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December 21, 2010, NANOG51 PC Call #4

Merit Attendees:

  • Carol Wadsworth

PC Attendees:

  • Cathy Aronson
  • Nina Bargisen
  • Jim Cowie
  • Tom Daly
  • Greg Dendy
  • Ryan Donnelly
  • Kevin Epperson
  • Mohit Lad
  • Dave Meyer
  • Kevin Oberman
  • Dani Roisman
  • Sonia Sakovich
  • Tom Scholl
  • Dave Temkin

Steering Committee:

  • Richard Steenbergen

Meeting Notes: 

The PC call started at 1pm Eastern. The goal of this call was to establish a topics list for NANOG 51 so that it can be posted by Merit. Posting a topics list will hopefully get people interested in attending and drive registrations for the meeting. 

The PC reviewed the talks in the tool one by one. After approximately 65 minutes of talk review, the PC had accepted 15 talks into the program and declined 7. At this point, there are 12 talks submitted in the tool awaiting updates from authors. Individual PC members have been asked to follow up with talk authors to get their material in for the next call. 

The PC reviewed various logistics for the meeting, including the Peering Track, the Newcomer's Tutorial, and the Newcomer's Breakfast. 

The call finished around 2:15pm, and for the next 45 minutes or so, PC members didn't know what to do with the extra time in their days. 




The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected].