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March 3, 2011, NANOG52 PC Call #1

Merit Attendees:

  • Sue Joiner

PC Attendees:

  • Nina Bargisen
  • Larry Blunk
  • Jim Cowie
  • Tom Daly
  • Greg Dendy
  • Ryan Donnelly
  • Kevin Epperson
  • Mohit Lad
  • Dave Meyer
  • Kevin Oberman
  • Sonia Sakovich
  • Tom Scholl

Steering Committee:

  • Richard Steenbergen

Known Conflicts:

  • Cathy Aronson
  • Dave Temkin

Meeting Notes: 

The goal of this PC call was to continue brainstorming topic ideas for NANOG52 in Denver, as well as to being solicitation of volunteers for some of our 'standard' events at NANOG. 

Brainstorming ideas and presentation recruiting to be completed:

  • Devops
  • IPv4 exhaustion / IPv6 growth
  • Results of IPv6 day
  • IPv6 on mobile
  • LISP
  • Capacity planning tutorial or panel
  • Multicast basics
  • Intro to BGP
  • Middle east / what to do when the gov't shuts down the internet?
  • Switching and FIBs
  • OpenFlow and the change to router vendors, non-vendor TOR switches
  • Network tools tutorial
  • Even higher speed ethernet
  • Content centric networking / named data networking

The PC has a few leads for keynotes for both Monday and Tuesday. We continue to pursue them. 

The PC discussed logistics for the Newcomer's Tutorial, Newcomer's Breakfast, the Peering Track, and the ISP Security Track. 

The call ended at 2:25pm. 



The Program Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions at [email protected]