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November 4, 2008, NANOG45 PC Meeting Minutes

  • Merit attendees: Betty Burke, Gayle Terkeurst 


  • PC attendees: Nina Bargisen, Larry Blunk, Tom Daly, Brian Deardorff, Igor Gashinsky, Mike Hughes, Joel Jaeggli, Sylvie LaPerriere, David Meyer, Kevin Oberman, Ren Provo, Tom Scholl, Josh Snowhorn, Richard Steenbergen, and Todd Underwood 


  • Known conflicts: Rodney Joffe 


The goal of the first call was to identify Chair and Vice-Chair leads, conditional, declined and accepted presentations, solidify panels, BOFs and tutorials for posting the NANOG45 tentative agenda. 

The NANOG Program Committee would like to first express our gratitude to the departing members of the team. We appreciate the many hours donated over the years by Nick Feamster, Kobi Hsu, Keith Mitchell and Bill Woodcock. 

The NANOG Steering Committee selected four new Program Committee Members at the close of NANOG44 from a pool of incredibly talented volunteers. Nina Bargisen, Tom Daly, David Meyer and Tom Scholl bring a wealth of industry experience to the team and we heartily welcome them. 

We also welcome the return of five PC Members for a second and final term. Welcome back Brian Deardorff, Igor Gashinsky, Mike Hughes, Sylvie LaPerriere and Lane Patterson. 

Todd Underwood remains NANOG PC Chair with David Meyer stepping up to the Apprentice role in 2009. 

Ren Provo will continue to assist Todd Underwood and David Meyer in the NANOG PC Vice-Chair role with Tom Daly taking the lead for logistics support during NANOG45. 

The NANOG45 program is filling up quickly. There are still slots for plenary presentations as well as a few slots for BOFs or tutorials. Submissions need to be submitted at http://www.nanogpc.org by next week to receive full consideration. 

The online submission tool at http://www.nanogpc.org will open in January for a limited number of lightning talk slots. Please do prepare to submit in advance of the meeting if able. We intend to select three talks on the 20th of January for presentation on January 26th. Lightning talks for the 27th and 28th of January will be selected a day in advance of the slots. 

NANOG46 submissions can be made at http://www.nanogpc.org at the close of NANOG45 in January. Conditional acceptance notifications for NANOG46 will be sent in February. 

Sponsorship opportunities exist for both NANOG45 and NANOG46. Please solicit [email protected] for details. 

Submitted on 5-Nov-08 by Ren Provo, Vice-Chair, NANOG Program Committee.

The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected]