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February 23, 2010, NANOG 48 PC Lunch Meeting Notes

Merit Attendees:

  • Betty Burke
  • Andy Rosenzweig
  • Gayle Terkheurst 


  • Nina Bargisen
  • Larry Blunk
  • Tom Daly
  • Brian Deardorff
  • Igor Gashinsky
  • Mike Hughes
  • Mohit Lad
  • Dave Meyer
  • Kevin Oberman
  • Dani Roisman
  • Sonia Sakovich
  • Tom Scholl
  • Richard Steenbergen 

Steering Committee:

  • Sylvie LaPerriere
  • Duane Wessels 

The PC had a meeting over lunch at NANOG 48. The PC discussed topics in three focus areas: debrief from NANOG 48, training for future speakers, and areas for improvement. 

First, the PC discussed a number of issues around the current conference. We discussed issues with the HVAC in the general session room and the sound system. Mike Hughes has offered to run a sound check in San Francisco to hopefully combat this problem. We discussed how social media was being used at the conference, and our need to sync up with the Communications Committee and the Marketing Committee before the meetings. We griped about the PC Tool (as usual). We discussed the Newcomer's Breakfast content, and in addition to the social mixer, we'd like to add some content on "What is NANOG?", "What should you expect from attending NANOG?", and "How to present at NANOG." 

Second, the PC discussed topics regarding future presentations. We determined that it would be useful to have a "Speaker Orientation Session" at future meetings, as that would give speakers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the A/V equipment that they will need to use to give their presentations. The accepted formats for presentation materials will be PDF and PPT going forward, as we've had too many problems with PPTX, ODF, etc. The PC tool will be updated to reflect this. For Panels, we will assign PC "Shepherds" to the panels to make sure they are well organized. In the future, the PC cheat sheet will need a copy of the agenda incorporated into it. Finally, we need to update our registration system integration to better handle speaker registrations - something to work with Merit on. 

Third, we discussed general areas for improvements, which included making sure that we have individual surveys for each day, and continue to work to coordinate lightning talks effectively. 

With 5 minutes to go before the General Session reconvened, we all adjourned and got on our way. 

The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected]