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Information for Media Professionals

Members of the media who wish to receive complimentary attendance to NANOG require prior approval from the NANOG Executive Director. This approval process vets the publication or organization as to whether it is valid (i.e. has something to do with the Internet, Network, Technology, IT etc) and can meet the general aims of the NANOG Conference (appropriate PR, publicity, etc). The NANOG Executive Director will also work with the publication or organization on a future article about the conference. 

As part of the approval process, the NANOG Executive Director will provide direction to the media as to who and what they can photograph. Taking photographs without the express prior consent from those being photographed is not permitted. 

Once the media request has been approved, their attendance at NANOG will be by complimentary registration and they will receive a special badge with "MEDIA" written in large letters which they MUST wear while covering the conference.