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March 20, 2008, NANOG43 PC Meeting Minutes

  • Merit attendees: Gayle Terkeurst 


  • SC attendees: Chris Morrow 


  • PC attendees: Larry Blunk, Igor Gashinsky, Kobi Hsu, Mike Hughes, Joel Jaeggli, Rodney Joffe, Sylvie LaPerriere, Keith Mitchell, Kevin Oberman, Lane Patterson, Ren Provo, Josh Snowhorn, Richard Steenbergen, Todd Underwood and Bill Woodcock 


  • Known conflicts: None 


The goal of the second call was to identify accepted presentations, panels, BOFs, tutorials and the keynote for posting NANOG43's tentative agenda. 

We accepted 14 of 25 submissions. 

One submission received conditional acceptance for NANOG44 in Los Angeles, October 2008. 

Feedback on conditional acceptance presentations was solicited during the call and will be sent to submitters shortly. 

Presentations were pending for several abstracts at the start of the call. 

Two similar panels have been combined into one thanks to the work of both submitters upon notification of similar abstracts. 

The tentative agenda for NANOG43 will be released prior to April. 

Submitted on 25-Mar-08 by Ren Provo, Vice-Chair, NANOG Program Committee