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June 3, 2008, NANOG43 and NANOG44 PC Meeting Minutes

  • Merit attendees: Betty Burke, Gayle Terkeurst


  • SC attendees: Chris Morrow


  • PC attendees: Larry Blunk, Brian Deardorff, Igor Gashinsky, Kobi Hsu, Mike Hughes, Joel Jaeggli, Rodney Joffe, Sylvie LaPerriere, Keith Mitchell, Kevin Oberman, Lane Patterson, Ren Provo, Josh Snowhorn, Richard Steenbergen and Todd Underwood


  • Known conflicts: Bill Woodcock 


The goal of the PC lunch was to review hallway feedback during NANOG43 in general and to discuss keynote speakers and topics to solicit for NANOG44 & NANOG45. 

We would like to express our gratitude to the entire Telx team for their generosity as host of NANOG43. Brooklyn would not have been feasible without their support. 

Rodney Joffe has partnered with the Information Sciences Institute and the University of Southern California to host NANOG44. We thank them in advance for the funding and hours they are prepared to invest towards a successful conference in Los Angeles, California. This will be the sixth NANOG Rodney has graciously hosted and we look forward to sponsors assisting with breaks & beer and gear in October. 

Program Committee nominations. As per the charter, the maximum any Program Committee member may serve is two consecutive two-year terms. We are at year three of the charter put forth in 2005 therefore no PC Member has reached the maximum allowable interval. Nomination details will be posted shortly. 

Start times. The Community Meeting will begin at 5:30pm on Sunday, the 12th of October following afternoon tutorials, which commence at 2pm. We will proceed with a 9:30am start for NANOG44 program Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday will be co-planned with ARIN and may have an alternate start time. Breakfast will be made available one hour prior to the start of the program each business day. 

Conference duration. NANOG44 will end at 12:30pm on Wednesday the 15th of October. Planning is underway to jointly schedule the Wednesday morning session with ARIN. The ARIN meeting will begin after lunch in the same venue. 

Breakfasts. The Newcomer's Breakfast will begin at 8:30am on Monday the 13th of October. 

Lunch breaks. 1.5 hours will be allocated, starting at 1pm to reduce rush hour impact, for lunch during NANOG44 on Monday and Tuesday. 

Beer and gear. Beer and gear will start at 6:00pm on Monday the 13th of October. 

Socials. During the Community Meeting on Sunday evening Ole Jacobsen from Cisco recommended the new Walt Disney Symphony Hall for a Sunday evening social. We confirmed with the host that night is available and Ren will engage Ole to determine if Cisco is able to host. Global Peering Forum organizers have made it known they are preparing an invite-only peering focused event beginning at 6pm on Tuesday. 

BOFs. Keynotes. NANOG44 will have a well-known 'grey beard' covering lessons learned in the ten years since Jon Postel's passing, in addition to considerations for the future. We will announce who the person is as soon as possible. NANOG45 keynote recommendations for Santiago, in the Dominican Republic, are welcomed. 

Tutorials. IPv6, IPTV, WiMax, and ticketing system tutorials have been requested in the hallways during NANOG43. The results of the survey will be available prior to our next call and additional topics may arise. 

BOFs. Security and Peering BOFs will be held. Other BOFs are welcome and may be recruited. 

Panels. The Submarine Cable Systems panel was well received. A disaster recovery focused panel has been requested and submissions with lessons learned are encouraged. 

The CFP for NANOG44 will be released this week. The deadline for submissions is July 7th. We intend to release NANOG44's agenda by July 11th. All presentations received after that date will be reviewed on an as-necessary basis. 

Due to passport and/or visa considerations, along with international travel approval intervals, we intend to solicit presentations early for NANOG45. The CFP will likely be issued in advance of NANOG44. The speaker tool at http://www.nanogpc.org is open for submissions now for either meeting. Please specify NANOG44 in October or NANOG45 in February when submitting a presentation. 

Submitted on 10-Jun-08 by Ren Provo, Vice-Chair, NANOG Program Committee.


The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at[email protected]