This lead to a discussion of why people don't register earlier.

      There is one open Beer & Gear slot, and three open break slots. A sponsor has contributed towards badge printing.

      Surveys will be conducted only on the web at NANOG 46. Paper surveys incur printing and labor costs for distribution and data entry, and have a low return rate. The usual discussion of how to get people to fill out surveys followed. One suggestion which will be implemented is a follow-up email reminder to all meeting attendees.

      Merit has made some new signage which will be used at the next meeting.

      Joe is working on the community meeting agenda, and hopes to have it ready well before the meeting. The PC will do a presentation on the talk submission process. Other topics might include discussion of registration timing and the associated fee increase schedule, the marketing working group, the October election, and scholarships.

    • Merit/SC future conference

      Betty hopes to announce in Philadelphia the tentative meetings through the end of 2010.

    • Marketing WG

      There has been no recent activity.

    • SC Policy: network experiments proposal
      No feedback to updated draft; can we ratify, publish and be done?

      Joe will resend the latest draft to the SC for final review, with the goal of a decision by end of the week.

  9. Scholarships
    • Postel Scholarship update

      Nominations closed June 1. RS will work with John Curran (the ARIN representative) to decide on a recommendation for approval by the SC and the ARIN board.

    • Operator of Tomorrow Partnership

      There has been no recent activity.

  10. 2009 Elections

    We need to create correct lists of all the current committee members with expiring terms and term limit status.

    There was no additional business presented.

  11. The meeting was adjourned at 21:04 EDT


July 16, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

No quorum was reached so the meeting was cancelled. SC members are requested to send email updates.

Next meeting will be 28 July 2009.

July 28, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Joe Provo (SC chair)
  • Betty Burke (SC)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Robert Seastrom (SC)


  • Kris Foster (ex-officio, MLC chair)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Dave Meyer (ex-officio, PC chair)
  • Christopher Morrow (SC)


  1. Quorum was called at 20:08 EDT.

    Administrivia (5 minutes)

  2. Agenda bashing

    Steve volunteered to take minutes. No changes were made to the agenda.

  3. Previous meeting minutes

    Several drafts are out for review, others are awaiting publication.

  4. Meeting schedule

    There was discussion of future SC meeting schedule and potential conflicts. No conflicts were identified that would warrant rescheduling meetings in the near future.

  5. Other administrivia, if any

    There was no other administrivia presented.

    Discussion topics

  6. Scholarships
    • Postel Scholarship

      The Postel Scholarship notification has been postponed, due to scheduling issues for the reviewers. The applicants will be notified of the delay.

      RS and Betty will sift through the applications, putting them into a consistent form for ease or review. A suggestion was made that in future years, applications should be accepted in plain text only (with no attachments.)

      A target date for a recommendation for a recipient was set at July 31, with the goal of an SC vote by email early the following week.

      There is some question about the status of funding of this scholarship in future years.

      It was suggested that we might want to followup with past recipients.

    • Operator of Tomorrow Partnership

      Jared will soon send an updated draft for review at the next meeting.

  7. 2009 Elections

    All but one eligible to return member has stated a preference. Joe will follow up with that person (who was on vacation.)

    Steve will send a message soliciting ideas for amendments to nanog-futures.

    An election timeline announcement was sent to the nanog-announce list.

    SC members are encouraged to solicit candidates

  8. Status followups (each only as needed or desired to be in minutes)
    • Merit

      Betty sent a link to the NANOG46 survey data.

      Bandwidth in Atlanta might be more expensive than expected.

      There are still outstanding financial items for NANOG45, so the books cannot be closed yet.

    • Marketing WG

      There have been some changes in membership in the working group, including some new members who volunteered during NANOG 46.

      Betty circulated some notes from the July 10 call.

      Regular meetings will be held bi-weekly, on the same schedule as Steering Committee meetings.

      Some changes have been made to the sponsorship page on the NANOG site.

      One significant new idea is sponsorship of social events. Sponsors would pay a fee in exchange for promotion during the meeting and event tickets handed out with the meeting registration materials.

      There is work being done to create a list of prospective donors to contact.

    • SC Policy: network experiments proposal

      The SC agrees that any experiment results must be turned over to the community. Joe will update the draft proposal accordingly.

  9. Committee feedback loop (organization issues, what is/isn't working)

    No issues were brought up.

  10. AOB

    A NANOG-like group is being formed for voice-over-IP operators. It was suggested that we could offer a link from the NANOG site to that group's site.

  11. The meeting was adjourned at 21:02 EDT.


August 12, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Betty Burke (SC, Merit)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Kris Foster (MLC chair)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Joe Provo (SC chair)
  • Robert Seastrom (SC)


  • Christopher Morrow (SC)
  • David Meyer (PC Chair)


  1. SC Reminder, send outstanding minutes to SC, when approved by SC, send to NANOG-support for posting. SC Meeting schedule has been shared in previous emails and minutes. Please notify Joe in advance of need to be absent.
  2. Circulated agenda approved.
  3. Postel Scholarship - RS to sent nominee name in email to the SC. RS noted he is supportive and is also supported by John- ARIN.
  4. Discussion -
    Jared - based on bio is a good candidate
    Supported by Joe.
    RS thanks Joe for finishing up and helping hand with the process.
    Patrick is supportive.
    The SC action - approved as recommended.
    RS will follow-up with the candidate and cc all.
    Fallback position would be to discuss in email.
    Betty to send draft announcement letter to RS for edit and sending.
    Joe reaching out to investigate value for seeking new funding from previous awardees.

    Jared sent new Operator of Tomorrow draft. He has not received new feed-back. Comment deadline will expire by next meeting. Jared will work to bring final copy to SC for decision next meeting. Any comments will be responded to by Jared and/or Betty.

    Steve continues to recruit Steve Gibbard regarding assistance with on- line Charter in support of new election process. A few SC nominations are being sought. All current SC members encouraged to promote within their community circles.

    Betty to send community update regarding web page changes and general election information. Elections Timeline and SC Chair note is posted on NANOG.org. No concerns or comments expressed.

  5. Committee Status updates:
    DR payment coming along.
  6. Betty - Merit
    46 budget report in 2 weeks. Future meeting planning reviewed. All agreed we do want to keep the rolling window of multiple meeting planning going, as far out as we can practically support.
  7. Dave - PC
    NANOG47 – Need 10 more solid talks –Dave expressed some concern on travel budgets and impact or not on program submission trends. Dave will reach out to Mark Coasters, collaborative arrangement is working well. However, we do not want to lose momentum.
  8. Patrick - Marketing working group
    • First call update. Working group has agreed to meet every Tuesday before SC call. The first call was productive, future update to SC at next call.
    • Steve is also on the Marketing Working group calls. He agrees the group is making progress and should keep SC informed.
    • Recommendation and discussion thus far includes: $4000 lanyard Preparation of marketing contact list.
    • Demo room for NANOG 47 – should run all day, cost more than B&G, with acknowledgement that it could draw away from the program.
    • Dave indicated the PC has only a quasi concern regarding attendance on key programs.
    • Steve commented that the Comcast demo at NANOG46 worked nicely. Comcast scheduled certain time so as to avoid conflict with key items on the program.
    • We do not want to set-up a trade show or resemble GPF activity.
    • Social marketing forums supported and all are encouraged to be engaged.
    • The SC continued to stress "Keep marketing material out of the program presentations – need a clear line – do not want it to look like a movie theater."
  9. Joe reported the Network Experiment Draft expected out on Wednesday.
  10. MLC - no new updates, Text has been updated on policy page, lastly Notification of Thread moderation is required
  11. Dave discussed Changes in PC Tool needed. Will work with the PC and Steve if needed. Will provide Merit access for back-up support.
  12. Meeting Closed 21:17


August 25, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Betty Burke (SC, Merit)
  • Steve Feldman (SC)
  • Kris Foster (MLC chair)
  • Jared Mauch (SC)
  • David Meyer (PC Chair)
  • Joe Provo (SC chair)
  • Robert Seastrom (SC)


  • Patrick Gilmore (SC)
  • Christopher Morrow (SC)


  1. Quorum 20:04 EDT
  2. Administrivia
  3. Agenda bashing

    No volunteers, so Joe decided to take minutes. No additional topics were presented, though both Dave and Jared expressed the need to leave early & the agenda was shuffled to accommodate them.

  4. Previous meeting minutes

    Summer schedules mean we've collectively been behind the curve. While understandable, this is a failing of our transparency commitment to the NANOG population. Several previous meeting minutes are either pending draft or have only had a draft circulated and not published. We need to get this sorted before the next meeting.

  5. Meeting schedule

    No changes to the September meetings (8, 22) were requested. The October 6th meeting will be during RIPE; only conflict noted was Joe. Reminder that November meetings are tentative until the new SC sets a schedule.

  6. Other administrivia, if any

    Thanks to folks that got project status messages in before the meeting.

    Discussion topics

  7. Impending conference (NANOG 47)

    Betty reported that registration numbers are on track. Sponsorship has been moving along well, with seven beer & gear and 1 break. The Marketing WG members have committed to reaching out to new vendors, so Merit is not yet asking the SC to drum up more. No concerns with hotel logistics, and the connectivity appears to be on schedule.

    Dave indicated the agenda is in good shape and there is still room for a few more talks in the general session. Spurred by a company's travel restriction, we discussed remote presenters by videoconference for smaller rooms (eg, tutorials). The PC is still receiving good quality "late" material, so there should be a decent draft after the next PC call. There had been no motion on the NANOG+ARIN shared- schedule front, but that is expected to gain some traction this week.

  8. Committee feedback loop

    No concerns were brought to or from the Program Committee.

    Kris said the MLC wanted to get questions onto the NANOG47 survey. Betty replied that it was not an issue. We discussed using the same resources for running a separate survey as well.

  9. Scholarships

    Jared received only a few comments on the Operator of Tomorrow Partnership document. He will incorporate and send out an update.

    The selected Postel Scholarship recipient has confirmed their ability to come to the October meeting. Betty relayed that the logistics were sorted.

  10. 2009 Elections

    As of this meeting, we had four nominations for the three slots and all had accepted; the data will be posted soon. Joe requested SC members continue outreach work in addition to the folks stepping forward. Keep talking to people who would be good for the PC.

    Steve Feldman indicated that in addition to no volunteers coming forward to be the community charter wrangler, the person he asked to help was no long able to do so. It appears that Steve will be handling it himself, and there were so far only two possible items.

    Joe will take the election time-line and ask folks to take turns sending reminders at important milestones. Betty confirmed that the filters for nanog-announce had been adjusted.

  11. Status followups

    We discussed some items relating to working on and facilitating additional communication channels for the members, including "social network" sites, examining how other groups are using twitter, etc.

    We took some time to talk about future conferences, including the specifics for June 2011 and the general concept of being more self- directed and less host-led. If we continue to make progress keeping the horizon out, we should get the specific dates anchored to help prevent the on-again, off-again conflicts with other meetings. This would be a change in dynamic, but seemed to be what the attendees want; setting the dates and then working locations & hosts.

    Joe distributed the "final" draft of the network experiment policy and requested the SC provide feedback by Friday morning. Betty said that Don is out until Thursday, so will be unable to comment until after then. Steve said his concerns were addressed.

  12. Marketing WG

    There was a meeting earlier today, and some feedback for adjustment of the sponsorship pages will get implemented. Followup to the mention previously in N47 item, the group has all agreed to seek out new or different sponsors acting almost as the NANOG "sales people". To that end, Betty armed folks with the current Merit material.

    Some vendors may not be able to commit to this meeting but are interested in future ones. We discussed this as a natural offshoot of planning and announcing further into the future. Betty indicated there are talks with some sponsors to do so and she would feel comfortable with using the current pricing as long as we had a form of "all prices subject to change" to cover possible hotel cost up-ticks, etc. This dove-tails with the meeting discussions from N45 where we talked about sponsor getting "subscriptions".

  13. AOB
  14. adjourned 21:08 EDT


September 8, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Joe Provo (SC Chair)
  • Rob Seastrom
  • Jared Mauch
  • Steve Feldman
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • Dave Meyer (PC Chair)


  • Chris Morrow
  • Kris Foster (MLC Chair)


  1. Quorum was called at 20:07 EDT.
  2. Agenda Bashing

    Patrick volunteered to take minutes. No changes were made to the agenda.

  3. Previous meeting minutes

    Joe notes that we are very far behind on publishing minutes, and need to make a concerted effort to remedy this.

  4. Meeting schedule

    There was discussion of future SC meeting schedule and potential conflicts. No conflicts were identified that would warrant rescheduling meetings in the near future. Joe will be unavailable for the October 6 meeting.

  5. Other administrivia, if any

    There was no other administrivia presented.

  6. Impending conference (NANOG 47)

    Registration is around 100. This is considered acceptable for this far away from the meeting. The joint ARIN meeting might be helping.

    Dave expresses some concern that the economy and meeting location are keeping some potential speakers away.

    Steve feels that while recruitment might not be quite as good as for the past few meetings, it is still better than whan he was PC chair. Most of the difference is that now there are much earlier target dates to have the agenda completed.

    Dave notes that the PC and ARIN are working to provide content for a joint NANOG/ARIN session Wednesday morning, before the official opening of the ARIN meeting.

    The PC will appoint one member to be responsible for coordinating lightning talks, to avoid the confusion at NANOG 46.

  7. Committee feedback loop (organization issues, what is/isn't working)

    Dave notes that aside from a few challenges specific to NANOG 47, the PC is doing fine.

    Steve (for Kris) says that the MLC has created a "nanog" account on Twitter, and are working out to do with it.

  8. 2009 Elections

    Dave had some trouble posting to nanog-announce, this has been resolved.

    Joe will send out a proposed election timeline.

    Steve will a message to nanog-futures to kick off charter discussion, and a general reminder to nanog-announce.

    Dave asks if nominations are coming in at rates similar to past years? Is this something Merit could track without much additional work?

  9. Marketing WG

    No updates.

  10. Scholarships

    Work is underway to arrange travel for the Postel scholarship awardee.

    Joe has been doing some outreach to see if the scholarship is useful and worth funding in the future? If so, do we seek philanthropic or corporate funding?

    Dave suggested a fellowship model, where experienced people are funded to train others.

  11. Status followups (each only as needed or desired to be in minutes)

    - NANOG46 wrap-up

    No updates were presented.

    There was discussion of delegating responsibilities of individual conference oversight to SC members.

  12. AOB

    There was no additional business.

  13. The meeting was adjourned 20:56 EDT.


October 22, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Betty Burke
  • Steve Feldman (SC Chair)
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • Sylvie LaPerriere
  • Dave Meyer (PC Chair)
  • Joe Provo
  • Duane Wessels


  • Rob Seastrom


  1. Quorum was called at 07:48 EDT
  2. Program Committee Selection

    Steve led a discussion about what we want and need out of the new PC members to help frame decision-making. We specifically talked about diversity of skills, replacing those lost with the non-returning members from the former PC. In a broad discussion we covered desirable attributes, including the ability to collaborate and deliver, areas of expertise, as well as depth and breadth of contacts for recruiting. We discussed specific skills of candidates, and also sought to factor in the existing PC members' terms as well as the future PC leadership needs. During the discussion, Patrick had to drop off the bridge and sent his overall impressions and selections by email.

  3. Recess

    A ten-minute bio-break was called and minutes were suspended between 08.50 and 09.00.

  4. Program Committee Selection, Part 2

    We continued to discuss the candidates and assembled a final slate, which was approved by the voting members.

  5. SC management issues

    After excusing the non-voting members of the SC, internal management, call schedule, and liaison roles were discussed. The SC unanimously agreed to additional co-ordination and finalization by email, and Steve will schedule an additional call next week so we can sort these matters before the normal fortnightly call.

  6. The meeting was adjourned 09.30 EDT


November 17, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Betty Burke (Merit)
  • Steve Feldman (SC Chair)
  • Randy Epstein (MLC Chair)
  • Sylvie LaPerriere
  • Joe Provo
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • David Meyer (PC Chair)
  • Robert Seastrom
  • Duane Wessels


  • NANOG 48
    Registration now open

    Sponsorships coming along well, lots of offers. New for 48 is lanyard sponsorship at either $4k or 5k.

    From nanog-eng call, its not clear, or we couldn't remember, who the transit provider will be.

    From the PC, numerous proposals coming in already.

  • Marketing WG
    First call/meeting went well

    Coming up with more ideas for sponsorship

    It would be nice to have one hands-on/vendor collaboration activity for NANOG 48 to get a feel for how this will work.

    Chris was invited too late to make todays call.

  • Scholarships
    Everyone (still) owes Betty comments on Operator of Tomorrow document.

    Did not find out how much $ is in the Postel scholarship acct.

    Steve owes the potential new donor info on how much the scholarship costs.

  • Discussions with ARIN
    There was a call with ARIN to discuss ways to make NANOG+ARIN more functional and practical.

    One idea is to offer a reduced fee to entice people to stay for the ARIN meeting. But ARIN registration is free for their members, and very cheap for non-members.

    In general ARIN is being *very* accomodating to NANOG.

  • Wiki
    Not quite ready yet, maybe tomorrow.
  • Best Practices Documents
    Could/Should NANOG publish regional BCPs, ala RIPE?

    Dave talked to Miriam about this.

    It would require some new "infrastructure."

    Is there some opportunity to collaborate with ARIN? ARIN would let NANOG take the lead.

  • Educational Track
    Nothing to report
  • Communications Committee
    Randy hopes to report on some new social networking activities within 30 days.

    Betty sent update on the NANOG trademark issue.

    Some NANOG documents may still refer to the Mailing List Committee rather than the Communications Committe.

  • NANOG 47
    Merit received the hotel invoice and is still working through some (extensive) billing errors.

    The costs were about as expected.

  • NANOG 53
    Still hopeful to have Comcast host in Philadelphia.

    Changed dates to avoid conflict with Educause. Now considering 1st week of September or 2nd week of October.

  • Adjourned 20:34 EST


December 1, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Betty Burke (Merit)
  • Steve Feldman (SC Chair)
  • Randy Epstein (MLC Chair)
  • Sylvie LaPerriere
  • Joe Provo
  • Duane Wessels


  • Patrick Gilmore
  • David Meyer (PC Chair)
  • Robert Seastrom


  1. Quorum called 20:04 EST


  2. Agenda bashing

    Joe volunteered to take minutes. No Agenda adjustment was requested.

  3. Previous meeting minutes

    Duane had circulated the previous meeting minutes for commentary, if none they should just be published. There are still some older meeting minutes outstanding, Steve will send reminders.

  4. Meeting schedule

    Reminder of the standing schedule (every other Tuesday, 20:00 Eastern). Sylvie has a conflict on the 15th, we shall follow-up on list to see if enough others do as well to merit a variation. Steve proposed that barring anything urgent, we skip the December 29th meeting. This will also be pursued in email.

  5. Other administrivia, if any


  6. Marketing WG

    Steve asked if there was anything interesting worth sharing. Sylvie was unable to attend but Betty indicated there was nothing new to report since the last SC call. The next MWG call will be Thursday 16.00 Eastern.

  7. Next conference (NANOG 48)

    Registration is open. There are five confirmed Beer&Gear sponsors, and while Betty was unable to attend the Engineering call, the report was that things are in good shape and it was a brief call. Both Dave and Sylvie provided a summary of potentially lively panel and reported a healthy number of submissions.

  8. Scholarships

    Reminder about the Operator of Tomorrow draft; people need to send their comments. Betty will redistribute the current copy and we should sort last round of edits on the mailing list before next call.

    Currently no updates regarding the Postel scholarship, but there may be a new additional donor.

  9. Committee feedback loop

    For the PC, no organizational issues were of concern. All the members should have wiki access.

    Randy reported that Sue updated the relevant CC passwords, one thread had received moderation, and that the social networking issue hadn't been addressed. He should have more on that next meeting. Joe mentioned that the CC members were actively discussing open but non-disruptive ways to publish the thread moderation information.

  10. Status followups

    Betty sent out mail that covered NANOG47 wrap-up issues. As far as future conferences are concerned, there was discussion regarding NANOG50 (Atlanta), covering both the shared-programming on Wednesday and hotel contract issues.

  11. AOB

    None presented.

  12. Meeting adjourned 20:19 EST