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February 26, 2008, NANOG43 PC Meeting Minutes

  • Merit attendees: Andy Rosenzweig, Val Wittkop 


  • SC attendees: Chris Morrow 


  • PC attendees: Larry Blunk, Igor Gashinsky, Kobi Hsu, Mike Hughes, Joel Jaeggli, Rodney Joffe, Sylvie LaPerriere, Keith Mitchell, Kevin Oberman, Ren Provo, Josh Snowhorn, Richard Steenbergen and Todd Underwood 


  • Known conflicts (APRICOT): Ted Seely, Bill Woodcock 

The goal of the first call was to identify start and end times for NANOG43 in general plus daily coffee breaks, lunches, potential panels, BOFs and keynote slots to enable Merit to work with the host, sponsors and the hotel to secure appropriate space and catering commitments. A rough cut of the survey results was made available to NANOG PC members the day of the call so community feedback from NANOG42 could be considered.

  • Start times. The Community Meeting will begin at 5:30pm on Sunday, the 1st of June following afternoon tutorials. More than half of the survey respondents chose pre-10am as the program kick-off each business day. We will proceed with a 9:30am start for NANOG43 program Monday through Wednesday. Breakfast will be made available at 8:30am each business day. 


  • Lunch breaks. A single hour was deemed insufficient by a high percentage of the respondents. 1.5 hours will be allocated, starting at 1pm to reduce rush hour impact, for lunch during NANOG43 on Monday and Tuesday. 


  • Beer and gear. Shifting the program to a later start requires and adjustment for the afternoon schedule. Beer and gear will start at 5:30pm. 

NANOG43 will end at 2pm on Wednesday the 4th of June. 


  • BOFs. There appears to be some interest in webcasting presentations made during BOFs, a portion of the agenda which has traditionally been less structured on purpose. Perhaps the NANOG43 survey should include a question on this front to better gauge interest. There has been considerable interest in the Security BOF and the Peering BOF for NANOG43. We are already aware of submissions which will exceed the previously allocated time on the
    agenda. In particular: 


  • Security. Danny McPherson, longtime submitter/host, is seeking session leaders to assist with both the General Security BOF and the IP Hijacking BOF. The IP Hijacking BOF will be scheduled for Sunday afternoon so onsite discussions may be covered in the panel on Wednesday. 


  • Peering. Several people, including Bill Norton, a longtime submitter/host, expressed interest in contributing content for the Peering BOF. The PC proposes expanding the Peering content into two segments and thought that a recommended focus for the two would be introduction to peering policy followed by intermediate to advanced technical considerations. Sylvie LaPerriere and Richard Steenbergen will work with Bill Norton to accommodate expansion of this program element. Other related content, such as Transit Buying Strategies and Tactics BOF will either be incorporated into this segment or scheduled adjacent if possible. 


  • ARIN. Owen DeLong committed on behalf of the ARIN AC to submit a presentation on IPv4 Depletion for the general assembly during NANOG43 which will address concerns regarding lack of webcasts in their NANOG42 BOF. This agenda allocation will be in addition to an ARIN update supplied by Mark Kosters on registry activities. 


  • Tutorials. Elizabeth Zwicky's mentoring overview on Sunday during NANOG42 was well received. Recommendations to expand upon this theme lead the PC to solicit a game theory or general problem solving techniques tutorial for NANOG43. IPv6 DNS overview, Webcasting 101, IPTV, MPLS, flash crowd network management, architectural solutions for multi-homed enterprises, etc. are also themes the NANOG PC would like to see on the either the general program or in tutorial segments Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. They may only be vendor specific in tutorial segments and should be marked as such in the abstracts to appear on the agenda for NANOG43. 


The CFP for NANOG43 will be released this week. 

Submitted on 27-Feb-08 by Ren Provo, Vice-Chair, NANOG Program Committee

The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected].