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PC Lunch at NANOG45


January 27, 2009, Minutes from NANOG Program Committee Lunch at NANOG 45


•       Nina Bargisen
•       Betty Burke
•       Larry Blunk
•       Tom Daly
•       Joel Jaeggli
•       Sylvie LaPerriere
•       David Meyer
•       Kevin Oberman
•       Lane Patterson
•       Ren Provo
•       Tom Scholl
•       Josh Snowhorn
•       Richard Steenbergen
•       Gayle Terkeurst
•       Todd Underwood


  1. The meeting began at 1:10pm in Champions Bar and Grill at the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel in Santo Domingo. 15 attendees, need 8 votes. 


  2. Agenda:
    1. Feedback and review of NANOG 45
    2. Topic Generation for NANOG 46
    3. Coordination with GPF
    4. Committee Governance
  3. Review of NANOG 45: 

    The initial feedback of NANOG 45 is strong. Overall, people enjoyed the program. The PC thanked Gayle, Ren, and all the presenters for their scheduling flexibility as we attempted to accommodate the President of the Dominican Republic. 

    The PC spent some time discussing individual talks and how they went. Some general, initial observations:

    1. We need to work to prevent distractions such as back of room conversations and cell phones from interfering with the program. 
    2. We need to encourage presenters who are giving tutorials on the basics not to speed through introductory material based upon who is in the room. Generally speaking, less knowledgeable folks won't speak up to ask questions, so we want to stick to the basics, through and through. 
    3. A thorough review of NANOG 45 will be conducted when the survey is closed and the results are made available.
  4. Topic Generation for NANOG 46 

    Ideas so far:

    1. Invite Rob Thomas to the Security BOF 
    2. Bittorrent in Access Networks - what's being done to make it work in these networks? 
    3. A router and/or switch vendor bake off 
    4. During breaks - make sure we put up a slide with that break's sponsor logo and blurb 
    5. We're going to use the term 'tracks' in place of BOFs for the afternoon sessions.
    6. Run real BOFs with no pre-schedule talks or presenters, chosen at the meeting by the attendees. Use a corkboard voting system not near registration (too much logistics there already). We need someone to vet the talk content; and an AUP.
    7. On the idea of the old terminal room - setup a hardware lounge where vendors can show hardware off. 
    8. Sponsor Demo Hours - Side room with vendors giving 1 hour demos? 
    9. Dan Kaminsky to talk about the DNS bug. 
    10. International RIR and IRR updates (RIPE, APNIC, LACNIC, etc) 
    11. BGP Route Collectors Panel - Talk about usage of BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP)
    12. A year later - What happened to net neutrality? 
    13. Datacenter HVAC Technology Update 
    14. IPv6 Tools 
    15. IPv6 Panel - Andy Davidson could help pull this together 
    16. IPv6 and CPEs (DSL Forum, DOCSIS 3.0)
  5. Coordination with GPF 

    The PC discussed the coordination of GPF with NANOG 45. In the future, we should ensure that program overlap does not occur. We don't want to have this experience in the future. 

  6. Committee Governance 

    The PC discussed how in the past, the new PC leadership is selected directly after new PC members are added. This is suboptimal, because new members don't know what they're doing yet and therefore aren't likely candidates to chair/vice chair the PC. Todd proposed to move this selection process to the second meeting following PC member elections, this way new members will have one meeting under their belt. This also ensures that we have old leadership around to help new leadership if needed. 


  7. The meeting ended at 2:25pm.


The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected].