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October 30, 2007, NANOG42 PC Meeting Minutes

  • Merit attendees: Larry Blunk, Betty Burke, Gayle Terkeurst


  • SC attendees:Chris Morrow


  • PC attendees: Nick Feamster, Igor Gashinsky, Kobi Hsu, Mike Hughes, Joel Jaeggli, Rodney Joffe, Sylvie LaPerriere, Kevin Oberman, Ren Provo, Ted Seely, Josh Snowhorn, Richard Steenbergen, Todd Underwood and Bill Woodcock


  • Known conflicts: Keith Mitchell and Lane Patterson were attending ICANN. Rodney Joffe joined the call in progress for the same reason.



  1. Registration Stats from NANOG41. The geographic distribution of attendees and similar statistics will be sent to the NANOG futures mailing list going forward by Merit. 

  2. Hotel for NANOG42. It will be announced when the hotel's online reservation block is ready to use. 

  3. NANOG Website. It has been updated to reflect adjustments to the NANOG PC. 

  4. Surveys. The data is 90% processed and should be available for review prior to the 8-Nov-07 call. 

NANOG Steering Committee:

  1. Chris Morrow will be the standing representative from the NANOG SC and will attend all NANOG PC planning calls going forward. His email address has not been added to the role account for the PC so please be advised a carbon copy is required if his view is intended. 

  2. Election actions. The remaining year on Steve Feldman's term, vacated due to election to the SC, will be fulfilled by Nick Feamster. Nick joined the PC mid-term for the 2005 class and we appreciate his ongoing flexibility. 

  3. MLC update - AUP news. An update was unavailable during the call as this is a work in progress. Alex Pilosov and Martin Hannigan did post to the NANOG futures list during the call and debate was underway. 

NANOG Program Committee:

  1. A deadline of 2-Nov-07 was set to finalize the election of Todd Underwood as Chair and Ren Provo as Vice-chair roles for the NANOG PC. Roles and responsibility overviews, as agreed to during NANOG40, were distributed in advance of this call. 

  2. Keynotes. It was agreed two keynote speakers would be pursued for NANOG42. Ideas were reviewed and delegated for action. Keynotes for NANOG43 and NANOG44 were discussed and two options were delegated for action to determine feasibility on the calendars of the potential speakers. 

  3. Panels. There will be a green data center panel. Requests for themed presentations on power reduction from the hardware vendors and on the breakdown of power distribution draw by industry within data centers were made. A panel on ASIC design challenges (100G) is also under development. 

  4. BOFs. There was significant discussion regarding overlaps of similar interests during NANOG41. We must not place Security and Peering BOFs in the same time block for NANOG42. 

  5. Tutorials. Recommended if tracks are planned that we place intro-topic tutorials against ongoing or advanced topics to better manage the time and space for interests for the audience which ranges from first timers to regular attendees. 

  6. Recruiting for future meetings. It was proposed planning and recruiting towards multiple future conferences at the same time may improve quality of the presentations and enhance attendance. We are pursuing keynotes into 2009 already and will consider extending the planning window for general assembly, tutorials and panels. 

  7. Lightning talks. They are clearly a hit. Submissions will be opened in advance of NANOG42 for 10 minute presentations. An abstract will be required and slides are encouraged. It must be made clear that the registration fee will not be waived for those who present lightning talks. 

  8. Call For Presentations. The CFP will be distributed shortly.



Key dates include:

◦       8-Nov-07 - Web tool open to accept early submissions 

◦       4-Dec-07 - Keynote(s) if able & panel announcements due with a reminder sent to mailing lists to book hotels, register for early discounts, submit tutorials, BOFs, presentations and lightning talks. 

◦       8-Jan-08 - reminders to be sent to NANOG & futures lists 

◦       15-Jan-08 - last scheduled call to finalize the agenda 

◦       17-Jan-08 - final agenda posted to NANOG mailing list with a reminder for lightning talks 

◦       12-Feb-08 - reminder for lightning talks on NANOG list 

◦       17-Feb-08 - sessions begin 

◦       20-Feb-08 - sessions end at noon 


Submitted on 31-Oct-07 by Ren Provo, Acting Vice-Chair, NANOG Program Committee

The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected].