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November 8, 2007, NANOG42 PC Meeting Minutes

  • Merit attendees: Gayle Terkeurst. Known conflict: Betty Burke.


  • SC attendees: Chris Morrow joined the call in progress due to known conflict at the start.


  • PC attendees: Larry Blunk, Igor Gashinsky, Mike Hughes, Rodney Joffe, Sylvie LaPerriere, Keith Mitchell, Kevin Oberman, Lane Patterson, Ren Provo, Richard Steenbergen, Todd Underwood and Bill Woodcock


  • Known conflicts: Kobi Hsu, Ted Seely, Josh Snowhorn



  1. Host planning alias. Representation will include the host, Merit staff, SC & PC leads.

NANOG Steering Committee:

  1. Mailing List Committee update. The AUP was approved as presented during NANOG41, including the auto-responder language. Web posting is expected shortly.

NANOG Program Committee:

  1. Timing issues. A request is under consideration to delay the start of the conference from 9 to 10am each day to allow more breakfast meeting time and focused attention on the speakers in the general assembly after clearing urgent mail first thing in the morning. A tentative decision was made to move the start time back by one hour. Lunch should not kick-off later than 1pm. The benefit of the later lunch is restaurants near the conference facility should be less busy. Merit confirmed expenses would not change if we shifted the meeting start time back by 30 minutes or a full hour. SC urged caution for change.
  2. NANOG website updates. A new section has been added under the PC category to house the minutes. It was announced on NANOG Futures with the CFP.
  3. RSS feed for NANOG agenda updates, as requested in email to the PC. Intervention from Merit staff is required at present and it may not be plausible for use during meetings. Exploring options.
  4. Keynotes. One of two for NANOG42 is close to announcement state. NANOG44 has an interested keynote. Confirming dates on calendar now.
  5. Panels. There will be three panels at NANOG42: Green Data Centers Panel, 100G Forwarding Architecture Challenges, IX Operators updates. A lightning talks format will be used for the IX Operators panel.
  6. General Session Speakers. Submissions are being solicited and the several abstracts have been received.
  7. BOFs. Security and Peering BOFs have been confirmed and will not be scheduled in the same time block.
  8. Tutorials. A tools tutorial is in the works. Three others are in pursuit.
  9. Recruiting. More than two dozen presentations have been identified so far. Some lightning talk submissions will be scheduled in advance and appear on the agenda.

Key dates include:

    • 4-Dec-07 - Keynote(s) if able & panel announcements due with a reminder sent to mailing lists to book hotels, register for early discounts, submit tutorials, BOFs, presentations and lightning talks.

    • 8-Jan-08 - reminders to be sent to NANOG & Futures list

    • 15-Jan-08 - last scheduled call to finalize the agenda

    • 17-Jan-08 - final agenda posted to NANOG mailing list with a reminder for lightning talks

    • 12-Feb-08 - reminder for lightning talks on NANOG list

    • 17-Feb-08 - sessions begin

    • 20-Feb-08 - sessions end at noon


Submitted on 20-Nov-07 by Ren Provo, Vice-Chair, NANOG Program Committee  

The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected]