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July 7, 2009, NANOG Program Committee Meeting Minutes

Merit attendees: Betty Burke, Gayle Terkheurst 

PC attendees: Nina Bargisen, Larry Blunk, Tom Daly, Brian Deardorff, Igor Gashinsky, Mike Hughes, Sylvie LaPerriere, Dave Meyer, Kevin Oberman, Ren Provo, Tom Scholl, Richard Steenbergen 

Known conflicts: Josh Snowhorn, Todd Underwood

  • Call started at 1:05pm.
  • Status: 

    One talk in the tool thus far, and another pending delivery to the tool, so nothing to review today. 

  • Lightning Talks: 

    Discussion on how we are going to handle lightning talks for N47. General goal is to make scheduling for the speakers more fluid and easier to stay on top of. Nina has volunteered to run them. We need to be more aggressive in informing people of the status of their talk. Leave talk submissions open the whole time, also a lightning talk status page. Possibly attendee voted talks. 

  • NANOG 46 Wrapup: 
    • Keynote
    • CGN panel
    • Peering Track
    • Execution issues with BoFs and events running at the same time.

  • High Level Topics for NANOG 47: 
    • Keynote
    • CGN Tutorial
    • CGN vs. Dual Stack vs. LISP
    • 100G Ethernet Update
    • Tools Track (Joel, Kevin)
    • Cloud Deployment impact on L2 networks
    • IETF Session / Update (possible Ron Bonica)
    • Peering Forum Moderator (Tom D.)
    • Mobile Data Services (Nina), ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint, VZW
    • Analysis of Fisher Plaza, and 151 Front St. datacenter fires
    • ARIN DNSSEC deployment 

  • Joint with ARIN: 

    Dave, Rodney, Sylvie - give ARIN a Monday slot to talk about operational impact and lead into ARIN. 

    Check in with scheduling social events. 

  • Call ended at 2:40pm. 


The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected].