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2006 NANOG Election Ballot


General Information

2006 Steering Committee Candidates

2006 Election Results

NANOG Charter


General Information


The NANOG community is invited to participate in the 2006 Steering Committee Elections. 

The Steering Committee nominations will be accepted September 16 through October 1, 2006. 

The candidates will be given a brief opportunity to make comments and/or accept questions from the community at the NANOG 38 Community Meeting, Sunday, October 8, beginning at 6 PM, EDT. 

The proposed revisions to the NANOG charter will also be presented on the 2006 NANOG ballot. Eligible voters may also propose additional charter amendments by September 30, 2006. Submissions to include names and email addresses of petition signatories, which Merit may verify. Final recommendations for voting will be presented on the 2006 NANOG ballot. 

2006 Program Committee nominations will be accepted October 3 through October 11, 2006. 

Elections will commence Monday, October 9 at 1:00 pm EDT., and conclude on Tuesday, October 10 at 3 pm EDT. 

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2006 NANOG Steering Committee Candidates

The 2nd Term SC members are: 

Chris Morrow, UUNET/MCI

William B. Norton, Equinix

Joe Abley, Afilias


The Term Expired SC Members:

Randy Bush, IIJ

Philip Smith, Cisco

Jared Mauch, Verio


Nominations for the 3 Open 2006 SC Positions are:

Randy Bush, IIJ Randy Bush is a Principal Scientist at IIJ, an actual ISP, and also consults to various internet companies. He was the founding engineer of Verio, now NTT/Verio, and has spent 40 years in computing as a compiler geek, designing and programming real-time systems, actually configuring routers & servers, architecting networks, etc. He has 18 years of experience in internet tech transfer to developing countries. He served as principal investigator at the Network Startup Resource Center, and was on the NANOG Program Committee for many years. He was a member of the founding boards of ARIN and AfNOG, and also served as an IVTF Ops Director. 

I have served on the initial NANOG SC, and served as Chair during that term.  While agreeing to re-up may call into question my sanity, it has really been an excellent year, essentially due to the constructive cooperation of the other SC members, and of the community as a whole. The SC has taken a relatively minimalist and cooperative path, and this seems to have been quite successful.  I suggest that the SC should continue this approach. 

Vince Fuller, Cisco Vince Fuller is presently employed at Cisco as a senior technical consultant for the new service provider engineering, execution, and delivery group. His previous experience is extensive, and includes 13 years in network operations, engineering, architecture, and design for major Internet service providers and seven years of software engineering/programming of Internet protocols and system operations dating back to the original deployment of TCP/IP on the ARPANET in the early-to-mid 1980s.


Vince has been involved with the IETF, NANOG, and its predecessor (the NSFNET Regional Techs) since 1988. He is a 1985 graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University. 

Steve Gibbard, Packet Clearing House Steve Gibbard is the Network Architect at Packet Clearing House, where his main focus is on running a 30 location anycast DNS network hosting the country code top level domains for 16 countries.  He also does consulting work for several other network operators, and has previously held network engineering positions at Cable & Wireless, Digital Island, and World Wide Net.  He is a frequent speaker at network operations conferences, including NANOG. 

Steve was a member of the NANOG mailing list administration committee from February through November, 2005.  He was one of the editors of the document that became the NANOG charter, and of the "NANOG Reform" proposal that suggested the creation of the Steering Committee.  He has attended NANOG meetings regularly since 2000, and has been a subscriber to the NANOG mailing list since 1997. 

Steve is quite happy with the job that the current Steering Committee has been doing, and would happily vote to reelect them if they were all running again.  He does, however, think the NANOG e-mail list has gotten overly noisy and difficult to manage, and would like to explore options to better serve the different constituencies with different ideas of what the mailing list should be used for. 

Hank Kilmer, Terrapin Communications, Inc. Henry Kilmer founded Terrapin Communications, Inc., in November of 1999 with the goal of providing Internet Engineering and Operations talent to the marketplace. Hank has worked in the Internet industry for over 15 years. He has served as the Senior Vice President of Network Engineering for Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc. (MFN). During his tenure with MFN, Hank was responsible for the architecture, engineering and operations aspects of MFN's optical and Internet networks, as well as all of its data centers. Hank has also held the role of Senior Director of Data Engineering at Intermedia Communications Inc. (formerly known as DIGEX). Prior to working for ICI, he worked at Sprint serving as its IP visionary. In addition, Hank worked for UUNET, where he was one of eight original engineers. 

Hank held a seat on the first Advisory Council of ARIN. He has been a featured speaker at NANOG, currently serves on the NANOG PC, and is active in the IETF. Hank graduated from Rutgers University in January, 1991, with a B.A. in Computer Science. 

Joe Provo, RCN Joe Provo is the Senior Manager for Internet Engineering at RCN, a national facilities-based ISP. He has been a systems and IP network consultant for over 15 years. He was the founding engineer at a New England ISP in the early wave of 1994 leading all aspects: building and managing servers, networks from the access to the border, NOC and support infrastructure, developing products and the platforms to support them. Since then he has been on both sides of M&A table, integrated and divested networks, designed and managed national infrastructure, and handled network policies including peering. He has managed portions of the MA.US tree since 1994. 

In addition to regular meeting attendance dating back to 1997, Joe has closely monitored discussions on the mailing list since its formation. As an infrastructure specialist, assisting NANOG's organizational growth is of special interest to him. 

Philip Smith, Cisco Philip Smith has been with Cisco Systems since 1998 and is based in Brisbane, Australia. He is a Consulting Engineer, part of the Service Provider Architectures Group in Corporate Development. His role includes working with many ISPs in the Asia Pacific region, specifically in network strategies, technology, design and operations, configuration and scaling. 

As part of an ISP and Internet education initiative, Philip runs several Routing and Internet Technology Workshops in the Asia Pacific region. He also assists as co-instructor at similar events in many other parts of the world. Philip also is closely involved in regional activities, being chair of the APRICOT Management Committee, chair of APOPS, member of the organising and programme committees for SANOG and PacNOG, as well as chair of APNIC's Routing and Internet Exchange Point Special Interest Groups. 

Prior to joining Cisco, he spent five years at PIPEX (now integrated into MCI's global network business), the UK's first commercial Internet Service Provider. He was one of the first engineers working in the commercial Internet in the UK, and played a key role in building the modern Internet in Europe. 

Philip has served on the NANOG Steering Committee for the first year of
its existence, and is keen to serve another term to continue
participating in the work so far carried out by the SC and the
community. He brings to the NANOG SC extensive experience from leading
APRICOT as well as playing pivotal roles in the organisation and
operation of SANOG and PacNOG. 

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2006 Steering Committee Election Results

Results will be posted at the end of NANOG38 

Election Results>

Based on the election results, here is the new 7-member NANOG Steering Committee, comprising one (1) representative appointed by Merit Network and six (6) elected members:

  • Betty Burke (Merit Representative)
  • Chris Morrow, UUNET/MCI
  • William B. Norton, Equinix
  • Joe Abley, ISC
  • Philip Smith, Cisco
  • Randy Bush, IIJ
  • Joe Provo, RCN

In accordance with the NANOG charter, Program Committee chair will serve as an ex officio member of the Steering Committee. 

Many thanks to the new committee and to all the other candidates who donated time to the process -- it's been great to see such a high level of interest from the community.

Election Summary

Over 1,800 people were eligible to vote, with eligibility based on having attended at least one NANOG meeting in the past two years, i.e., between fall 2004 (Reston NANOG32) and fall 2006 (St. Louis, NANOG38). Of those who were eligible to vote, 108 actually voted. Voters could choose up to three (3) candidates and four (4) charter amendments.

The voting mechanism was designed to ensure that each registered voter cast only one ballot. To respect privacy and protect confidentiality, the identity of the voter and the choices made on the ballot were decoupled so there is no way to know who voted for whom. 

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted! 

Candidate     Votes
Philip Smith, Cisco     63
Randy Bush, IIJ     63
Joe Provo, RCN     53
Steve Gibbard, Packet Clearing House     49
Vince Fuller, Cisco     40
Hank Kilmer, Terrapin Communications     30
Charter Amendment Yes/No
Amendment 2006-01 Steering Committee Elections Yes - 103
No - 3
Amendment 2006-02 Mailing List Administrator Selection Yes - 101
No - 4
Amendment 2006-03 Steering Committee Exclusivity Option A - 47
Option C - 29
Option B - 27
Amendment 2006-04 Program Committee Selection Yes - 102
No - 2


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