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Meeting Connectivity

NANOG Meetings, and the organization itself, are largely supported by sponsors from the Internet operations and engineering community. A variety of excellent branding and interaction opportunities are available. That being said, NANOG Meeting sessions are strictly juried by the NANOG Program Committee and sponsored speaker placements are not available.

Network Topology

NANOG meeting staff will install a network to provide 802.1x wireless access in all meeting rooms, and common areas of the hotel venue when possible. The NANOG network topology will vary from venue to venue, but will generally follow the network diagram.

Connectivity Sponsor Responsibilties

  1. Internet Connectivity 

    1. Provide redundant routes, each circuit at a minimum level of 1Gbps full-duplex. See network diagram.

    2. Provide a full-transit "default free zone" feed with dual stack BGP sessions to support IPv4 and native IPv6.  Tunneled IPv6 is not acceptable.
    3. Assign a main point of contact to coordinate and implement the Internet connectivity at the NANOG Venue and work closely with NANOG staff. Assign a technical contact to serve as the coordinator in troubleshooting of problems or failures in the circuit or network during the meeting

If you have any questions, please send e-mail to [email protected]











To learn more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits please visit our Sponsors Section.