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November 18, 2008, NANOG45 PC Meeting Minutes

  • Merit attendees: Gayle Terkeurst 


  • PC attendees: Nina Bargisen, Larry Blunk, Tom Daly, Brian Deardorf, Igor Gashinsky, Mike Hughes, Dave Meyer, Kevin Oberman, Lane Patterson, Josh Snowhorn, Todd Underwood 


  • Known conflicts: Ren Provo, Richard Steenbergen, Tom Scholl, Sylvie LaPierre 


The call started promptly at 1:02pm eastern. 

Focus of call is to work through submissions in the NANOG PC tool to see if we can select more for the NANOG 45 agenda. 

Todd decided not to send out draft agenda last week, planning to send agenda out after today's call to have a more substantial agenda. 

Todd followed up with Roque and Ricardo at LACNIC to see what they want to do for the meeting. No followup received from them so far. 

Josh has national square confirmed for a party. 

The PC spent the majority of this call reviewing the talks currently in the PC tool. 

All in all, we worked through the 17 talks in the tool very quickly. Of those 17, 9 were accepted, 1 was conditionally accepted, 5 have been passed out to PC members for followup, and 2 were declined. 

Todd will be working to update Ren's Excel spreadsheet to fit in the talks we accepted to see how the agenda begins to hang together. We're now at a point where we can send out a draft agenda to nanog-list so people can begin to talk to their employers. 

Call was completed at 2:01pm eastern. 

The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected]