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July 1, 2010, NANOG50 PC Call #1

Merit Attendees:

  • Sue Joiner

PC Attendees:

  • Nina Bargisen
  • Larry Blunk
  • Jim Cowie
  • Tom Daly
  • Brian Deardorff
  • Mohit Lad
  • Chris Morrow
  • Dave Meyer
  • Kevin Oberman
  • Dani Roisman
  • Tom Scholl

Known Conflicts:

  • Sonia Sakovich
  • Sylvie LaPerriere
  • Mike Hughes
  • Cathy Aronson

Meeting Notes:

  1. The call started at 12:05pm Eastern. 
  2. Agenda:
    • CFP
    • ARIN / NANOG Joint Meeting Logistics
    • Brainstorming for NANOG 50
    • Peering Track
    • Newcomers Breakfast
  3. CFP
    Dave and Tom to work with Merit to get approved and posted ASAP.
    Add Outrageous Opinion Session, similar to SIGCOMM, start as lightning talks. 
  4. ARIN / NANOG Joint Wednesday (start to noon)
    IPv6 rollout / IPv4 run-out
    Need to make sure we leave a slot for John Curran to speak on Tuesday 
  5. Brainstorming for NANOG 50
    Possible Keynotes from local area companies:
    • Delta
    • CNN
    • Coca-Cola 
  6. Research Forum
    • BGP / BGP Security
    • OpenFlow - Steven Stuart
    • Mobile Data (GRX -> IPX, Moving direct to Internet)
    • Smart Grids + Internet
    • Twitter - John Adams (Backend Network Scaling for Memcached)
    • Etsy - John Allspaw (DevOps)
    • ILNP - Host Based Routing
    • Don Lee - Facebook - IPv6 via LISP
    • IETF Area Director from Router
    • DNSSEC - Cricket Liu, Matt Larson, Duane Wessels, Mehmet Akcin, Joe
    • Abbley Undersea Cables
    • Green Data Centers and Local Power 
  7. Peering Track
    The PC discussed who we might invite to run the peering track for NANOG 50. 
  8. Newcomers Breakfast
    The PC discussed who we might invite to run the newcomers breakfast for
    NANOG 50. The PC also discussed the idea of having a Newcomers Tutorial
    rather than a breakfast. The PC needs to check in with the MWG to make
    sure that change won't affect any sponsorship opportunities. 
  9. The call finished at 01:20 Eastern.

The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected].