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2018 Proposed Bylaws Amendments

The NANOG Board suggests Bylaw Amendments from time to time, in order to make them better organized, more readable, and consistent with reality.  In most cases the intent is to leave the meaning of the existing bylaws unchanged, with specific exceptions which will be noted in the document.

Please send any comments and suggestions to the members mailing list or to the Board.


The NANOG Board recommends changes to 34 sections of the Bylaws on the 2018 Election ballot.  NANOG contracted legal counsel to review our corporate documents and address any gaps in NANOG’s governance model.  Changes to 19 sections have legal significance including new bylaw language, but also add definitions for clarity, were developed after engaging legal counsel to address any gaps in NANOG’s governance model. Changes made include text and policy additions to address policy gaps, as well as minor language adjustments and grammatical corrections recommended by our legal team. The changes to the remaining 15 sections are grammatical corrections only. On the ballot the complete list of Bylaw changes will be listed as a Yes/No vote for or against approving the changes, with a link to the document listing how the 34 sections will read if approved.

Proposed ballot text:

Shall the Bylaws be amended as follows (yes/no):

Change section 4.1 by removing Working Groups (clean up language for how NANOG is organized)

Change section 4.2 grammatical corrections

Change section 4.3 grammatical corrections

Change section 4.3.1 Remove heading Term Limits

DELETE section 4.3.2 Removes the Interim Procedure put into place in 2013 when Term Length changes for Board of Directors was modified

Change section 4.4 added reference to section 6.1 which defines “Members in Good Standing”

Change section 4.5  grammatical corrections

Change section 4.6 adds a paragraph defining vacancy, removed “a Board of Directors member resigns or”, and grammatical corrections

Change section 4.7 removes first paragraph, cleans language relating how Elected Board of Directors members can be removed in second paragraph

Change section 5 replaces “the corporation” with name “NANOG”, changes language on officer positions to match sections 5.1 and 5.2, and grammatical corrections

Change section 5.6  grammatical correction

Change section 6.1 changes second paragraph to define “Members in Good Standing”

Change section 6.4 grammatical corrections, adds line “If elected, to serve on the Board of Directors”

ADD sections 6.6, 6.7, 6.8 defining Membership Termination, Suspension, and Procedures for Expulsion or Suspension

Change section 7  adds requirement that one member of each committee must be a member of the Board of Directors

Change section 7.1.1 grammatical correction

Change section 7.2 adds “including the Election Committee described in section 10.3”

Change section 8.1.1 grammatical correction

Change section 8.2 replaces “Communications Committee” with “NANOG staff (as overseen by the Executive Director)”

CORRECT subsection numbering in 8.2 grammatical changes

Change section 8.3 grammatical corrections

Change section 10.1 grammatical correction

Change section 10.2 grammatical correction, add “under Article 11, or removal of Directors under section 4.7”, and change 60 to 30

Change section 10.3 define as Election Committee, adjust number of members on the Election Committee, grammatical correction

Change section 10.3.1 grammatical corrections

Change section 10.3.3 adds method to determine term length if open seats have different term lengths in an election

Change section 12 grammatical corrections

Change section 13.1 grammatical corrections

Change section 13.2 grammatical correction

Change section 14 adjusts non-discrimination policy language per recommendation from legal counsel, grammatical corrections

Change section 15.2 grammatical corrections

Change section 16  grammatical corrections