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October 14, 2008, NANOG45 PC Meeting Minutes

  • Merit attendees: Betty Burke, Gayle Terkeurst, Don Welch 


  • PC attendees: Larry Blunk, Brian Deardorff, Igor Gashinsky, Mike Hughes, Joel Jaeggli, Keith Mitchell, Kevin Oberman, Lane Patterson, Ren Provo, Josh Snowhorn, Richard Steenbergen, Todd Underwood, and Bill Woodcock 


  • Known conflicts: Nick Feamster, Kobi Hsu and Sylvie LaPerriere 


We would like to express our gratitude to the Centergate Research, Los Nettos and USC teams for their generosity as co-hosts of NANOG44. Celeste Anderson and Rodney Joffe in particular made this a memorable experience for those who worked on planning projects during the months prior. 

The goal of the PC lunch was to review hallway feedback during NANOG44 in general and to discuss keynote speakers and topics to solicit for NANOG45 & NANOG46.

  • NANOG45 Planning - Terremark returns to host NANOG45, their third time as host, first time host outside Canada and the United States. We thank them in advance for the funding and hours they are prepared to invest towards a successful conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Passports are a requirement for all, visas for some. Please confirm your documentation needs at http://www.thedominicanrepublic.net/Visa_Requirements_Residency.html. Residents of China, Colombia, Costa Rica, etc. will need to secure a visa prior to entry. 

    The meeting venue is the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel in Santo Domingo, and reservation information will be linked from the NANOG website once NANOG44 is complete. 

  • Start times - The Community Meeting will begin at 5:30pm on Sunday, the 25th of January following afternoon tutorials, which commence at 2pm. We will proceed with a 9:30am start for NANOG45 program Monday through Wednesday. Breakfast will be made available at 8:30am each business day. 
  • Breakfasts - The Newcomer's Breakfast will begin at 8:30am on Monday the 26th of January. There are two available slots for focused breakfasts at present. Please contact [email protected] if interested in this new sponsorship opportunity. 
  • Lunch breaks - 1.5 hours will be allocated, starting at 1pm to reduce rush hour impact, for lunch during NANOG45 on Monday and Tuesday. 
  • Beer and gear - Beer and gear will start at 5:30pm on Monday the 26th of January. 
  • Socials - Global Peering Forum organizers have made it known they are preparing an invite-only peering focused event beginning at noon on Wednesday the 28th of January. 
  • Conference close - NANOG45 will end at 12:00pm on Wednesday the 28th of January. 
  • Keynotes - NANOG45 will feature a welcome session from the President of the Dominican Republic. NANOG45 keynote recommendations for Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and NANOG46 mid-2009 are welcomed. 
  • Tutorials - IPv6, DHCPv6, BFD, and ticketing system tutorials have been requested. The results of the survey will be available prior to our next call and additional topics may arise. 
  • BOFs - Peering, Security and Tools BOFs will be held, as detailed in the 2-Oct-08 call notes. We confirmed all three BOFs appear to be on-track. 
  • Panels - A regional submarine cable systems panel is in the works. 
  • Submissions for NANOG45 - We thank all parties who submitted abstracts and presentations at http://www.nanogpc.org in advance of NANOG44 for our January meeting. As per the NANOG45 CFP, distributed on October 3rd, we are working towards the November 21st deadline. A tentative agenda should be ready for release shortly. All presentations received after November 21st will be reviewed on an as-necessary basis. 

    Due to passport and/or visa considerations, along with international travel approval intervals, we strongly encourage attendees to prepare travel plans early for NANOG45. 

    Sponsorship opportunities exist for NANOG45. Be creative and host a focus breakfast or sponsor a regional researcher! Reach out to [email protected] for details. 

Submitted on 20-Oct-08 by Ren Provo, Vice-Chair, NANOG Program Committee.

The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected]