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SC Minutes 2010

January 12, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

All times EST (GMT-0500).

Call to order, 20:04

Future meetings, no conflicts

How's betty? Doing well.

20:06 Registration update
About where we were with last nanog in #s (92)
About 25% are newcomers

Sponsorships, 6 B&G, 2 pending
No break sponsors yet
Potential survey giveway, potential badge sponsors, not confirmed

Engineering update
P2P link on schedule, 100 to 140 Mbps

Nothing interesting
Still rooms in the NANOG block

Program Update
Coming together, "I think we'll be OK"

Community meeting - anyone have any topics?

Dave has new item: Sylvie asked if she can have a PC view as liaison
Dave already gave it to her. Agreement that she will not rate/vote, she agrees

Committee meetings, move PC meeting to Wednesday?
No can do, staying on Tuesday

Nothing new

PC feedback loop
" Seems to be doing really nicely", everyone working really hard, not
" as many talks coming in as wanted but it is always like that
We _might_ get the FCC chairman, if we can do video conf. Turned down
video conf in past, but for FCC chair (person of that stature) will make effort.

CC feedback loop
Going well, different tone, all good
No movement on other forms of 'communication' than the mailing list
Tweeting - perhaps tweet each talk before it starts to warn people?

Closed yesterday, working on report now

Future meetings
Nothing new to report on most things.
Either waiting on people or things are in progress. There is a
question about the date on 53 (day after Yom Kippur), but working
through it.

Steering committee wiki is up. Everyone please log in, edit contact info page.


Next meeting, 26-JAN-2009

January 26, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Steve Feldman
  • David Meyer
  • Kris Foster (for Randy)
  • Carol Wadsworth
  • Duane Wessels
  • Joe Provo
  • Betty Burke (Merit)
  • Robert Seastrom
  • Chris Morrow
  • Sylvie LaPerriere (scribe)
  • Patrick Gilmore

The Meeting:

  1. Quorum 20:04 EST

    Administrivia (5 minutes)

  2. Agenda bashing
    • rotate minute taker: Sylvie
    • add/remove topics: none
  3. Previous meeting minutes: posted.
  4. Meeting schedule
    • Regular schedule (every other Tuesday, 20:00 Eastern time): next meeting is Feb 9 feb. Feb 23 is cancelled and replaced with meetings during nanog48.
    • REMINDER: cover known needed future variances on the mailing list.
  5. Other administrivia, if any
    • status updates would be good: please submit to SC.

    Discussion topics

  6. Marketing WG update - Christopher Quesada
    • WG prepared a brief on nanog sponsorship opportunities.
    • Confirmed to date are: 1 sponsor for demo room (tbc). 8 sponsors fro B&G + 2 pending, 2 break sponsors, lanyard sponsored by meeting co-host.
    • Needed sponsors: more break sponsors and 2 more B&G.
    • Chris Q does not believe he must attend all SC as Betty has most of the updates. He will be invited on an adhoc basis pending requirements.
    • Marketing WG is preparing a charter.

    Chris leaves call at 20:11

  7. Next conference (NANOG 48)
    • Registration: 243 to date, slightly up when comparing Dearborn at the same time. 20% are first time attendees.
    • Sponsorships: update provided in F.
    • Engineering/network (update): Carol said the circuit to the venue is expected to be installed on Feb 2.
    • Hotel logistics (any issues): few remaining rooms in block for Wed night.
    • Program in general: slow start but now we have more good content than we can schedule. PC is looking forward to net neutrality panel.
    • On-site meetings schedule has been circulated by Carol. Mark your agendas.
    • Marketing WG and Communications Committee chairs will be invited to the Tuesday SC Breakfast meeting at nanog48.
  8. Scholarships
    • Operator of Tomorrow Partnership: final review and vote for adoption!: still work in progress?
    • Postel Scholarship; Funding & futures: Betty waiting on information from ISOC. Steve mentions an Anonymous contributor also a possible option.
    • Fellowship idea? This item is ideal for someone looking for a venue to channel his creative energy. To be discussed at future meeting.
  9. Committee feedback loop (organization issues, what is/isn't working)
    • PC/SC issues and concerns (Dave, Sylvie): In good shape. No issue.
    • CC/SC issues and concerns (Randy, Joe): Randy does have enough time to continue as Chair but would continue as member. The four members will discuss who could be appointed new chair. CC will attempt to twitter nanog48. Betty will include the twitter notice in her general welcome note sent to all attendees and she will ask Todd to do same in his newcomer welcome.
  10. Status followups (each only as needed or desired to be in minutes)
    • NANOG 47 wrap-up: not discussed.
    • published conferences (N49 SanFrancisco, N50 Atlanta, N51 Miami)
    • future conferences: new or updated information since last SC meeting

    N52 potentially Denver, N53 potentially in Philadelphia. Abovenet has expressed interest in hosting Nanog in the DC area sometime in Spring or Fall.

  11. AOB: none
  12. adjourned 20:32 EST

February 9, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Steve Feldman
  • Betty Burke (Merit)
  • Joe Provo
  • Robert Seastrom
  • David Meyer
  • Duane Wessels


  • Sylvie LaPerriere (scribe)
  • Patrick Gilmore

The Meeting:

  1. NANOG 48

    350 attendees registered, with a few more expected as of yesterday Predicting 425-450 total Attendance should be better than for Dearborn when accounting for all the Dearborn/MERIT locals.

    • Sponsorships
      • Picked up some extra break sponsors, could use 2 more
      • Beer & Gear have 8, could take 10
      • Have a lanyard sponsor
      • Have an agenda sponsor
      • Demo space - may not happen. There is vendor interest but not enough $$ to make it work. Marketing WG will decide whether to "lose" a little $$ on a proof of concept. This *must* not cost MERIT extra work. Target goal is $15k for the room.
    • Social event issues

      A sponsor backed out due to their being acquired. Also was some confusion about which night was "theirs." An informal group of companies wanted to fill the gaping social hole in the social calendar, but didn't want to pay the $2k fee to MERIT. May have resulted in some ill-feelings.

    • Meeting Network: going well, waiting on peering, will be using 802.11x wireless
    • Program: All done, modulo lightning talks
    • Community Meeting: Usual format, Steve/SC, Dave/PC, Kris/CC, Chris/MWG, Betty/MERIT
    • Face-to-Face meetings: look for announcement from Carol
    • Survey: Betty got some good feedback on N48 survey, need comments back by friday.
  2. Operator of Tomorrow

    Getting ready to implement for NANOG 49 Should get ARIN to fund one

  3. Postel Scholarship

    Any progress? No, Betty will have something before Austin Should NANOG do a scholarship link-exchange with ARIN (& others?)

  4. Program Committee - Nothing to report from Dave M
  5. Communications Committee - Randy has no free time, probably need to pick a new chair. Mike might be interested.
  6. NAWNOG - CC should discuss adding Mike Lyon as another member of CC
  7. NANOG 47 - Brian @ MERIT will update soon (before Austin)
  8. NANOG 49 - SFO all good
  9. NANOG 50 - Atlanta; Nervous about brand new hotel. connectivity may be a challenge
  10. NANOG 51 - MOU with Terremark. Negotiating with hotel to reduce/eliminate connectivity costs ($4300).
  11. NANOG 52 - In talks with Alcatel/Lucent
  12. NANOG 53 - MOU with a hotel for Philly
  13. Adjourned 20:45

March 9, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Betty, Dave, Duane, Joe, Patrick, Rob, Steve, Sylvie

Absent: CC Rep

Meeting Minutes

  1. Called to order 20:04 EST
  2. NANOG 48 Wrapup
    • too early for financials
    • all indicators are positive
    • survey prize went over very well (thanks Tom!!)
    • going forward: 1 survey monday, 1 survey tuesday
    • there was some feedback about not enough focus on IPv6
  3. NANOG 49
    • registration not open yet (should be open by monday/tuesday)
    • three committed B&G sponsors
    • staff wont have access to the ballroom until 12:01 AM sunday
    • PC met today; brainstorming on keynote speakers
  4. Operator of Tomorrow Scholarship
    • Now we need to actually implement it
    • will ARIN give seed money?
    • someone (from SC) needs to volunteer to shepherd it
  5. Postel Scholarship
    • We have some numbers on the account value -- worst case $12k
    • 2008 costs: $13.8k for 2 people
    • 2009 costs: $2k
  6. Committee Feedback Loops
    • PC : no issues
    • "BCP project" : not sure if NANOG will be involved. Author(s) ready now, NANOG not ready.
    • CC : Randy still doesn't want to be chair; Mike Smith least likely to be burnt out.
  7. Future
    • 49/SFO : working on contracts
    • 50/ATL :
    • 51/MIA : Carol working on hotel contract; great space for NANOG
    • 52/DEN : host looking for space; we'll have to share hotel
    • 53/PHL : have MOU with host; finalizing hotel contract
  8. Adjourn 20:31

March 23, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Steve, Duane, Joe, Andy, Sylvie (scribe)

Chair: Joe as Steve is travelling.

Regrets: Rob

The Meeting:

  1. Quorum 20:07 EST
  2. Agenda bashing
    • rotate minute taker: Sylvie
    • add/remove topics: none
  3. Previous meeting minutes:
    • 2 sessions to be submitted for comments by Joe, one session to be sent for posting by Sylvie.
  4. Discussion Topics
    1. Nanog48 wrapup
      1. Finances: expenses are still rolling but unofficial and incomplete results look good.
      2. Survey: done and results posted
    2. Nanog49
      1. Registration opened March 15
      2. Sponsorship: lanyards and some b&g already sold
      3. Programme committee: work underway and sourcing talks
    3. Scholarships
      1. Operator of tomorrow: good to go by the SC. Andy will complete in the following weeks his discussion with ARIN to secure first funding. It may be that N49 be too soon to solicit candidates. To be continued.
      2. Postel: ISOC has funding for the scholarship. Steve will contact ISOC to ensure sufficient funds are available to award a scholarship in 2010. If positive, Nanog SC (via Robert S) and ARIN (via John C) will select candidates for 2010.
  5. Committees Feedback Loop
    1. Programme Committee: work underway and sourcing talks
    2. Communications Committee
      1. Randy will remain Chair.
      2. Operations of the CC are functioning well and usual matters are dealt with efficiently.
  6. Upcoming Nanogs
    1. Nanog51 Miami: Hotel contract almost closed
    2. Nanog52 Denver: Hotel contract under review.
  7. AOB: none
  8. 20:32 Patrick joins to say goodbye...
  9. 20:34 Meeting adjourned.

May 4, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

In attendance

  • Andy Rosenzweig
  • Joe Provo
  • Rob Seastrom
  • Steve Feldman
  • Sylvie LaPerriere
  • Duane Wessels

Meeting Minutes

  1. Called to order 20:04 EDT
  2. NANOG 48
    • Attendance stats now up on website
  3. NANOG 49
    • Registration fees go up in a week, time to send out reminders
    • About 100 registrations, looking normal
    • Picked up another break sponsor (Force 10)
    • Silent Partner sponsoring offsite mixer
    • Beer-n-Gear sponsors full
    • No news from PC
    • Engineering team no issues to report
    • Sylvie volunteered to work on the survey; should MWG take a crack?
  4. Postel Scholarship
    • Submission deadline beginning of June
    • One application received so far
  5. Communications Committee
    • Same ol'...
    • One thread moderated
  6. Marketing Working Group
    • ATEN invited for a "do over" of the demo room. They seem enthusiastic.
  7. NANOG 50 (Atlanta)
    • Still concerned about hotel connectivity, still reaching out to colleages. ARIN also assisting.
  8. Server Move
    • Merit plans to relocate NANOG servers. Anticipate total downtime 2-3 hours. Will notify NANOG list subscribers in advance.
  9. Adjourned 20:23 EDT

May 18, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

All times EDT (GMT -0400)

A. Started at 8:05 EDT

On Call:
Steve Feldman
Joe Provo
Rob Seastrom
Patrick Gilmore
Andy Rosenzweig
David Meyer
Michael Smith

B. Agenda Bashing

  • Mike Smith minute taker
  • No additional Changes

C. Previous Meeting Minutes

  • Reminder for old minutes to be submitted

D. Meeting Schedule

  • Next meeting 6/1/10 as usual
  • 06/15/10 meeting cancelled - NANOG 49

F. NANOG 48 Wrap-up

  • Andy - Final paperwork with CFO, expect summary figures next call.

G. Next Conference (NANOG 49)

  • 330 attendees so far
  • 100 more early-bird registrants than Austin
  • Circuit has been installed
  • Router being shipped, delivery by 06/01/10
  • Dave - program complete. Working to make room for Sylvie's presentation.
  • Community Meeting
    • Steve - Committee heads prepare short presentation, will receive request for slides soon.
    • Steve - be prepared for active discussion on transition, but may not happen.
    • Steve - Don/Merit will be present to assist - much appreciated
  • Survey - MC working on survey. Have door prizes lined up but going to rework format.

H. Scholarships

  • Postel - very low turnout. RS takes action item to re-post to NANOG and ask JC at ARIN to do same.

I. PC Issues - Dave, none
CC Issues - Mike, none

J. Status Followups

  • NANOG 50 - Atlanta
  • NANOG 51 - Miami
  • Steve, Sylvie still working on connectivity for Atlanta. No update so Steve will ping her directly.

K. Server moves

  • Andy, still planned, date TBD.

L. Labor

  • San Fran - any concerns? Steve not worried. Just keep in mind.
  • RS - Update on Gayle? Andy, no new news since last email.
  • Steve - meeting adjourned 8:24 PM EDT

June 1, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

All times EDT (GMT-0400).

One motion passed, extending deadline for scholarship applications (20:16).

20:03 Quorum called
RS, MS, PG, SF, DMM, Andy

Please send in your minutes

Call Schedule: No call in 2 weeks, NANOG
Call after: June 29

20:05 NANOG 48 wrapup
Last call was optimistic, final number is -$2350
Late personnel costs

Registration is currently at 436
about average of the last 3
Only sponsor slots left are one on Sun & one on Wed
Nothing left with network 'cept a single router, but Dave T. says it will be done Labor issues seem to be no problem (nothing in the news according to Steve)

20:09 Program for N49
Final program posted
DMM: Really good, more content than we could accommodate

20:09 Community Meeting N49
Still doing the normal update stuff
- Send slides to SF ASAP
- If not doing slides, tell him so he can put in a place holder
Probably get lots of transition questions
- There is a track Monday afternoon

20:11 SC Meeting schedule
Marketing WG meeting
- PG: Should we combine with CC?
- SF: Will look into it, otherwise Tuesday between session & social

20:14 Survey
- Dave T @ Netflix was assigned, but is not done
- Andy: Hoping for progress this Thursday @ Marketing call

20:16 Scholarships
Mail problem @ Merit lost some submissions
- RS: Have to send a note "deadline extended, lost some submissions, please re-send" - Andy: Merit has list of people who tried to submit in last 10 days, will target them

20:19 Motion to extend deadline for scholarship submission to June 20, 2010 PG: Move to extend the deadline
- RS: second
Passes unanimously

20:20 Committee feedback loop
PG: Is the Marketing WG -> Marketing Committee motion on the ballot?
SF: There is no ballot this time
PG: Uh, duh, sorry
SF: We'll chat about it at the Community Meeting, and will have to manage it with the transition

20:22 Vendor Collaboration Room
Chris & Misako are working on it

20:23 Future NANOGs
50: working on network
- Andy: TelX working on getting quotes for fiber, confident they will have it 51: No comments
52: NewNOG signed hotel contract, same dates & place
53: Worked on by ARIN, NewNOG will work with ARIN
SF: Merit will likely be performing conference duties for 52

20:26 Adjourned

June 29, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


  1. Quorum called 10.04 EDT
  2. Agenda bashing
    Joe will take minutes. No agenda changes.
  3. Previous meeting minutes
    There are still outstanding minutes. Please get them published.
  4. Meeting schedule
    The standing meeting remains every other Tuesday at 20.00 Eastern. No alterations of the schedule in the near-term were requested.
  5. Other administrivia, if any
    Andy is on vacation.
  6. NANOG 49 wrap-up
    No financial information as of yet. Andy provided survey preview this morning, Carol sent demographic breakdown this afternoon.

    Key Merit staff were sorely missed at the event. Dave mentioned specific presenters who had reverted to old habit of hacking their slides up the last minute. One presenter demanded their slides be removed from the standard nanog-hosted site. Joe questioned if the document hosting permission wasn't part of the normal speaker/presenter release, so there would be no grounds for any complaint; is that incorrect? People were unsure. Joe suggests that if it was not, the 'release' should be updated to make this clear.

  7. Next conference (NANOG 50)
    No information on-hand regarding registration or hotel logistics. The Marketing Working Group is excited over the positive sponsorship response. Some discussion of the GPF .5 event and ARIN's social being open to NANOG attendees. Patrick committed to speak with Josh on the matter.

    Sylvie reports that the network was in process. Mike Lucking (telx) has confirmed that their selected provider will wire up the hotel and it is on track to be tested and completed in time for the conference. They will be absorbing the nontrivial cost. Due to the site being new, the address was not in the LEC's provisioning database; so despite there being an obvious passing on the street we were not able to price out that option.

    Steve asks about the call for presentations, and Dave replies that it really is mostly-uniform with only a date change. He wanted to include something about the elections, but will post the initial CFP message in the next week. Dave also indicated that leading up to the meeting, he and Tom Daly are meeting every couple weeks with Susan Hamlin and mark Kosters to make sure there are no bumps, and that so far it is a non-issue.

  8. Election
    Steve acknowledges we are late off the mark. Dave related that he received many governance questions at NANOG 49, and recommends a strong push for engagement. Joe related last year's election experiences, creating a calendar and the mixed results of just assigning reminder messages to various Committee members.
  9. Scholarships
    After the mailing list issues, RS parsed though the Postel submission summaries and will send his recommendation within the next 36 hours. He has a meeting with the ARIN representative on Thursday and would like to wrap things up.
  10. Committee feedback loop
    No functional or structural issues to report by Dave or Sylvie (as PC liaison). Joe (as CC liaison) reported no structural issues and that admin traffic is the usual-to-low. The Marketing Working Group reported that the NANOG 49 vendor collaboration room seems to have worked well, and no friction with the program or over the ' open hours' occurred.
  11. Status followups
    No data for NANOG 51 (Miami).

    Regarding NANOG 52, Sylvia reported positive feedback from the Alcatel-Lucent representatives that attended NANOG 49. They were very positive on the experience and spoke to current and previous hosts at length. Joe noted that this is a great outreach effort and when we have future hosts who aren't "NANOG regulars" we should do more invites. Dave pointed out that some hosts are more engaged and involved than others, so benefit to future hosts might be varied. We briefly returned to the discussion of a past and potential host mailing list for information sharing; everyone likes to commit to documentation and no one has time.

    ARIN and Comcast have had several iterations of contracts for NANOG 53 before the Merit MoU was cancelled, so NewNOG folks need to pick up the hosting responsbilities. Sylvie and Joe will draft something to encompass the responsibilities which were under the previous Merit agreement. Sylvie and Susan Hamlin mat on-site during NANOG 49, and indicated no immediate concerns.

    Regarding future conferences, the SC had a general discussion regarding our joint meetings with ARIN. Concerns were raised that both organizations having elections at the same meeting tends to cut into program time.

  12. Server moves
    To be scheduled.
  13. Gayle memorial
    We all miss Gayle. Steve arranged for NANOG to send flowers to the memorial service.
  14. Meeting adjourned 20:34 EDT

July 13, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

All times EDT (GMT-0400)

  • 20:03
    Call to order
  • 20:03
    Any problems with future dates?
  • 20:04
    NANOG 49 wrapup
    Early Finance Report? High attendance, sponsorships full
  • 20:05
    Survey Data, anyone looked it over?
    Sylvie: Overall positive
    Comments that Merit put on quite a smooth, professional conference
  • 20:06
    NANOG 50
    Registration open Monday (target)
    Early signs look good for sponsorship
    Network? Will we have one? [Andy: "Maybe" :-]
    - Andy spoke to Michael Lucking, still awaiting the final contract from
    fiber provider - Confident everything is in line to complete in time
    - Still waiting on final positive permission from hotel to trench into
    hotel & use risers
  • 20:09
    Hotel logistics
    Tuesday night guest room shortage
    - Apparently another conf in town (Quicky Mart?)
    - Second, we completed this "way back when" Tuesday was the end, so
    block requested was lower - Will tell people to get rooms early, and
    why, perhaps give list of other hotels in area Questions about whether
    we should tell people why it is better to register in advance - We can,
    but most people don't seem to care :(
  • 20:15
    Dave: Slow start, but confident it will work out
  • 20:15
    In person meetings
    Wednesday night dinner + Thursday morning breakfast (to pick PC), so
    stick around in ATL Also remind candidates about that as well
    Tuesday afternoon de-briefing with Marketing WG works well too
  • 20:18
    Increasing on-site reg fee
    Highest level ($600) registrations were 150
    - Adds extra stress ("and excitement")
    - Do now know how many were on-site, but guess it was 30-50
    - Would be much easier if they registered even a couple days in advance
    + Things like room setups, etc.
    Sylvie: Why so many walk ins? Was it because they did not require a
    hotel room? - Steve: Probably, coworkers did exactly that
    Steve: Anyone opposed to a $75 increase to on-site registration fee?
    (Silence.) - SC Unanimously agrees this is acceptable
  • 20:29
    Dave: Comments on the Wednesday program
    There has been friction in the past, trying to avoid that
    Mostly ARIN-style presentations, like IPv6
    - This is because registry people will be attending Wed morning
    session, so need it to be relevant
  • 20:32
    Many logistics, such as recruiting for Joe's slot, asking patrick & RS
    if they plan to re-stand, etc. Steve will send an announcement out with
    the timeline
    Questions about joint elections with NewNOG
  • 20:37
    Steve heard from RS he has approval to award the scholarship to the selectee
  • 20:38
    Any interesting news from PC or CC?
    Mike: "We are in our quiet happy place"
    Dave: Discussing how to deal with people who do not want their slides
    published - Sylvie: Are we still asking people to sign waivers?
    - Dave: No, we only ask during the submission tool to video record the
    speaker, nothing about presentation documentation
  • 20:41
    Status Followups (future meetings)
    N51: Florida: No issues
    N52: Ways to deal with 52 being discussed between Sylvie & Andy
    N53: No comments
  • 20:42
    Server Moves
    No date yet. Andy will update when he can.
  • 20:42

July 27, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Steve, Sylvie, Joe, Rob, Patrick, Duane, Mike via-email: Andy

  • Quorum: 20:05 EDT
  • No new agenda items
  • NANOG 49 Wrapup
    • Don't have a financial wrap-up for NANOG49 yet.
  • NANOG 50
    • Connectivity to the hotel is progressing. Telx has been working with Fiber Light Communications to bring fiber to the hotel. Having weekly calls to track progress.
    • Limited number of rooms tuesday night, noticed twitter message. Let people know to get their reservations in early.
    • Program going as expected at this time (no bad news).
  • Election
    • Andy reminded Steve that timeline has not been published yet and charter says we should accept nominations early next week. Need to act Real Soon Now. Steve will work with Andy to get election pages up and then send announcement to mailing lists.
    • Merit can easily accomodate NewNOG elections as long as "Eligible voters are those who have attended X meetings in the last Y years."
    • We have until mid-September to figure out what we're doing on the Charter (to make the transition happen).
  • Scholarships
    • We selected Kevin Gituanja J. Chege from the Kenyan National Research and Education Network and he has accepted. Andy sent apology letters to those not selected. Patrick volunteered to be his point of contact at the meeting.
  • Committee Feedback Loop
    • PC : nothing of interest to report
    • CC : couple of threads moderated, social networking buzz buzz, thinking
    • MG : Sold 9/10 B&G's, still some breaks available
  • Server move
    • Merit's planned power outage has been delayed, perhaps until early next year. This summer's planned server move is cancelled.
  • Adjourned 20:25

September 7, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

  1. Quorum at 20:06 EDT

    In attendance

    • Joe Provo
    • Mike Smith
    • Andy Rosenzweig
    • Duane Wessels
    • Robert Seastrom
  2. Agenda Bashing
    No additional items
  3. Previous Minutes
    Joe - please publish previous minutes if you have them
  4. Meeting Schedule
    • Regular Schedule, every other Tuesday, 20:00 Eastern Time.
    • Reminder: post any variances to SC mailing list
    • No call when we are in Atlanta
  5. Administrivia
  6. NANOG 49 Wrap-Up
    Andy - Nothing yet, mid-September, planning on next call
  7. NANOG 50
    • Registrations: Current 239 Total, 50 First Timers, 7 Students, 42 Gratis
    • ARIN/GPF Tuesday meeting - no good place to do this. ARIN may have Pizza and Beer at hotel rather than off site, but there is still hope.
    • Jabber for 50 - Andy to check
      • Mike to follow up with Andy
    • Sponsorships - more or less sold out
      • Newcomer Breakfast open
      • Breakfast Enhancement possible
    • Network
      • Wireless network confirmed
      • Engineering meeting last Wednesday.
      • Site survey done last Friday.
      • 1.5 miles via wireless to get to Fiberlight uplink to TelX
    • Exchange in Atlanta
      • No core drilling, gaffer tape required for wireless downlink in hotel
      • Summary: we're in okay shape
      • Licensed 1Gbps/sec
    • Hotel Logistics
      • Out of rooms on Tuesday
      • Alternates nearby
    • Program Update - no updates at this time
    • In-Person Meetings
      • Tues move from CC Meeting to Marketing WG meeting
      • Breakfast location TBD
      • SC Candidates - if you win, Wednesday dinner imminent
  8. Election Items
    • CC update website to reflect when the CC nominations close
    • Nominations
      • SC Noms are closed
      • PC Noms - 10 so far, none in the last week, most have accepted
        • Vote: incremental updates for PC noms to be posted to the Web?
          • None opposed
          • All in favor
      • Mike to put out call for CC members
  9. Transition Issues
    • Ballot text
      • Draft of text coming from a community WG
      • Amendment should be posted 9/13
      • Transition date proposed 2/28 or 3/1.
      • Andy, please provide current version of proposal for discussion with Don. Duane will send to Andy.
      • Andy: what is Amendment process? Joe - description from charter
    • Merit will run next election concurrent to NANOG Election
  10. Scholarships
    RS - Postel 2010
    • He's got his Visa.
    • Question to PC - will he be giving a presentation at NANOG 50?
    • Cathy asked him for slides after last call.
    • Slides sent, PC to review and decide.
    • Andy to send slides to RS.
    • Patrick is meeting shepherd, Mike as backup.
    • RS will find out who the ARIN contact will be.
  11. Committee Notes
    • Andy for PC - Sue working hard to support speakers this go-round
    • CC - everything functional
    • Marketing WG - Vendor Collaboration Room is filled. Didn't meet revenue target, but reached limits of location for technical setup.
  12. Nothing on 51
  13. Future conference track - anything? No
  14. Any other business?

    Move to adjourn 20:48
    Adjourned 20:49

October 7, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

In attendance

  • Steve Feldman
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • Sylvie LaPerriere
  • Andy Rosenzweig
  • Rob Seastrom
  • Richard Steenbergen
  • Don Welch
  • Duane Wessels

Meeting Minutes

  1. Called to order: 07:30 AM
  2. Selection of new Program Committee members

    With 8 slots to fill and 16 candidates to choose from, Steve led
    the discussion on selection of new PC members. The discussion began
    with a description of remaining PC members strengths, and gaps left
    behind by those whose slots must be filled. After taking into
    consideration the needs of the PC as a whole, its long-term future, and
    the merits of individual candidates, the SC voted to invite the
    following persons to serve a 2-year term on the PC:

    • Nina Bargisen
    • Tom Daly
    • Greg Dendy
    • Ryan Donelly
    • Kevin Epperson
    • Dave Meyer
    • Tom Scholl
    • Dave Temkin

    Each will be asked to confirm his/her participation on the PC. Following their acceptance, an announcement will be made.

  3. Meeting adjourned 08:23 AM

October 19, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

In attendance

  • Steve Feldman
  • Mike Smith
  • Andy Rosenzweig
  • Rob Seastrom
  • Duane Wessels

Meeting Minutes

  1. Called to order: 14:04 Eastern
  2. NANOG50
    • Too early for financial report
    • Survey results have been posted
  3. NANOG51
    • Registration will open on November 1
    • Dave M sent CFP to announce list yesterday
    • Already have sold 7 B&G sponsorships, will probably extend to 10 (space permitting)
    • Engineering call next week. Have been in this hotel before so not expecting any network problems.
  4. Scholarships
    • Have enough funds to pay for this year (2010), but probably not enough for next (2011).
    • Rob will try to find out how much has been spent and how much is left, then we'll think about asking for donations.
  5. Committee Liaisons
    • RAS offered to take over as PC liaison
    • RS will be Communications Committee liaison
    • Ratified by those present on call
  6. Communications Committee
    • Mike reports its been somewhat busy (couple of out-of-control threads).
  7. Program Committee
    • Nothing to report
  8. Marketing Working Group
    • Nothing to report
  9. Meeting adjourned 14:18 Eastern

November 2, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

In attendance

  • Andy Rosenzweig
  • David Meyer
  • Duane Wessels
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • Richard Steenbergen
  • Rob Seastrom
  • Steve Feldman
  • Sylvie LaPerriere

Meeting Minutes

  1. Called to order: 14:03 Eastern
  2. NANOG50
    • Too early for financial report
    • We'll discuss survey results on next call
  3. NANOG51
    • Registration opened Nov 1
    • Hotel opened Nov 1
    • Patrick noticed $100 early cancellation fee. Merit is investigating
    • Sponsorships looking good
    • First engineering call this week, DW will be liasion
    • PC exploring ideas for Keynote speaker
    • Note that IANA IPv4 runout about the time of N51
    • There will be no "open seating" area
  4. Scholarships
    • Have not been in touch with ISOC about funding.
  5. Program Committee
    • Nothing additional to report.
  6. Communications Committee
    • One troublesome mailing list poster, discussing how to handle.
    • Will select CC members over email next few days.
  7. Marketing Working Group
    • Nothing additional to report.
  8. Meeting adjourned 14:23 Eastern

December 14, 2010, Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

In attendance

  • Steve Feldman
  • David Meyer
  • Michael Smith
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • Andy Rosenzweig
  • Duane Wessels
  • Richard Steenbergen
  • Rob Seastrom
  • Sylvie LaPerriere

Meeting Minutes

  1. Start 14:04 EST
  2. Previous Meetings:

    reminder to all to publish previous minutes, if no comments in 24 hours, just post

  3. Next meetings:

    this is the last call before the holidays, we will resume bi-weekly schedule starting on Jan 4 same time.

  4. Nanog50 Wrap-up:
    • financials are not yet available.
  5. Nanog51 Update
    • registration count at 165: 43 newcomers, 3 students. 12 countries represented
    • room block filled at 50%
    • network in good shape
    • sponsors: B&G full, Sun and Mon socials, remaining : 3 breaks, newcomer breakfast, Tue social. No VCR at 51 due to lack of suitable hotel space.
    • Agenda: 40% full. Looking good.
  6. Future conference
    • N52 conference management: received redline from Merit and call scheduled on Dec 16 to close this agreement.
    • url for upcoming conferences
    • Joe Provo commented on election results: posting fixed
  7. Call adjourned at 14:27 EST. Next meeting Jan 4, 2011