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October 15, 2009, NANOG Program Committee Call Minutes

Merit attendees: Gayle Terkheurst 

PC attendees: Nina Bargisen, Larry Blunk, Brian Deardorff, Mike Hughes, Joel Jaeggli, Dave Meyer, Kevin Oberman, Ren Provo, Tom Schol 

Known conflicts: Todd Underwood 

  • The call started at 1:05pm. 
  • The PC performed a full review of the Dearborn meeting. The agenda is very full, which was limiting that amount of time we could dedicate to lightning talks. Kevin Oberman offered to widthdraw his General Program talk in favor of bringing back more lightning talks, and would resubmit his talk to the lightning talk session. We had to tweak a few agenda items and got a final version off to Merit. 
  • We then reviewed who would announce the NANOG election results. 
  • We then choose session leader assignments. 
  • Finally, we discussed a timeline for lightning talk deadlines, voting, and notices out to the community. 
  • The call was adjourned at 2:10pm Eastern. 


The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected]