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SC Minutes 2007

January 25, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


  • Joe Abley
  • Betty Burke
  • Randy Bush
  • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
  • Christopher Morrow
  • William B. Norton
  • Joe Provo (note-taker)

Apologies received:

  • Rob Seastrom
  • Philip Smith
  1. NANOG 39 (Toronto)

    The latest registration numbers from Carol are 334. The expectation is 300 for the winter meeting, so we are doing well. Betty reported that there is one beer'n'gear slot remaining, and three morning break sponsor slots. Efforts are being made to attract sponsors to the remaining slots.

    Steve reported that the agenda is complete, and published on the web page. At least some of the presentations not accepted for NANOG 39 might well appear in NANOG 40.

    The DNS Operations BOF, proposed by Joe Abley and Keith Mitchell and approved by the PC, is to be cancelled primarily due to lack of material. Due to the large number of BOFs and tutorials at this meeting, cancelling this session eases the schedule a little. If the solicitations for material produce anything, an ad-hoc BOF could be organised.

    There have been requests from students studying at institutions just outside the city of Toronto to attend at the discounted student rate. According to the letter of the student attendance policy, they are not eligible; however, this does not seem in keeping with the spirit or goals of the student policy. It was proposed by Randy that the policy be changed such that the words "host city" are replaced by "host city and surrounding metropolitan area". This proposal was seconded and approved unanimously.

  2. NANOG 40 (Bellevue, WA)

    A hotel contract has not yet been executed for Bellevue, and it is unlikely that this will happen until after Toronto. NANOG has a reservation on the space, however. The prospective local host has offered to pick up the power costs for the meeting, and will also subsidise the room rate so that the cost to attendees is below $200/ night.

    Betty reported that there are some issues with the size of the rooms available in Bellevue that will likely result in there being a larger number of chairs without tables in the ballroom. There was some discussion of seating arrangements, and the observation was made that a more compact layout lends itself to a more community- oriented feeling in the room.

    Although the contract will not have been signed by the community meeting in Toronto, plans are sufficiently mature that we will be able to announce the meeting dates and city.

    Randy noted that no order had been placed for the meeting network transit yet.

  3. NANOG 41 (Albuquerque, NM)

    As noted last meeting, a hotel contract for the joint meeting in Albuquerque has been signed by Merit.

    Joe Abley asked whether the PC had discussed improving their interaction with counterparts at ARIN to provide better integration between the two programmes, maybe even with some shared sessions on Wednesday. Steve said that there had been some general discussions about this, but that while there were vague notions that this would be a good idea, no decisions had been made.

    Steve will follow up with ARIN in Toronto, and at the ARIN meeting in April, perhaps with a more extensive discussion in Bellvue.

  4. Future meetings

    Betty noted that Merit is moving forward with plans for a multi- year hotel deal in Chicago, probably for the June meetings in 2008 and 2009. As previously discussed there are cost advantages both in terms of the hotel contract, and due to the fact that Merit has local facilities and can provide meeting transit directly. Merit's work in this direction was acknowledged enthusiastically by all present.

  5. Mailing List AUP Proposed Changes Rob Seastrom was not present on the call, but informed by e-mail that he expects to have the draft changes ready for discussion at the community meeting in Toronto.
  6. Infrastructure for NANOG Services

    Joe Abley noted that the plan to transition NANOG services away from shared Merit servers and onto dedicated NANOG servers seemed to be moving forward, but that various stakeholders (e.g. Rob Seastrom for MLC, Joe Provo for SC) did not seem to be involved.

    Betty clarified the situation somewhat; plans were not as advanced as some had thought. Specification of the hardware that Marty Hannigan had offered to donate had been discussed, but no hardware has been ordered or delivered yet, and no firm decisions in that regard had yet been made.

    Randy suggested that a conversation in Toronto which included Randy, Joe Provo, Rob Seastrom and Merit admins would be a sensible next step. Betty agreed; the Merit people that should be involved are Sue Joiner and Brad Robertson.

    Bill expressed concern that we might be looking a gift horse in the mouth. However, it was agreed that establishing a plan for how the service transition should proceed before leaping ahead was sensible.

    Joe Abley suggested that the general lack of co-ordination between SC/MLC and Merit on this project to date illustrates that more communication is required; the perception of the SC/MLC that decisions were being made in isolation at Merit was not actually indicative of actual progress, but more a symptom of the lack of dialogue between the SC/MLC and Merit.

  7. Committee Meetings in Toronto

    Don Welch will be in Toronto on Monday only. The SC indicated that Don is most welcome to attend the SC/PC lunch meeting on Monday.

    Andy Rosenzweig at Merit will be taking over much of the meeting coordination work from Betty after Toronto; Betty is expected to continue to be Merit's appointment to the SC, and will continue with overall project management of NANOG activities at Merit.

    Steve noted that he would definitely like Andy to be present at the PC meeting on Tuesday. Joe Abley suggested that Andy should try to join as many committee meetings as possible in Toronto. This was agreed unanimously, although Randy expressed some reservations.

February 22, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


  • Joe Abley
  • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
  • Joe Provo (note-taker)
  • Betty Burke
  • William B. Norton

Apologies received:

  • Randy Bush
  • Christopher Morrow
  • Rob Seastrom
  • Philip Smith
  1. Betty's Ongoing Role with NANOG SC

    Merit had previously planned to shift the logistics and NANOG meeting coordination roles away from Betty towards Andy Rosenzweig; NANOG 39 was to have been the last meeting that Betty was involved in organising. Merit have since reconsidered, however, and have decided that since the SC liason and meeting coordination roles are so intertwined it makes more practical sense for Betty to continue performing both roles.

  2. NANOG 39 Financials, Survey, Reflections

    Financial results from the meeting are expected from Merit next week, after a few remaining Sheraton billing issues have been resolved.

    Bill observed that merging the History of Peering and Peering BOFs was not ideal, as several comments on the survey confirmed. Also, three hours is a lot for a single BOF. Steve commented that although 3 hours is a long time, people have been vocal at pointing out that a single slot is not long enough.

    Joe Abley noted that the survey bribe idea seems to have worked for NANOG 39, resulting in a much greater survey completion rate.

    Ren has done some analysis of the survey results which she has shared with the PC. The SC would like to see her notes, too.

    The Sunday schedule could use some tuning. There was not much time between the newcomers' meeting and the community meeting for socialising, and in general the newcomers event didn't seem to give people the social interaction and acclimatisation that we had originally hoped it would. Joe Abley suggested that something more frivolous and alcohol-fuelled (like the netgeek "celebrity squares" game that Dan Golding did at the GPF event in St Louis) might be a way to get people loosened up. The SC was generally receptive to this idea.

    In general the audience seemed happy with the mix of classroom and theatre seating that the odd room sizes in Toronto required. This is good news, since we are expecting to need a similar mix in Bellvue.

  3. NANOG 40 Planning, Status

    Betty reported that the hotel contract with its final set of revisions is waiting for ink at Merit. An MoU with meeting host XKL is also awaiting signature. Signatures are expected to happen tomorrow (2007-02-23).

    Betty said that space in Bellvue will be challenging, requiring more theatre-style seating. We are expecting a larger number of attendees at Bellvue due to timing and also location on the west coast. Beer'n'gear reception will be held in the foyer area outside the ballroom, as was the case in the last San Jose meeting, which will present some logistical challenges.

    There will be four breakout rooms in addition to the ballroom. Breakout rooms are smaller, and may not be large enough for large (e.g. 200-people) BOFs. If necessary, large BOFs will be held in the ballroom.

    Merit is planning to fly out early in order to do a visual survey of the space.

    It is hoped that the meeting will be launched on the NANOG web page next week (week of 2007-02-26). Steve plans to use the same CFP text as last time, and to send out the CFP as soon as the meeting venue is announced. Vicki will be the new PC chair support person at Merit.

    Betty raised the question on whether student registrations should be capped or otherwise contained so as to eliminate any threat to revenue. The discounted student rate is typically not enough to cover the cost of food; in Toronto each student attendee resulted in a $100 cost to the meeting budget. Merit are sensitive to negative pressure on the budget, given the efforts being made to keep the meetings in the black.

    Steve suggested that a cap might work, and also noted that students are a long-term investment in NANOG -- we can expect a number of today's student attendees to be future full-fee attendees.

    Joe Provo suggested not accepting student registrations until closer to the meeting time, with a cap which could be specified based on the expected full-paid attendance.

    Bill noted that an attendance fee much higher than $100 would probably hurt many students.

    Various ideas relating to running competitions and awarding discounted registration to winning students were discussed. The idea of promoting a student track within the programme was also raised, although it's not clear that the programme could easily accommodate such material.

    Joe Abley noted that attendance caps for students, and especially caps which change as registration ramps up for individual meetings, sends an oddly conflicting message to students (on the one hand we want you to come, on the other hand we might ask you to wait until we are ready to confirm whether we are happy to accept your regtistration). If we could recruit a sponsor specifically to fund the impact of student discounts we could avoid any such ambiguity.

    It was agreed that we should try to find such a sponsor before complicating the student policy or the registration logistics. If no sponsor can be found, we may have to revisit this issue.

    Betty mentioned that several sponsors have provided feedback that they do not like the idea of extending the beer'n'gear reception to include breaks earlier in the day, or to run receptions on both days. Increasing the cost of the beer'n'gear sponsorship is an option. Break sponsorship is still difficult to sell. Betty and Carol will write up some ideas for adjusting the current sponsorship packages which will be presented at the next SC Meeting.

  4. Other Future Meetings

    Nothing to report for Albuquerque. Everything looks good.

    Nothing to report on finding a two-year hotel deal in Chicago.

    A proposal has been received to host the winter meeting in 2008 in the Dominican Republic. Hotel costs for attendees can apparently be expected to be low (possibly as low as $100/night) and it appears that reasonable air fares should be available. It's not clear whether meeting in the Dominican would cause people travel problems due to the meeting being viewed as a junket. SC will raise the question on nanog-futures to try and gauge peoples' opinions.

  5. NANOG-IT Update

    Joe Provo reported that there has been some discussion, but little practical progress due to lack of free time amongst the volunteers. However, the donated hardware has been received by RS, and is waiting to be augmented to meet the agreed specs (needs a RAID card).

  6. Web Page Update

    Joe Provo indicated that there has been a lull in discussions, but that people are now talking again. The group of people involved has been reduced which is expected to have a positive effect on progress.

  7. Next Meeting

    Next meeting on March 8 1900 Canada/Eastern.

March 22, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


  • Joe Provo (meeting chair)
  • William B. Norton
  • Philip Smith
  • Randy Bush
  • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
  • Betty Burke

Apologies received:

  • Joe Abley
  • Christopher Morrow
  • Rob Seastrom
  • Alex Pilosov (for Rob Seastrom, ex-officio MLC)
  1. NANOG 42 Proposal (Dominican Republic)

    Joe and Randy met with colleagues from ISOC, LACNIC and ICANN during the recent IETF meeting in Prague, and described our opinion that if we were to go ahead with a meeting in DR we should ensure the meeting is accessible to participants from the wider Caribbean region. ISOC and ICANN were receptive to the idea of providing financial support to engineers from that region to allow them to meet travel and attendance costs. Internal discussion at those respective organisations is required before formal commitments can be made. LACNIC were also supportive.

    The potential host indicated that the DR government was interested in removing any barriers to holding the meeting there (customs duties, etc). It would be preferable for any additional funding to be arranged such that the organisations providing the funding will absorb the administrative overhead of any attendance or travel subsidy. Betty suggested that to Merit the arrangement might be handled similarly to ARIN's annual financial support for NANOG.

  2. NANOG 39 (Toronto) financials

    Betty reported that the meeting account for Toronto is likely to end up in the black to the tune of $8k or $9k.

  3. NANOG 40 (Bellevue) status

    Betty reported that two hotel contracts have been signed. MoU with the meeting host was signed on Monday. Registration to open on April 17. Merit will send an announcement about the details.

    The room rates at the hotels will be $199, reduced thanks to a contribution by the meeting host, XKL. XKL are also covering the costs for power. There are seven confirmed beer'n'gear sponsors, and one break sponsor. Discussions about additional marketing assistance from ARIN are in progress.

    Steve reported that the CFP has been sent out, but that the PC does not expect to receive submissions until April 10. Steve spent some time on the phone with Vicki (Merit support person) who voiced Merit's desire to get programme information posted on the web page as early as possible, as it becomes available.

    Betty mentioned that there was a useful amount of local support for meeting logistics.

    For NANOG40, Betty reported, we have a number of interested sponsors. However, space will not allow us to provide all day access for and to Sponsors as earlier planned @$10,000 each. Betty discussed the situation with Merit management, indicating our recent success in Toronto, given we have a number of sponsors waiting for NANOG40 price confirmation, and given the lead time to the June meeting, we are going to keep the existing Sponsorship model for B&G ($8,000 ea.) and for Breaks ($4,000 ea.) in place. Merit will prepare a new budget model going forward starting in October 2008.

  4. Student Registrations

    Betty reported that she had had a productive call with Microsoft regarding potential sponsorship relating to student attendance. Don Welch of Merit confirmed his desire to encourage student attendance, and to avoid any measures such as limited registration for students; if there is a budget shortfall due to student subsidies, he shared the opinion which has been voiced before by the SC that the shortfall should ideally be fixed with additional sponsorship revenue.

    In meetings where student registration numbers are high, it was noted that the PC might make corresponding provisions in the programme (e.g. try to accommodate more student-oriented BOFs, tutorials, etc).

  5. NANOG 41 (Albuquerque, with ARIN)

    Betty reported that since Merit's current focus is on NANOG 40, little attention is being paid to NANOG 41 at this time. However, the location is known and contracts have been signed. Election details for the October meeting will be ironed out in a timely fashion.

  6. Web Site Update

    Notes were presented from a meeting with Brian, Merit's webmaster. JZP has not yet seen the new proposed layout; Betty commented that it seems over-graphical. The expectation is that a new-look web page will be ready in June. The relationship between the Wiki and the NANOG web page still needs to be clarified.

  7. MLC Update

    Not presented, since RS and Alex were not present.

  8. NANOG Server, Router donations

    Concern was expressed over lack of progress on the server hardware. Cisco's donation of network equipment has not yet arrived.

  9. Next Meeting

    Next conference call will be held on 5 April 2007, 2000 Canada/ Eastern.

April 5, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


  • Joe Abley
  • Betty Burke
  • Randy Bush
  • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
  • Christopher Morrow
  • William B. Norton
  • Apologies received:


  • Joe Provo (meeting chair)
  • Rob Seastrom, [email protected]
  • Philip Smith
    1. NANOG 40 Update

      Betty reported that the hotel information was now published on the web page, and it was hoped that registration testing would be complete by 2007-04-06. Merit's goal was to open registration substantially in advance of the target date of 16 April. Merit webmasters are ready to publish information about the programme as it is made available by the PC. The first network engineering call to discuss meeting logistics will happen in a couple of weeks. The meeting network circuit should be up by the end of April. There are 9 confirmed beer'n'gear sponsors, which is about all there is room for, and two break sponsors. Merit continues to follow up with other local sponsors, including Microsoft.

      Steve noted that there have been no complete submissions so far to the programme (the three that have been received do not include slides). Half a dozen people are signed up to use the submission system, which suggests more proposals might be forthcoming shortly. The deadline is on 2007-04-12. It seems possible that the small number of submissions is a result of people getting used to the malleability of the deadline, and also because the location of the meeting was only recently published.

      Betty asked whether there had been any progress on identifying a keynote speaker, and Steve confirmed that there had been no recent progress on that. Steve noted that he would welcome assistance from the SC in recruiting a keynote speaker. It was suggested that he might also ask the wider community, perhaps as part of a more general appeal for presentations.

    2. NANOG 42 Dominican Republic proposal

      The information gathered from the community, from the potential meeting host and from organisations such as ISOC was reviewed and briefly discussed. It was noted that there had also been offers to host NANOG 42 in the USA, some or all of which might well be amenable to hosting a February meeting. The SC decided unanimously that the proposal to host NANOG 42 in the Dominican Republic was preferred over the other options.

      Betty will fly out next week to do a site visit with Terremark of various potential venues in Santo Domingo. She will also meet with officials from the Dominican government to discuss logistics and representatives of American Airlines to discuss potential travel discounts. Betty expects to be able to report on her findings after Friday 2007-04-13.

    3. MLC Update

      The MLC has a couple of long-standing action items which do not appear to be progressing: the documentation of the mailing list administration process, and one or more proposals to update the AUP.

      Joe to discuss MLC resource levels and outstanding MLC action items with RS.

    4. Donated hardware for MLC

      The server donated by Martin Hannigan is with RS, who will rack and power and make accessible to Randy, who will do the OS installation work remotely. Joe Provo and RS will start moving content to it once the installation work is complete. Once complete, the server will be shipped to Merit in Ann Arbor; the goal is for this to happen before 2007-04-20.

      Randy to coordinate with RS to provide Betty with a detailed specification for the server, so that Merit can produce appropriate documentation for Martin describing and thanking him for the donation.

    5. PC Coordination with ARIN

      Steve noted that he will be meeting with his counterparts at ARIN during the upcoming ARIN meeting in Puerto Rico, specifically to discuss the possibility of a shared programme on the Wednesday between the NANOG and ARIN meetings at NANOG 41.

    6. Next Meeting

      Ordinarily on 2007-04-19, although Randy will be in Abuja at that time, and some re-scheduling may be appropriate. Details to be determined on the list.

    April 19, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Betty Burke
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Joe Abley
    • William B. Norton
    • Christopher Morrow
    • Philip Smith
    • Randy Bush
    • Alex Pilosov

    Apologies received:

    • Joe Provo (meeting chair)
    • Rob Seastrom
    1. NANOG 40 Update

      Betty reported that the first host/logistics/eng call was held this week. Circuit is expected to be up on May 15, terminated on a Merit router. No issues with staff or equipment, and access to the hotel wiring is not a problem.

      Discussions are ongoing between XKL, Microsoft and Merit regarding sponsorship options. We have one committed break sponsor, and XKL is working to recruit more. Registrations are trickling in. A reminder about the CFP needs to go out.

      Randy asked where the fibre from the hotel terminates. Betty to confirm, and start thread between XKL, Randy and Qwest.

      Steve reported that the PC will hold a conference call next Thursday morning. The web page will be updated as soon as possible afterwards. There are a fair number of submissions, although many have no slides; Vicky will send reminders to those people.

      Joe enquired after the keynote speaker. Steve noted that there had not been much discussion on the PC list about the proposed keynote speakers, but that he expected to follow up before Thursday so that the keynote speaker could be announced with the other selected agenda topics.

      Bill suggested taking the available sponsor information, BOFs that we know will happen, etc and start making the web page look like a meeting is coming. Betty confirmed that this will be done.

      Joe noted that due to unexpected family commitments he may well not be able to make the meeting in Bellevue.

      Randy suggested the same PC/SC/MLC meeting schedule as Toronto. There were no objections.

    2. NANOG 42 Update

      Betty reported that her trip to the Dominican Republic went very well. She talked to a number of people from the DR government and from Terremark, and both are very supportive. Of the three hotels that were visited, two are viable. Hotels are following up with quotes and proposed contracts. Local organisations willing to help with shipping/receiving and bilingual volunteers have been identified. The government would facilitate immigration and customs with special gates at the airport. Transit is easy; the DR government and Terremark have both offered to host receptions. There are lots of restaurants in the vicinity.

      Randy asked whether the usual Beer'n'Gear sponsors had been polled regarding a meeting in the DR, and Betty said they had not but that Merit plans to do that soon.

      Betty noted that the Global Peering Forum will be scheduled close to NANOG but in a different location. This will give people additional reasons to travel to DR.

      Joe asked about airline arrangements. Betty had hoped to talk to American Airlines, but that meeting did not happen. Terremark is working with Merit to investigate charter options.

      Randy noted that having senior people in government willing to assist with logistics and customs is a very good idea.

      Betty hoped to be able to give a go/no go on a DR NANOG by the next SC call.

    3. NANOG 41 Update

      Bill noted that elections are coming up in October. Merit are working on back-end support for the elections. There is no additional work with respect to those elections which needs to happen right now.

    4. MLC Update

      Alex provided a status update of the MLC's recent work on the NANOG list.

      Bill noted that the SC would like the MLC to document the process of enforcing the current AUP. The rest of the SC agreed.

    5. Donated Hardware

      The donated server hardware has not yet been configured.

    6. Next Meeting

      3 May 2007

    May 3, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Joe Abley (note-taker)
    • Randy Bush
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Christopher Morrow
    • William B. Norton
    • Joe Provo (meeting chair)

    Apologies received:

    • Betty Burke
    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio MLC)
    • Philip Smith
    1. NANOG 40

      Joe A provided some updates in Betty's absence. The meeting hosts are planning to provide a 10G path from the hotel to the Internet with gigabit wired ports available to meeting attendees who would like to download at speed. The meeting network will gain Internet transit through the same infrastructure. There was some concern expressed by the SC as to whether the meeting network would have an alternative path to Internet available in addition to the 10G path, to provide a backup in the event that the 10G "demonstrator" path experienced issues.

      Merit has been approached by a potential sponsor who is interested in fitting out a club room with furniture, gadgets and other diversions in order to provide a place for meeting attendees to congregate. Although the SC was not opposed to the idea, there was concern over exactly what marketing material, products, etc would be present in the room. Such an exercise would need not to upset other sponsors or the host, and would also need not to interrupt the programme. In general the SC felt that it needed more information before it could make a decision as to whether this plan was suitable for the meeting.

      Steve indicated that the PC had had a productive meeting the previous Thursday, and that a number of proposals had been accepted. Steve indicated that he was comfortable we had sufficient good content to fill the meeting. A keynote speaker has been selected. There should be a good mix of BOFs, tutorials and main session talks.

    2. NANOG 41

      Steve talked to Susan Hamlin at ARIN about the possibility of arranging joint content on the Wednesday between the NANOG and ARIN programmes. ARIN are interested, but they are concerned about having sufficient time for their policy work; an accurate estimate of how much room there might be for joint content will be forthcoming closer to the event.

      It was noted that the SC should finalise the timetable for nominations, voting, etc for the SC elections in October. This will be done during the next SC call.

    3. NANOG 42

      Joe A provided some updates in Betty's absence. Betty indicated that Merit expects to have some useful information to share with the SC regarding hotel contracts, air travel, etc next week. Joe A and Randy noted that ISOC have some internal issues relating to financial contributions for the proposed meeting in Santo Domingo, and that the SC and Merit should make their decisions about whether to accept that proposal without relying on financial support from ISOC. There is still some hope that something can be done, however.

      Steve noted that ARIN were pleasantly surprised with the attendance at their recent meeting in Puerto Rico.

    4. Donated Server Hardware

      The SC would like to formally thank Marty Hannigan for the donation of server hardware. The server will be shipped to Ann Arbor shortly for installation at Merit.

    5. Mailing List Updates

      Alex Pilosov sends apologies, and an update by e-mail which confirms that he expects to be able to report progress on the documentation effort by the next conference call.

    May 17, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Joe Provo (meeting chair)
    • Betty Burke
    • Randy Bush
    • William B. Norton
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Christopher Morrow
    • Philip Smith

    Apologies received:

    • Joe Abley
    • Rob Seastrom
    1. Student registration fee policy

      Betty sent some numbers to the SC, unable to be reviewed by time of call. The meeting cost in Toronto was approximately $200/attendee, therefore the previous concern with the student registration was that we were going to lose ~$100 a head. Betty reported that overall NANOG39 (Toronto) netted approximately $20k (again, detailed numbers in mail). It would be useful to get a more granular breakdown of the data to see what impact the student registration had, if any.

      Merit (Betty, Don) are interested in removing the location restriction in its entirety. There were concerns regarding the timing of our meetings VS someone graduating or finishing a semester and therefore technically not being a full-time student. The admin overhead of tracking locations and full/part time status, etc. If we remove the location restriction, are we concerned about a rush off student registrations? Perhaps we should have a hard limit off 20? 40? We never had more that 20 before and Toronto was the largest number of student registrations to date.

      Bill Norton suggested we were worrying about a non-problem, and we should have a clear open-door policy. As previously discussed, the students of today are tomorrow's network engineers. Again, what about an upper limit on the registrations (20) and keep it simple.

      After lively open discussion, it was agreed that we wish to have an open policy and should apply it immediately. Further, we should have a clear, rather than obscured, ceiling; 20 is a round number we've never hit so that was agreed to be the initial yardstick. Betty will work on the specific language with Merit. Consensus was reached that the new student policy should be applied to Bellevue; there were concerns about communicating this change to the existing student requests.

    2. NANOG 40, Bellevue update

      Steve indicated there was no meeting this week, so no agenda update beyond the updates as they happen on the website. There will be a meeting next week and a hard agenda will be produced.

      Discussion regarding the newcomer session and community meeting. Scheduling will be different due to socials and other logistical issues. We are seeing the newcomer session pre-event on Sunday and the community meeting Tuesday evening. It was suggested that concerns and suggestions for the community meeting agenda should be solicited on NANOG-futures.

      There was open discussion regarding sponsored socials, scheduling, and receptions. Concern over suggested sponsor language and roles as this will appear to be more like ripe-schedule of socials and a departure from previous NANOG schedules. Randy suggested that Merit (Carol) does a good job with the current levels and definitions and all agreed that we'd like to see suggestions from Merit.

      Betty provided an update on the meeting network logistics, and it is coming together well. XKL will be doing a display/table detailing the meeting network and connectivity. Tony is on contract for the wireless and will get started Saturday evening; Duane as well. The ballroom will not be available until 00.00 the morning of making set-up a challenge. Equipment crates will be shipping next thurs (24th).

      There are good open space areas for attendees to use; the ballroom itself will be tight if registration is over 450. At meeting time, we were light on registrations, but not at an unusual level or rate at this point. Site co-ordination weekly calls are taking place, only about ~15 minutes for covering status. No major issues.

      Back to 'sponsors' - ARIN had proposed to do a daily drawing. There was significant discussion of the continual relationship with them. The ARIN help desk at meetings is clearly in the interest of the membership. The drawing/raffle raised concerns regarding the level of ARIN involvement. We need to define the shape of the perimeter; do we start inviting additional "sustaining sponsors"? After significant discussion, the raffle was decided as over the line, and should not be done. We should discuss this topic at the community meeting in Bellevue.

    3. NANOG 41, Alberquerque

      Some preliminary discussion regarding the October voting. We need to establish a hard timeline and work backwards. We need to expose and address the concerns from last year: registered user issues; voting confusion between ARIN and NANOG; etc. This should be discussed no laster than August, as the voting is in October. Steve Feldman will still be PC Chair at this time, but this will be his transition period. We had some discussion regarding how or if the existing Twincreeks-based PC data gets put on the new boxes. Betty reported the logo from has been received from the host, allowing progress on the site & collateral. This will be posted RSN. There was a group discussion regarding better sharing of the week withe ARIN's schedule. There is no hard schedule or set of strict answers as of yet, in no small part because the public policy part of the ARIN schedule is dynamic and likely to remain fluid until the actual meeting week. When discussed, ARIN staff were not against the idea in principle, so we should keep the dialog open and not cede all of Wednesday.

    4. NANOG 42, Santo Domingo

      Betty reported that the mail she sent out prior to the call had some relevant information. There are concerns about multiple physical sites being suggested by some. Terremark suggested two locations or being all in the Hilton. We don't think two locations work, and after initial site surveys, the Hilton doesn't appear to have enough space.

      Betty contacted the Renessance [...] 28k room rental costs are a significant issue; the food & beverage costs are low, but not low enough to offset that. Shipping costs are a potential concern. They want us to use their a/v gear; there is a differential in desired spend (12k) and their desired revenue (25k). Betty indicated more confirmed info coming soon.

      Randy reported no motion on commitment from ISOC for any of the proposed scholarships or underwriting. Joe A should have some additional specific information.

      Open discussion showed that we should consider working up a backup location. General concern regarding taking a loss on a meeting so soon versus building up the reserve buffer. Merit would like to DR succeed, but other organizations would need to commit to the tune of 50k to make this happen. We don't want to keep this hanging; we need to regroup, pull in the additional sponsors, etc. Betty will followup with Joe A.

    5. Dedicated Servers

      The new machines from Anonymous Donors will be shipping tomorrow (18 May 2007). Intent is to build them with current -STABLE FreeBSD (likely 6.mumble) on or around the 30th and then bring them to the meeting for multi-party configuration and customization. Merit would then take them home.

    6. Mailing List Committee

      no info.

    7. Other Business

      Betty mention additional staff changes at merit and the situation with Vicki.

      Postel Scholarship: Randy reported that for the October meeting, there are a few deserving entrants. Specific names and information coming soon. The desire is for the SC as a whole to take a more active role in selection.

    June 28, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Joe Abley (chair)
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Christopher Morrow
    • William B. Norton
    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio MLC)
    • Joe Provo (note-taker)
    • Philip Smith

    Apologies received:

    • Betty Burke
    • Randy Bush
    1. Preparations for SC Election in October

      There was some discussion of the charter requirements relating to the SC election. The charter (6.4.1) specifies that nominations must be opened for a period of 4 weeks, beginning 2 months before the October meeting. This year, nominations will consequently be opened on August 14.

      It was suggested that the SC might send some announcements before nominations are open reminding the community about the process, and hopefully giving people more time to consider whether they are interested in being nominated, or in nominating others.

      The current SC members whose positions will be up for election are Joe Abley, Chris Morrow and William B. Norton.

    2. Mailing List Structure

      Alex led a discussion about ways to improve the internal structure of the MLC. Joe A observed that previous calls for volunteers have focussed on the narow task of enforcing the AUP, whilst the wider role of the MLC (to improve the quality of the mailing list, promote improvements to the AUP, etc) have remained largely unstated. Alex suggested that another two or three volunteers recruited with such a wider role in mind would likely improve the effectiveness of the MLC.

      Alex agreed to discuss the issue internally within the MLC and also to lead a corresponding discussion on nanog-futures in order to obtain community feedback on this wider view of the MLC's role.

    3. NANOG 41 (October 2007) Update

      An update on the meeting logistics was not possible in Betty's absence.

      Steve Feldman reported that the PC had had a productive first call, and that some internal structural changes had been put into effect to help make the committee as a whole more focussed and effective. Ren Provo has been appointed vice chair of the PC.

      ARIN, Betty and Steve have discussed the possibility of running an all-day IPv6 workshop on the Wednesday of NANOG/ARIN week.

      The PC feels strongly that the newcomers meeting should be scheduled on Sunday. Several PC members have expressed interest in contributing to the newcomers' programme, and the SC is enthusiastic about their participation.

      The issue of available hotel rooms on the Saturday before the meeting at the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque due to an adjacent (unrelated) event was raised. It was noted that this issue is prominently described on the NANOG hotel web page.

    4. NANOG 42 (February 2008) Update

      An update on the potential hosts for NANOG 42 was not possible in Betty's absence.

      It was noted by Steve that several people on the PC had expressed concern and unhappiness about the decision not to hold NANOG 42 in the Dominican Republic, and there was some feeling that the SC had acted in haste. The SC continues to believe the decision it made was prudent, but acknowledges that aspects of the process could have been handled differently. The SC will provide a thorough presentation of the issues and the final decision at the community meeting in October in order to gauge community opinion, with the hope that improvements can be identified and employed in the future.

      Steve Feldman mentioned that several members of the PC were taking the initiative in coordinating a proposal to host a future NANOG meeting in the Dominican Republic. The SC remains enthusiastic about NANOG meetings being hosted in the Dominican Republic or in any location in or near North America, and hopes that with additional time available for planning such an event can be hosted successfully.

    5. NANOG 43 (June 2008) Update

      An update on NANOG 43 was not possible in Betty's absence.

    July 26, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Joe Abley (chair)
    • Randy Bush
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Christopher Morrow
    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio MLC)
    • Joe Provo (note-taker)
    • Philip Smith

    Apologies received:

    • Betty Burke
    • William B. Norton
    1. Postel Scholarship

      Randy to forward a list of applicants, with commentary, to the SC list. Tentative target for this to happen is 1-2 August, due to travel schedule. We will attempt to reach consensus over e-mail.

    2. NANOG 41 (October 2007)

      Steve reported that submissions for the programme were trickling in. The deadline for submissions has not yet passed. The PC is working on IPv6 content to be included in cooperation with ARIN for Sunday, with the intention of presenting a slate of material which will be of interest to both technical and policy audiences.

    3. NANOG 42, 43, 44 updates

      Deferred until next call, since Betty is not present.

    4. NANOG Lists

      The target date for transition of the mailing lists to the new dedicated servers is 8 August 2007.

    5. Mailing List

      Alex gave a summary of MLC activity since his last report. Little to report; the list has been busy but well-behaved.

    August 24, 2007, Conference Call Minutes



    • Betty Burke
    • Christopher Morrow
    • Joe Provo (note-taker)
    • Philip Smith
    • Randy Bush
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • William B. Norton

    Apologies received:

    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio MLC)
    • Joe Abley (chair)


    1. October Meeting
      • Logistics

        We are doing rather well. All Beer and Gear spaces are sold! We're still looking for for Break sponsors.

        Getting the agenda out early was good, and should help registration. But registration so far is light. But the web pages just went up. This is typical for ABQ meetings.

        Merit is upgrading and adding access points because they have to cover NANOG/ARIN as well as I2.

        Working with ARIN is good as usual. The fiber and transit look good, and the network plan should be finished in two weeks.

        It looks like MERIT is going to go with the WireCast software solution for recording and broadcast. They hope to be able to stick with the PTZ cameras for at least another year if possible.

      • Program

        Program is coming along very well. The second round submission deadline is tomorrow and a PC call will be held next week.

        There is expected to be a plenary after lunch Monday and a only one 1.5 hour BoF has been submitted.

        Steve hopes that they can publish an agenda next week.

        The Sunday V6 tutorials and talks with ARIN are coming together.

      • Newcomers' and Community Meetings and Elections

        Newcomers' Meeting will be held 15:30-17:00 Sunday. Todd Underwood is running with this.

        Community Meeting will start at 17:30.

      • Side Meeting Schedule
        Monday Breakfast MLC & SC
        Monday Lunch PC & SC
        Tuesday Lunch PC
        Tuesday Dinner new SC get acquainted
        Wednesday Breakfast SC
    2. Next Meetings

      Internally we hope to have these firmed up by ABQ, and be able to announce at least the NANOG 42 venue.

      • NANOG 42, Feb 17-20

        Looking very good. Waiting for what we hope will be the last hotel contract revision. Note that there is a conflict with APRICOT workshops.

      • NANOG 43, June 1-4

        Working with a few hosts. There may be a serious conflict with AfNOG and AfriNIC.

      • NANOG 44, October 12-14

        This is coming together with ARIN, and a hotel is being worked. There may be a conflict with the I2 Tech meeting.

    3. October Election status

      The web page is up, see . We do have a selection of volunteers. The web page is not showing some who have yet to accept nomination.

      We need an editor for the charter amendments. Joe Abley was going to ask Steve Gibbard. Joe Provo will chase this. We would prefer it not be someone from MERIT or the standing SC.

    4. MLC Status and Volunteers

      On 25 July, Steve Ryan submitted a message volunteering to serve on the MLC.

      On 27 July, the SC received a message from Tim Yokum volunteering to serve on the MLC.

      These were the only messages volunteering. We did receive an email from Marty Hannigan indicating that he had received a message suggesting that he volunteer, but no message volunteering was received.

      The SC wants to get a really solid MLC in place, so decided to delay two weeks and seek additional volunteers.

    5. SC Minutes on web (last is July 26)

      Betty and Joe Provo will chase this and try to make it current.

    6. Status of Servers

      No real progress because they had network incidents in Ann Arbor and Larry has had to work on the asset database. MERIT will move some other folk in to help.

    7. What are the proper mailing list names for SC, PC, ... and what are the URLs for the archives?

      Betty will work this.

    8. Web Updates

      The following were recently created or updated, thanks to Betty and Val:

      • NANOG41 Agenda
      • 2007 Elections
      • General Information
      • Future Meetings

    September 20, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Joe Abley (chair)
    • Betty Burke
    • Randy Bush
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Steve Gibbard (invited guest)
    • Christopher Morrow
    • Joe Provo (note-taker)
    • William B. Norton


    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio MLC)
    • Philip Smith
    1. Charter Revisions

      There were three charter revision proposals which had circulated by e-mail over the past few weeks. Steve Gibbard is assisting in wordsmithing and presentation of the proposals.

      There was unanimous approval that two of the proposals should go forward as SC proposals for the membership: a proposal to ratify the MLC chair as an ex-officio member of the SC, and a proposal to remove some micromanagement language relating to the internal processes of the PC. Steve will write up those proposals and, after SC review, will post them on the NANOG web page and on NANOG futures for discussion.

      There was no consensus amongst the SC to proceed with the third proposal, that the charter requirement for SC members to sit ex-officio on the PC be eliminated. It was noted that the SC has not actually appointed anybody to do this in the past, but that it was better to make such an appointment per the charter than to remove the direction to do so from the charter.

      It was noted that the charter does not provide a cut-off date for receiving proposals to revise the charter, but that there are practical limitations in how late proposals can be received due to the back-office work involved in presenting them.

      Due to other commitments, Steve Gibbard left the call after discussing charter revisions.

    2. MLC changes

      It was noted that Martin Hannigan has confirmed he is willing and able to serve on the MLC, and has been duly added to all appropriate lists and web pages.

    3. SC Elections

      Betty reported that almost all SC candidate biographies have been received, and are posted on the web. There is just one outstanding.

    4. PC Appointments

      A call for volunteers for the new Programme Committee will be sent to the nanog-announce list on Monday by Joe Abley. Much of the web copy relating to the appointment of a new PC is already in place. Per the charter, the new PC will be selected by the new Steering Committee after the SC election has closed in October.

    5. NANOG 41 (Albuquerque)

      Steve gave an update on the programme. A security BOF has been added, times to be confirmed. Rooms will be available for informal BOFs on Monday evening. Rooms have been assigned to other sessions on the agenda.

      Betty gave an update on the meeting logistics. Equipment is not yet on site, but is scheduled to be shipped soon. Merit is finalising some survey questions relating to the joint material on Sunday with counterparts from ARIN, and hopes to have the complete survey ready for review by the SC soon.

      The logistics for the community meeting on Sunday at 1730 were briefly discussed. It was noted that there are a large number of presentations on the agenda, and that we should also be prepared to give floor time to SC candidates to make statements. Some juggling may be required.

      Steve will send a note to the nanog-announce list tomorrow (Friday, 2007-09-21) reminding the community about the hotel block expiry date, and also that the agenda on the NANOG web page has been updated.

    6. Future NANOG meetings

      Contracts with host and hotel have been signed for NANOG 42 in San Jose, CA. Betty will add full details to the "future meetings" page on the NANOG web page early next week.

      Substantial progress has been made with a proposal to host NANOG 43 in New York, NY. Betty is performing a site visit over the next few days and hopes to be in a position to announce provisional details on the "future meetings" page next week.

      Work with ARIN has commenced in identifying a location for NANOG 44. Provisional details will be published as plans solidify. There is some confidence that details will be able to be announced at the community meeting in Albuquerque.

    October 16, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Joe Abley (chair)
    • Betty Burke
    • Randy Bush
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Martin Hannigan (MLC, invited guest)
    • Sue Joiner (MLC, invited guest)
    • Christopher Morrow
    • William B. Norton
    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio MLC)
    • Joe Provo (note-taker)
    • Philip Smith
    • Don Welch (Merit, invited guest)
    1. Mailing List Committee

      It was noted that Tim Yocum has expressed he is willing to serve on the MLC. There was discussion regarding the charter language regarding the number of MLC members, and no issues were determined. The decision was taken to accept Mr Yocum's offer of additional assistance.

    October 16, 2007, Conference Call Minutes (Meeting 2)


    • Joe Abley (departing chair)
    • Betty Burke
    • Randy Bush
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Christopher Morrow
    • Joe Provo
    • Jared Mauch
    • Philip Smith (incoming chair)
    • Don Welch (invited guest)
    1. Election results

      There were 183 voters participating. The new members of the SC are Jared Mauch and Steve Feldman, with Chris Morrow returning. Since Joe Abley is no longer on the SC, Philip was nominated as meeting Chair. Given Steve Feldman was elected to the SC, he is immediately off the PC. The SC was informed that the PC named Todd Underwood as interim Chair until the new PC is seated.

      The SC spent time discussing the new chair. Several members were willing to commit the time so we considered relative skill sets, management experience, existing commitments, and strategy. Don and Betty both represented that Merit wishes to see us to help drive increased benefit, as well as more direction provided to the MLC and PC. All parties expressed the desire to re-engage the vendor community more without selling out. A vote was taken and Philip Smith was elected to Chair.

      Philip thanked Joe Abley as the outgoing chair as well as contributor to the regular business of the SC. Bill Norton was thanked for his many years of contribution to the SC. Jared Mauch was welcomed to the team.

    2. Next meetings

      The morning meeting was confirmed for 17 Oct morning, though Jared Mauch will miss due to flight schedule. We will be having the Thursday evening meeting and focus on the PC selection, though Joe Provo will miss due to a schedule conflict; he will submit his commentary and proxy to the Chair.

    3. SC/PC Communications

      The PC requested Chris Morrow as the SC member to sit in ex-officio during meetings held at the conference. It was reported that all members are engaged and the PC Chair/Vice-chair structure seems to be working. We revisited the question of who made up the NANOG audience and to which parts of the program they appear to be responding. We revisited the migration of the program review toolset migrating from Steve Feldman's personal gear to the donated hardware.

    4. Other Business

      It was suggested the Chris Morrow take the continuing liason role with the PC. Additional relationship liason roles within the broader community were discussed, with more detail to be hashed out at the morning meeting.

    October 17, 2007, Conference Call Minutes



    • Betty Burke
    • Randy Bush
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Christopher Morrow
    • Joe Provo (note-taker)
    • Philip Smith (chair)
    • Don Welch (Merit, invited guest)


    • Jared Mauch
    1. MLC Support

      The SC is pleased to see progress on the documentation of existing process and moving the long-standing items forward. We discussed methods for moving from a punative, policing entity to more guidance and content-additive. All SC members pledged to be more engaged in sheparding useful topics, and it was noted that some members already had done so during the meeting.

      We discussed the positive PC-SC interactions and extending the idea with a dedicated MLC liason from the SC. This would be to get a direct sense of workload, perspective, and perform the requested direction-setting on an immediate basis. Steve Feldman was asked if he'd be interested and agreed.

    2. PC Support

      With Steve's election to the SC, the standing PC has nominated Todd Underwood as their interim Chair. We will be meeting to select the new PC tomorrow, such that we can gather all confirmations and they can select their new chair as soon as possible. There is general agreement that the PC is functional with a tip of the hat to Ren Provo for making organizational advances. We will wish to be sure that more direct information regarding participation and other PC-relevant metrics is part of the increased communication.

    3. Meeting Media Sales

      Betty raised that a member of the audience wanted to buy media on-site of the video from this meeting. Some interesting discussion regarding options for toasting raw meeting video on-site led to the logical conclusion of an online NANOG store for general consumption. A tickbox could be aded to meeting registration for getting a DVD [set] mailed out after the fact at a discounted rate. Merit would need to revisit the rights issues, as well as the feasibility of operating a "NANOG store".

    4. Additional SC Member Duties

      The chair revisited the item we briefly discussed the previous night, where SC members would volunteer for specific liason roles. In addition to Steve's discussed work with the MLC, the PC had requested Chris Morrow to sit on the PC meetings in ABQ. Due in no small part to geographic proximity, Jared had volunteered last night as ongoing Merit liason. Also per the discussion last night, Joe Provo confirmed he'd work with the GPF sponsors and additional co-located meeting possibilities. Betty requested a member of the SC to further assist with specific meeting logistics, for which Randy volunteered.

      Betty indicated the Merit internal workload had cleared hurdles such that the website update could be resumed. Joe Provo confirmed he was still willing and able to assist. Philip wished to get a specific, standing delegate for chairperson duties should he be unable to attend or chair a meeting. Philip will ask Jared if he is interested.

    5. Future meetings

      Next meeting will be by conference bridge, Thursday night the 18th. A venue for those on-site in the conference hotel was decided. The primary order of business will be the selection of the new PC. Todd Underwood and Alex Pilosov will join the meeting to cover other business and provide their input related to the PC selection, afterward the meeting will be closed to non-voting SC members for deliberations on the new PC membership. Logistics changes to the days, times, and PBX host for future SC meetings were decided.

    October 18, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Betty Burke
    • Randy Bush
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Jared Mauch
    • Christopher Morrow
    • Philip Smith (chair)
    • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, interim PC chair)


    • Joe Provo
    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio, MLC chair)

    Called to order at 18:08 MDT.

    1. Mailing List Committee discussion

      - Brett Watson's term is up. He will be asked whether he wishes to continue for another term.

      - Should there be a new call for volunteers?

      - Discussion of appointing an SC "mentor" for the MLC, similar to Chris Morrow's appointment to the Program Committee. Philip to discuss with MLC chair.

    2. Program Committee update (Todd)

      - Spot feedback has been "surprisingly positive".

      - IPv6 program feedback was bimodal: some people came mainly to attend that, others though it was a complete waste of time.

    3. Ongoing SC meeting schedule discussion

      - Next meeting: Thursday November 1

      - Future meetings: Wednesdays beginning November 14.

      [ At this time, the voting members of the SC adjourned to executive session for PC membership selection.]

    4. Program Committee selction results

      Program committe members selected for new two-year terms:

      Todd Underwood
      Ren Provo
      Joel Jaeggli
      Josh Snowhorn
      Rodney Joffe
      Sylvie LaPerriere
      R. Kevin Oberman
      Lane Patterson

      Also selected to fill the remaining year on Steve Feldman's term:

      Nick Feamster

      Meeting adjourned at 18:55 MDT.

    November 1, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Betty Burke
    • Randy Bush
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Jared Mauch
    • Joe Provo
    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio, MLC chair)
    • Philip Smith (chair)
    • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, interim PC chair)



    • Christopher Morrow

    Meeting quorum called 00:03 UTC

    1. Mailing List Committee business

      Alex Pilosov indicated the AUP language has been updated and voted on by the MLC with four (4) voting for, none (0) against, and two (2) abstaining. Apparently the auto-responder point is at issue for one member. While it was quite clear from reviewing section 7.1.1 of the charter that the SC could act unilaterally regarding the AUP, the SC doesn't wish to either misrepresent the will of the community nor dictate to the hardworking MLC volunteers.

      Randy Bush asked if the SC believed the AUP as presented represents community consensus. Philip Smith asked that the SC accept the eight points as proposed by the MLC. After the SC discussed the nanog-futures traffic and previous community meetings, Randy proposed that the SC formally accept the AUP text (as provided by the MLC Chair in email on 30 October) in its entirety because we believe concentus was reached by the community. There was no dissent and the proposal was accepted by the SC.

      The SC discussed Brett Watson's appointment for continuation on the MLC. MLC make-up was examined, as well as if there was any need to use a nonstandard term to be sure there were adequate number of carryover members. After review of term dates, the proposal was put forward that he should be appointed for a standard two-year term. This was approved, meaning the current

      MLC is:

      David Barak (until October 2008)
      Matin Hannigan (until October 2009)
      Sue Joiner (Merit)
      Alex Pilosov (until October 2008, current chair)
      Brett Watson (until October 2009)
      Tim Yocum (until October 2009)

      Alex indicated that to facilitate consistency, he has been working to get regular and minuted MLC meetings scheduled. Currently they are wrangling with schedules and he will keep the SC apprised of progress. The matter of an MLC liaison was revisited, with the general consensus of the SC being a desire not to micro-manage but to provide continual direction. As such, it was agreed that the liaison role would be filled by Steve Feldman.

    2. Programme Committee Business

      Todd Underwood reported that the new PC had its first call Tuesday, October 30 with next one slated for November 8. The PC comment period to select a new chair will close 16:00 UTC (12:00 EDT) November 2.

      The PC intends to follow the extended-horizon of the announced meeting schedule and plan out multiple conferences as much as possible. The goal is to get ahead of the curve on the basic and recurring agenda items to ease attendees' corporate travel approval. They will be keeping ample space on the agenda for timely presentations and lightning talks.

      The lightning talks have proven to be very popular. Presenters appear to like them because they: are short; do not require effort on slide deck preparation in advance of concept approval; have the 'last minute' attribute appealing to the procrastinators and producers of bleeding-edge topics. While we do not have survey results from Albuquerque, both direct comments and previous meeting surveys indicate they are well-received by the audience as well. The opening of lightning talk submissions were announced one week in advance of the Albuquerque meeting; the PC wishes to push that a bit earlier going forward.

      For February, two keynote presenters are being approached. The vast majority of the PC are actively recruiting for the conference. There was discussion of pushing the plenary start time to later in the morning and its potential effects. Betty Burke confirmed that while there would be impact to the on-site coordination and logistics, only changes to the number of days alter the cost basis. In the interests of increased transparency, Ren Provo has been working on a baseline for PC meeting minutes.

      Steve has made progress on moving the current PC submission toolset to the donated machines. Todd said he and Richard Steenbergen were happy to handle the maintenance and augments of the current code. Other tools as used by SANOG, APNIC, and RIPE are going to be examined as well. Betty requested a required feature to be improvement to the handling of presentation linking and publication during the meeting.

    3. NANOG 41 review

      Betty indicated that the budget results appear quite favorable. Final, audited numbers are still in process but are expected well before the next meeting. We are looking good for rebuilding the reserved needed to continue the advance venue planning, specifically locking in hotel contracts. Attendance was very good.

      Three major factors appeared to come into play: the agenda was out early, registrations were up (both joint-ARIN and newcomer), and Albuquerque was an inexpensive location. Sharing the venue with ARIN benefited both organizations - they reported 120 crossover registrations. The focused IPv6 Sunday appeared to have a big draw as well; the survey results should be ready soon and will confirm or deny. There was extended discussion regarding location and schedule successes that could be repeated.

    4. Future NANOG meetings

      Betty reported that the network engineering calls for San Jose (NANOG 42) will start at the end of November. Additional Merit staffing transitions are in process, Carol Wadsworth will be focused on hotel and sponsorship. The SC discussed potential augments to the sponsorship models. Betty requested that is we want to take new approaches, San Jose would be the desirable opportunity. Betty also indicated that the specific hotel venue for San Jose should be able to be announced next week.

      We have the hotel contract for NANOG 43 in hand, though amendments are in process to accommodate the hotel room rate lock-in. Progress expected by the end of next week. Philip asked if the location was still officially "tentative" which Betty confirmed, but indicated it would be updated very soon.

      Randy indicated he has not been in the loop for discussions for either of the previously-mentioned meetings. This is a problem for his role as logistics liaison and must be resolved.

      Betty reported a positive meeting about NANOG 44 with ARIN staff during the Albuquerque meeting. Location and dates are mutually agreeable, though room costs for the ARIN-only portion of the meeting is still an issue. There have been initial work to get our PC involved with ARIN programme selection sooner to avoid significant overlap.

      The SC had extensive discussion regarding meetings further out. There was significant desire to get February 2009 in-process this quarter. Merit has been approached with tentative locations for both June and October 2009. Betty commented that it would be beneficial to get meetings through October 2009 signed by the end of Merit's 2008 budget cycle.

    5. Postel Network Operator's Scholarship

      Feedback from the first scholarship awardee indicates that the key process improvement would be a longer lead-time for notification. This would facilitate making travel arrangements (especially visas), as well as have a chance to put together presentations.

      To that end, Randy has supplied draft text of the new call for applications. The SC reviewed and it met with approval. The ARIN Board of Trustees expressed their approval in email.

      There was discussion of the PC setting aside a program slot for the scholarship awardee's presentation. Todd indicated that there was initial PC buy-in.

    6. Other Business

      Betty recapped the Merit staffing changes. Larry Blunk is now the formal PC representative and really engaged. Valerie Wittkop has been handling support for the PC, which will be transitioned to Gayle Terkhust. We need to continue to reduce the Merit FTE staffing costs; the previously-discussed additional PC automation will help.

      The next SC call will start the Wednesday schedule and after the end of US DST. Philip indicates he'll be in Vienna and may not be able to chair.

    7. Meeting adjourned 01:20 UTC

    November 14, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Betty Burke
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Jared Mauch
    • Joe Provo
    • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, interim PC chair)


    • Randy Bush
    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio, MLC chair)
    • Philip Smith (chair)
    • Christopher Morrow
    1. Meeting quorum called 00:11 UTC
    2. Mailing List Committee business

      Steve Feldman reported the MLC was in-progress simultaneously with ours, therefore Alex was busy running the MLC meeting. Steve indicated will be engaging as SC liaison after Thanksgiving, but did want to commend the MLC for the public-facing work running interference during the recent mail-bounce oddity.

      Regarding the AUP update, Betty Burke indicated that she requested Merit staff (Sue Joiner) to post the new AUP and archive the previous one.

    3. Programme Committee Business

      Todd Underwood reported from the November 2 PC meeting, they decided to maintain the Chair/Vice-Chair structure with Todd serving as Chair and Ren Provo as Vice-Chair. As promised, the PC published their first set of minutes from that meeting and Todd solicited feedback from the SC.

      The PC has been actively working on the agenda for NANOG 42, February 2009 in San Jose. A meeting was held November 8, with a large number of attendees including Chris Morrow as the SC liaison. The programme appears to be shaping up well, one of the pursued keynote speakers is likely though still in process. There are three panels being assembled and about two dozen presentations being actively solicited. Betty indicated the dates in the CFP from the nanog-announce post will be put on the website.

      Todd relayed that Mike Hughes had raised a proposal to start the main agenda later, at 10:00 and run the main sessions until 18:00. It was received favorably by the PC, with slight concern regarding corporate travel approvals. The 09:00 hour was suggested to be expressly marked on the agenda as for private meetings, daytime meet-and-greet, and similar "working time". Steve suggested floating the proposal and language on the nanog-futures to get direct feedback from the attendees, to which Todd agreed.

    4. NANOG 41 wrap

      Betty reported that the final, audited numbers are pending, as some expenses and at least one piece of the hotel bill has yet to be received. However, the preliminary numbers still look very good, keeping with the previous report.

      Merit web staff will be putting the survey data and statistics online in the regular location, and Betty will notify the nanog-futures mailing list when that is the case.

    5. Future meetings logistics

      Betty reported the Merit staff expect February 2008/San Jose hotel information and registration pages should be active as early as Monday 19 November. As SC liaison, Randy Bush will be put on the conference-specific mailing list for co-ordination. To facilitate the conference schedule planning around the physical space, Betty asked if the PC Chair could participate. Todd requested he and Ren be included to provide continuity. We've currently received four Beer&Gear sponsors.

      For June 2008, the hotel information and meeting registration pages will be ready and active early January, about the first of the year. Betty observed that this will mark the first time that NANOG will have multiple pending meetings live on the site, so some minor layout issues are being worked over. SC liaison (Randy) will be added to this meetings' co-ordination list as well.

      Betty reported the initial contract was received for October 2008 and is on its first round of Merit/NANOG specific language adjustments. Previously-reported issues regarding the meeting space have been resolved. We are on-track for an executed contract in the middle of December 2007. Some discussion of voting and getting the process spun up sooner in 2008; Steve volunteered to handle any needed charter work.

      Looking into 2009, Betty had some possible venue offers which she will circulate by email.

      Some discussion regarding sponsorship models took place, with a review of some previously-examined changes including a full- day sponsored break room and sponsored twists to the 'open seating'. Betty reminded all that vendors are sending technical people, not marketing staff. We also have variable space concerns on a meeting by meeting basis, though getting the meetings lined up further in advance will assist in that arena. Steve indicate he spoke with some community members who had interest in sharing their dayjob experience to assist in this area. Todd suggested that we tackle this when we have more information regarding the meeting space and physical logistics. It was suggested that we spin a general sponsorship call off from the tactically-focused February meeting calls. The general desire was to table until we had more Steering Committee members in attendance.

    6. Postel Network Operator's Scholarship

      Betty mentioned the nanog website was unclear regarding the key decision-making dates. It needs to be caught up to our desire to provide the applicants more time for travel arrangements. Todd confirmed the desire to save a speaking slot as long as we get a presentation in advance such that the PC can provide normal levels of review and presenter assistance.

    7. Support infrastructure

      Betty shared information regarding some internal Merit meetings where she would be looking for people interested in working on the conference itself. She is also going to review the registration process to see if it can be reduced from 2.5 FTE to one.

      Betty mentioned that we have a mix of volunteers and vendors to supporting meeting infrastructure. Some volunteers provide multiple services but receive only room costs covered and meeting registration waived, which is at contrast to the vendors' bills. Discussion involved options from shopping the services around, seconding Merit staff or volunteers to the vendors with an eye to transitioning the duty, and pursuing additional sponsorship, underwriting or donation angles to cover the cost.

      There was discussion regarding the ongoing migration of the nanogpc tools, Todd's need for access to the new servers, and the details for new PC members to get access. Steve and Todd will get together after the meeting. The only list not yet moved to the new servers are nanog itself and the nanog-admin list. Nanog-futures, the various committee and ad-hoc per-meeting lists are all migrated. There were concerns raised over the co-ordination between Merit and volunteer system administrators, which will be pursued on the nanog-it mailing list.

    8. Other Business

      No additional business was raised.

    9. Next meeting

      The next SC call will be Thursday 29 November at 00:00 UTC (Wed 28 Nov 19:00 EST, 16:00 PST, 14:00 HST). No conflicts were noted by attendees.

    10. Meeting adjourned 02:00 UTC

    November 28, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Betty Burke
    • Randy Bush
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio, MLC chair)
    • Joe Provo
    • Jared Mauch
    • Philip Smith (chair)
    • Christopher Morrow
    • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, interim PC chair)
    1. Meeting quorum called 00:06 UTC
    2. Mailing List Committee

      Significant time was spent discussing MLC personnel and structural issues. Additionally, the decision was taken that the current MLC process for subscriber notifications, warnings and such escalation will be published on the nanog website with the AUP itself.

    3. NANOG Support Infrastructure

      Betty reported there is still some mailman migration work that needs to be completed, and getting the NANOG list moved to the new platform. Steve stated most all the PC tools have been migrated and Todd confirmed he has been using the application administration functions.

      Joe reported that the servers are stable, no significant issues at present. Betty indicated there were some post-upgrade matters which needed to be sorted out but confirmed all clear from Merit's point of view as well.

      Open question to Merit if, since we were past the initial build phase, do we need to have any community helping hands? Betty indicated this was still be evaluated by Merit staff, but additional full-time system administrators have been added to the team. Discussion of the internal Merit ticketing and support systems, turnaround times, and channels.

    4. Programme Committee

      Todd related that the Programme Committee has not had a call in the last two weeks. The minutes from the last meeting were posted. The NANOG 42 (San Jose) programme is progressing well, with good recruitment and decent panels coming together.

    5. NANOG 41 final report (Betty)

      The final numbers are not yet ready, but should be completed by the next SC meeting.

    6. Future NANOG events status

      Betty reported the contracts for NANOG 42 (San Jose) are completed and the meeting co-ordination lists are established with SC & PC representation. The executed contract for NANOG 43 (New York) is in-hand, and 'tentative' dropped from the nanog.org list.

      We have a contract signed for NANOG 44 (Los Angeles) and the MOU is underway. Future sites were discussed for NANOG 45, where local co-ordination is an uncertainty and a concern. Betty will organize a subset of the SC to focus on the matter.

    7. Postel Scholarship

      As a follow up to last meeting, Randy indicated the correct time-line was circulated in the call for applicants email. There was general agreement that the dates appear correct, Betty indicated she'll take the data back to Merit webmaster for publication.

    8. AOB

      No additional business was raised. The next SC call will be in two weeks, Thursday 13 December at 00:00 UTC (Wed 12 Dec 19:00 EST, 16:00 PST, 14:00 HST). Jared will likely not attend due to work conflicts. Steve volunteers for scribe next meeting.

    9. Meeting adjourned 00:59 UTC

    December 12, 2007, Conference Call Minutes


    • Philip Smith (chair)
    • Alex Pilosov (ex-officio, MLC chair)
    • Christopher Morrow
    • Todd Underwood (ex-officio, interim PC chair)
    • Steve Feldman (ex-officio PC)
    • Joe Provo
    • Betty Burke
    • Randy Bush


    • Jared Mauch (in Japan)
    1. Meeting called to order at 00:04 UTC.
    2. Minutes from previous meeting were approved.
    3. MLC update:
      • Alex has been reelected as chair
      • MLC held a call, minutes to be forwarded to SC. Highlights:
        • NANOG list has been quiet
        • Discussed enforcement procedure: will enhance documentation with more specifics (deliverable 4 weeks mlc)
        • List move to new machine
        • Blog/forum: overflow from list of semi-offtopic items, MLC and Merit to cooperate on tools
      • Discussion of nanog blogger (wordpress-like) site:
        • Who would own it?
      • Discussion of online forum:
        • MLC to set ground rules/guidelines, encourage participation
      • Web pages:
        • mailman self-service subscribe
        • links to aup, archives
      • Infrastructure
        • Main list migration goal 2nd week of january (everything else has already moved)
        • Anti-spam - larry is still working on it
        • Website migration: in progress, still thinking about CMS issues
    4. PC:
      • Recent call:
        • Keynote speaker has been lined up
        • Several panels in progress
        • Wednesday half-day: conscious effort to enhance programming to keep people
      • Lots of room for parallel afternoon sessions
      • Later start time - sessions will run 10am to approximately 6pm.
      • Newcomers reception - Monday breakfast in open seating room
    5. IPv6 education hour:

      Suggestion: ipv6-only for one hour during nanog42.

      • Plenty of advance warning, cooperative training
      • Concerns on timing, expectation of service availability
        • Good publicity stunt
        • Need to discuss with nanog-eng, Betty will set up a call
    6. Future meetings
      • NANOG 42, San Jose, CA
        • Host reception Sunday or Tuesday evening
        • Beer & geer looking good
        • Working on break sponsorships
      • NANOG 43, Brooklyn, NY
        • Plan to start nanog-eng discussions with host soon
      • NANOG 44, Los Angeles, CA
        • Hotel contract signed friday 12/7
      • NANOG 45:
        • Feasibility/planning committee for Caribbean region meeting
          • first step: identify and make contact with key people in the region
          • Identify other sites in case Caribbean isn't feasible
      • NANOG 46:
        • under investigation
      • NANOG 47:
        • under investigation
        • many possibilities
        • need ARIN's concurrence
      • Goal is to maintain >= 18-month planning horizon
    7. Next meeting is Jan 10, 2009, 00:00 UTC.
    8. Adjourned at 01:11 UTC