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2017 Communications Committee

 The Board will not be accepting nominations for the 2017 Communications Committee.


  Terms Expiring:   Terms Not Expiring:
Larry Blunk, Merit Network, Inc.* Judy de Dios, Telstra
Stacy Hughes

Michelle Pierce, Equinix

Andrew Koch, WiscNet*  
Job Snijders, NTT America, Inc.  

* Is term-limited and cannot be considered for re-appointment until February 2018.



NANOG Communications Committee

The Communications Committee will consist of at least three members selected by the Board of Directors. Members of the Communications Committee may not serve concurrently on the Board of Directors. The chairperson of the Communications Committee will serve ex officio in a non-voting role on the Board of Directors, in order to facilitate communication between the two groups.

One of the primary functions of the Communications Committee is the maintenance of a community mailing list (the NANOG operators list). The Communications Committee will be responsible for the administration and minimal moderation of the list.

The main NANOG mailing list serves an important role in the community by providing a day-to-day forum for network operators. Participating as a member of the Communications Committee gives you the opportunity to make a noticeable contribution.