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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows you to keep up with the latest NANOG news and most recent posts to the NANOG mailing list. Each RSS feed below provides a link to the original web page with the updated content.

What is RSS?

RSS is an XML format designed for sharing news headlines and other content. The RSS content is referred to as a feed or channel and is readable by other web sites and a variety of desktop software programs known as news readers or news aggregators. These programs allow you to pull together continuously updated content from various sources into one place. The Merit Network news feed is written for news readers compatible with RSS version 2.0.

Most news readers are applications that you download and install. Some others are Web-based service you sign-up for that work inside your browser. Below are a couple RSS programs that you can use:

What RSS Feeds are available?

You can copy the http:// address for an RSS feed listed below into your RSS browser to receive updates.

Terms of use

If you display a NANOG RSS feed on a web site or web log, you must give proper attribution to the North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG). We reserve the right to require any site to cease the display of our feeds at any time and for any reason.