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November 11, 2010, NANOG51 PC Call #2

Merit Attendees:

  • Carol Wadsworth

PC Attendees:

  • Cathy Aronson
  • Nina Bargisen
  • Tom Daly
  • Greg Dendy
  • Ryan Donnelly
  • Kevin Epperson
  • Kevin Oberman
  • Sonia Sakovich
  • Tom Scholl
  • Dave Temkin

Steering Committee:

  • Richard Steenbergen

Known Conflicts:

  • Larry Blunk
  • Dave Meyer

Meeting Notes: 

The call started at 1pm Eastern. The goal of this PC call was to report back on talk solicitation and recruiting efforts. The CFP is open and we've seen a few proposals make their way into the PC tool, but more content is needed (as always). 

Early ideas for keynote speakers are being worked on by PC members. The PC is trying to give a local flavor to the conference by inviting a local keynote speaker if possible. 

We continue to pursue content for the general session, panels, and tracks. The following topics are coming together:

  • IPv4 runout and IPv6 deployment, perspectives from worldwide RIRs
  • IPv6 used within government and DOD
  • Cybersecurity with cloud computing
  • Locator ID Split updates from IETF
  • Networking in the Caribbean
  • 100GE Ethernet / 40GE Ethernet deployments / costs / economics
  • Subsea Networking

At this time, the PC has about 12 talks submitted in the tool. More submissions are needed; the first CFP deadline is rapidly approaching. 

The PC then discussed getting moderators for the Peering Track, and believe that they have a volunteer. We continue to look for volunteers for other roles. 

Carol gave an update on attendance and logistics. The PC call ended around 2:40pm. 



The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected].